10 Myths and facts about cannabis

Cannabis is probably the world's most popular and frequently used drugs which are illegal in most countries. It has become so common that people do not even hesitate to smoke it in public places. This ancient remedy that has been used throughout history in the medical and magical purposes. However, over time, formed around this plant many myths.

1. Keep in adipose tissue

Myth: The active ingredient of cannabis THC is stored in fat tissue and its effect lasts for several days or even weeks.

Fact: It is true that cannabis is stored in the body fat of the body, for this reason, it can be detected soon after use, but it is only part of the myth that is untrue. The fact is that the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis stored quickly "evaporate", and despite the fact that the signs of cannabis remain in the body, they have no effect on humans. Furthermore, the presence of THC in the body fat does not harm or brain or fat or any other body part.

2. Memory loss

Myth: cannabis use leads to memory loss, an overall decrease of intelligence and logical abilities.

Fact: This is another myth that contains elements of truth. Laboratory tests have shown that cannabis impairs the performance of short-term memory, but only for that period of time while the person is under its influence. A person who uses cannabis, can easily recall things that he knew before, the same problem may arise only in the event that he decides to start izuchatchto tones while under its influence. There is no scientific evidence that cannabis has a long-term and permanent impact on a person's memory when it is not under its influence.

3. The scientific evidence of harm

Myth: the harm of cannabis is scientifically proven.

Fact: "smoking of cannabis, even long term, is not harmful to health" (the British medical journal The Lancet). Of course, there is no scientific consensus on the use of cannabis, and of course, there is no scientific evidence that it is a rare use of a health hazard.

4. Loss of motivation

Myth: The use of cannabis causes apathy and loss of motivation.

Fact: in fact, studies conducted with the participation of people who regularly for several weeks, had used cannabis showed that motivation does not go anywhere, as well as the performance is not impaired. Of course, the abuse for a prolonged period of time such funds will reduce the ability of the person, but does not increase and hemp does not reduce this effect. In addition, studies have shown that cannabis use most people who own a better paying job.

5. Crime statistics

Myth: Cannabis enhances the level of crime.

Fact: Some people believe that cannabis use leads to increased aggression and violence, which in turn leads to criminal behavior. However, in fact the opposite is true. Research in this area has shown that those who use cannabis are less likely to commit crimes as cannabis reduces aggression. However, in most countries, cannabis use - outside the law, and keeping its people are considered criminals.

6. Cannabis and the brain

Myth: Cannabis kills brain cells.

Fact: Cannabis does not cause any changes in the underlying mental abilities. It is true that after its use in some people can develop a sense of fear, panic and paranoia, however, all this passes quickly and, of course, is not present all the time. It is possible that people in the use of a large amount of narcotic medication will suffer from toxic psychosis, but this, again, is not peculiar to cannabis and, if it happens very rarely.

7. Interactions with other drugs

Myth: hemp - a first step towards the use of more potent agents.

Fact: The fans of heroin and LSD in the past, it is likely addicted to cannabis, statistically it is more likely, however, it is just a game of statistics, since it was not possible to identify any clear link between the lovers of cannabis and those who use the more powerful narcotic drugs.

8. Modern potential

Myth: Now Hemp has a stronger effect than in the past.

Fact: in fact it is not. Cannabis remains the same, but similar rumors appeared due to the fact that in the 1980s, when he first tested the strength of the drug formulation, analysis methods were far from perfect, so they are much overlooked.

9. Damage to the lungs

Myth: Hemp has on the lungs more devastating effect than cigarettes.

Fact: In the first place, it is worth noting that people who smoked only cannabis, making it much less often than those who smoke regular cigarettes, thus they limit exposure to smoke themselves. Furthermore, cannabis smokers inhale not many supplements that are crammed with regular cigarettes. Moreover, many studies show that cannabis is not smoke has the same effect on the bronchi as cigarette smoke and does not lead to the development of emphysema.

10. Cannabis and addiction

Myth: cannabis use is highly addictive.

Fact: in fact, marijuana smokers to smoke it is not very often, and among the minority who use it more than once a day, a negligible amount begins to suffer from what can be called addiction, however, there is no evidence that cannabis can cause physical dependence, and those who are talking about it, simply can not cope with the habit, and it's not an addiction.


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