15 evidence that adult males is a myth


Men the appearance of being very serious: wear suits, ties, decide important matters, run by big companies and even whole countries. But at the same time manage to maintain a childlike innocence.

The website offers you to see for yourself with these photos of what adult males simply do not exist. These guys are bloody well camouflaged!

Briefly about how I'm going to have fun in old age b929851156.jpg

My dad pretends to be dead to scare the neighbors 68f467542b.jpg

It seems, to play with children it is much more fun than with adults 9e207d5fd2.jpg

Again you shopping? Well, I'll wait here, go

Shopping with the beloved is so much fun b7fb851854.jpg

Daddy helped her daughter to make cakes for the garden. Guess what kind of bagel he made f6c561d67d.jpg

The Pope, as before, looking for adventure, but the swing is not maintained d8d1037aae.jpg

How much joy in those eyes! f75a78f65a.jpg

The guy's girlfriend was going too long and it turned into hah d7762e883b.jpg

Solo air guitar is important at any age d987645083.jpg

Oh, these designers are All... would have bought!

Sometimes I think my boyfriend loves pizza more than me ba7fce8ce6.jpg

All, son, you have a ride! My turn c1a88bf0c1.jpg

The wife said that our friends need to spend more time in the fresh air 2da7e7e576.jpg

Our flight was delayed for 12 hours, and my boyfriend disappeared. Found it watching a marathon of cartoons "Pixar" among 5-year-olds a69f4b3667.jpg

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