As 3 seconds release your hands on the advice of the security services

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CIA agent Jason Hanson (Jason Hanson) for his work has seen a lot. And after retiring from service, he wrote a book in which talks about the dangers that lie in wait for us, exposes the tricks of swindlers, and teaches them to be prepared for any eventuality.

The website decided to learn some of the techniques and agents to tell you how in a matter of seconds to free his hands from the ties.

Know the weaknesses of the Main thing you need to know to free themselves from the ties that often tie the hands of their weaknesses.

The first fixed loop size, which will not decrease in the process of liberation. This means that such loops can slip, but this requires that his hands were tied with a cross and the front only.

The second is the fragility when sudden loads. Hence, the main objective of "tied hands" — to provide a strong load. On the advice of the agent, this feature is to use.

Start to perform in order to break the tie, follow 3 simple steps.

Step 1: take the initial position. Stretch your arms forward as far as possible and as closely as possible align to each other of the forearm. This creates the necessary pressure.

Step 2: shift the lock. The coupler holds a small castle. You need to turn it so that the castle was between your hands as close to the middle.

Step 3: break. Raise your hands above your head and flick throw them down and to the sides, the lock will break.


Can be a blunder to strike screed on any object (a table, a corner or elbow). Don't worry if at first you don't succeed. The main thing is to ensure the maximum sharp and the load on one phase.

As experts say, nesmotrya on the complexity of the process, to master this technique. This technique will also work if the hands are tied with tape. If hands tied behind back, would slightly complicate the process, but you can break free from this situation.

And Yes, usually we do not say, but hope you'll never need to use.

Source Protect yourself on the methods of intelligence
Photographer Roman Zakharchenko specifically for the Website

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