Hemp makes a revolution in green building. Hempitecture

Industrial hemp production becomes absolutely legal in different countries and green builders have access to a new sustainable construction material called hempcrete (hemp litter).

Hempcrete is a sustainable building material that is used in the mineral matrix for use in green building. The inner woody core of the hemp stalk (as opposed bast fibers used for textiles and rope), generates non-toxic, carbon-negative and energy-efficient material.
To solve this problem came from designers and architects a new startup Hempitecture, they are working on the construction of the first residential building made from hemp in the United States. Now all the building material they have to import what they're and raise funds using crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform.

Hempitecture the project grew from a research project in College Hobart and William Smith in new York, and along with the hempcrete building project, they are developing binding matrix that can eventually be sold on the domestic construction market of the United States.

Although I'm a fan of hemp as regenerative, low carbon impact, and incredibly useful plant, I knew almost nothing about the use of hemp chips in green building.
From the point of view of design hemp houses look much more aesthetically pleasing houses of straw. Hemp absorbs an incredible amount of CO2. Its production non-toxic, energy-efficient hemp building material that enriches the home environment.

Although this construction can hardly be called construction from local materials, the project Hempitecture plans to create a demand for the cultivation of hemp in the near future in each region of the country.


Source: rodovid.me


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