A worldwide conspiracy against cannabis

Has always been clear that cannabis is something darker. Too hard to demonize her at all harmless, sometimes like brainwashing. In fact, the plant Cannabis sativa – Cannabis sativa (incidentally, means "useful hemp") is one of the most amazing, not only it can give us everything necessary for survival on this planet. It can produce food, paper, fabric, plastic... And when the Earth runs out of oil, hemp will become the main plant. But far from it.

Hemp vs cotton
Cannabis sativa The main "calling" cannabis is its unlimited textile possibilities. Hemp fiber is strength, resistance to rot during the long stay in water and therefore have long served the best material for cables, ropes, fishing gear, bags, tarpaulins, canvas and canvas. The very English word canvas (canvas, canvas) comes from the Dutch word "hemp". Of course, the above goods are now necessities, but the miraculous properties of cannabis can be applied in the modern world. Hemp fiber is 10 times stronger than cotton and can be used in the production of all types of clothing. Though made from hemp cloth is much healthier for the skin than a chemically impregnated cotton.

Here it is necessary to notice that now many materials can be called natural only with the big stretch. For example, the sheep no longer cut as before, by hand, and sprayed with special chemicals, causing hair loss. Cotton also began to collect with the help of chemistry: twenty five pesticidal showers – and the leaves fall off themselves. Yes, and for the cultivation of cotton requires huge amount of pesticides (50% in the United States are sprayed on cotton!). Replacing cotton with hemp would dramatically reduce their use of cannabis little enemies-insects.

Plus, the cotton grows only in warm climates and requires enormous amounts of water. Hemp requires not so much moisture, and it grows, in General, anywhere, not to mention the fact that three to four times greater than cotton in terms of yield.

Similarly, hemp, collected on one hectare, you can get four times more paper than from trees grown on the same area. For its production uses less caustic and toxic chemicals than wood. Hemp paper does not require bleaching with chlorine (a by-product of this process is dioxin, one of the most toxic substances, toxic then the river and the sea). Say, dollars are still made from hemp paper. But only Americans will not admit it – they are known bigots.

The wonder car
From seeds and stems of cannabis you can get charcoal, methanol (wood alcohol), methane and gasoline, the combustion of which will not stand the sulfur that causes acid rain, and chemicals, polluting the air.

The resulting coal can be burned in power plants instead of conventional methanol – a good automotive fuel, now it is used for racing cars. Hemp can also be converted into ethanol (common alcohol) to be added to gasoline, the same as it is now produced from sawdust (hydrolysis alcohol). Another way to obtain fuel – use seed oil. Some diesel engines can run on pure hemp oil.

One of the many applications of cannabis – structural materials. The plant can be used in the manufacture of pressed Board or plastic, based on cellulose from the pulp. Bioplastic is not new. Back in the 1930s, Henry Ford made a body for the car which, by the way, worked on hemp fuel.

Healing food
Hemp is mentioned in almost all the known medical books of past centuries. Usually it is listed among the universal means of treating many diseases. The list of diseases for which effective use of herbs, includes (according to current data): multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, depression, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, severe pain, dystonia, sleep disorders and many less serious illnesses.

In addition, hemp can be for people an excellent source of nutrition. The seeds of this plant contain the same amount of protein as soybeans and is easily digested. Besides, they have all essential amino and fatty acids.

Thanks to the moisturizing properties of hemp oil it can produce shampoos and cosmetics. And this is not all we can take from this wonderful plant.

Another quality that makes hemp especially attractive is its growth rate. For 110 days, the plant reaches a height of 2-3 meters, which allows to obtain several harvests in one season.

The advantages of cannabis can be attributed to the fact that this plant is very quickly recycles carbon dioxide into oxygen. Hemp absorbs carbon dioxide three to four times faster than deciduous trees.

But why, then, is an indispensable plant now has a reputation just as a narcotic?

Synthetics won
American media Mogul William Hearst bought the paper for his Newspapers at DuPont, the owner of the Corporation "DuPont Camels" which produce pulp from wood. Paper from hemp in all respects superior to dubanovsky, and its production represented a serious competition. Here Hurst and launched a black PR campaign: formally against marijuana, but in fact – against the hemp competitors. Her basic thesis was that the use of cannabis is the main drug problem, and that marijuana caused people to extreme violence (here along with blacks pressed). Businessmen managed to hold in the U.S. Congress, the Law "on tax on marijuana". This law prohibited even the medical use of marijuana, and couplerchannel he was forced to pay such exorbitant taxes, which they have now closed their unprofitable enterprises. Paper from trees is not limited. In the same period, DuPont patented the production of plastic from oil and coal, and then petroleum began producing plastics, cellophane, celluloid, methanol and nylon. Needless to say that hemp was required simply destroy the class, which in General is managed.

Later, on March 30, 1961, in new York the majority of States members of the United Nations signed the "Single Convention on narcotic substances" which, in particular, ordered to establish strict control over the growing threat of narcotic plants: opium poppy, Coca and cannabis. By the way, interestingly, hemp, as a universal therapeutic agent, was included in the list of "drugs that do not have medical use", in contrast to opiates, which are still widely used in medicine.

Russia hemp
And so vilified an innocent plant. It would seem, succeeded the United States with his sanctimonious morality, racism and willingness to buy and sell. But where is Russia, Russia homespun (poscon cloth made of hemp)?

Russia, for which hemp was nearly the same, that oil is now... the Enterprising Peter was seriously engaged in the hemp business. He introduced a state monopoly on the export of hemp and personally checked the quality. After all, she was shipped abroad in England, Holland, and other Maritime powers – rigging of the fleet was 90% of the Russian pengawalan. During the life of Peter Russia became the world's leading exporter of hemp, and in the middle of the eighteenth century exports amounted to 37 000 tons per year.

The USSR was a worthy successor to Kievan Rus, and the Union was again ahead of the rest. In 1936, the hemp crops here occupies 680 hectares – 4/5 of the entire global area under cannabis.

I must say that Smoking "grass" – despite widespread its growth – was by no means a Russian tradition (unlike, for example, from Central Asia, where it is part of the culture). Some forty years ago, or even less, the hemp field was vast, and the phrase "konoplevodami harvester" were silly giggles.

But in 1961, the Soviet Union also signed the UN Convention. And since 60-ies of the square of the cultivation of hemp began to decline. Besides from irresponsible citizens, eager to smoke, suffering crops, especially South of hemp which was badly broken and is very difficult to give cleaning. The plantation had to protect the police and vigilantes.

Hemp returns
So all the talk about the fact that cannabis is allegedly harmful drug is the invention of evil capitalists. Hemp banned because it created a serious threat to the woodworking industry and re-open synthetic fibers that have been patented and therefore more profitable than hemp. And later to legalize it had no reason – cheap oil took over the world...

With regard to the narcotic properties of cannabis, in full possession of it only the Indian subspecies cannabis indica. And it's not a drug, and hallucinogen, to be honest. By the way, the Soviet Union spared no expense in the selection Bengalese cannabis, and has achieved great success. Only about it is unprofitable to speak loudly.

But still, in recent times, when the sanctity of the world built on oil, still shaken, it is hoped that cannabis would be a second birth. Although very slow, hemp gets a place of honor. The demand for all kinds of products from hemp increased acreage in Europe, the rapidly growing number of shops selling clothes and other products from hemp. Some countries have legalized cannabis as a medicine. We're behind, but you can put that in the not too distant future we'll catch up with the rest of the world. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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