10 most exciting films about intelligence agencies

The theme of intelligence and psychology of their agents has become one of the most sought after in the film modern times, which teeters on the brink between business and seriousness. Many of these films gained fame loud. Here are ten of the most interesting pictures about intelligence agencies created in the new Millennium. Note: James bond was, though she too became very serious and realistic, because she's trailing a plume of fake games in the spy genre, and the bond is still not perceived as real, and as a mock special agent.

"Spy game"In the original: Spy Game

Director: Tony Scott, Germany – USA – Japan – France, 2001

Thriller in which an experienced scout teaches young spy of morality (the character Robert Redford — the hero of brad pitt), and this morale is the favorite proverb of the Soviet authorities, "chop wood – chips fly." This means that operation, is nothing. Especially the selfless helpers of the CIA in the hostile world (from the third to the GDR), like the local progressive dissidents who donate, like pawns, still considered himself a noble intellectual. And again, no friendship. Zasypaniya spy – sliced loaf. Even for a country like America.

"Secret agents"In the original: Agents secrets

Director: Frederic Sanderfer, France-Italy-Spain, 2004

A film with Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci – the misfortune to go to "jamesbond". Their substitute, sold in the name of higher goals. One of the thoughts of the film: security officers have no power to quit your profession. To leave it only on my feet — will destroy their own.

"Syriana"In the original: Syriana

Director: Stephen Gaghan, USA, 2005

Drama with George Clooney and Matt Damon that the special agents – the naive puppets. The film argues that all the activities of the CIA in the middle East led by netmafia. As said in the film, one a hardened agent character Clooney – honest CIA agent, who for twenty years was engaged in the middle East oil game: "You finally begin to realize that your entire life has used you. But now you don't know what it is".

"The false temptation"In the original: The Good Shepherd

Director: Robert De Niro, the Good shepherd, USA, 2006

Drama Robert De Niro (the good disciple of his by the main Director Martin Scorsese) about the creation and inner life of the CIA. Nothing romantic – a complete dependence of all things. The total lack of freedom. The main idea of De Niro, which attracted a superstar lineup (Damon, Jolie, Turturro etc., himself De Niro plays): work in the security services disastrous for their employees, their friends and even occasional lovers, mistresses. To get to the Rangers – the greatest misfortune that can happen to a person. Scouts are the loneliest people in the world, because there's no one to trust may not: they always have to assume that yesterday's colleague and classmate at the Yale University alternarea may be a mole, a double agent. The only friend every ten years to meet secretly, having sympathized with one another and exerting important to you personally (but not dangerous to your country) information services is the main enemy: the Soviet spy-Pro, which depicts Oleg Stefan. Among the super-agents of the warring States, with all their rivalry, there is an unspoken code of honor. By the way, the character Philip Seymour Hoffman in "the most dangerous man" is also ruthlessly alone.

"The lives of others"In the original: Das Leben der Anderen

Director: Florian Henkel von Donnersmarck, Germany, 2006

Winner of the "Oscar" for best foreign language picture of 2006- a film about the psychological breakdown, which in 1984, shortly before yet no one has foreseen restructuring, going through the captain of the Stasi — the East German KGB, intelligence agencies with the most developed system of informers. The captain is a sincere supporter of the socialist system and a zealous artist — gets the job day and night to listen to conversations of the famous writer, which was suspected of dissidence. And unexpectedly begins to empathize with those for whom the spies. Ultimately, it is again a film about how scarce (including in the financial sense), the lonely life of a special agent – and his appeal to the eventful and freedom the lives of others.

"Burn after reading"In the original: Burn After Reading

Directors: Ethan and Joel Coen, USA, 2008

A satire on the secret service with an incredible number of superstars (Clooney, brad pitt, Francis McDormand, John Malkovich, Tilda Swinton) – a special movie in our list, as his sole and severely expressed thought: all special agents – especially from the CIA, but the FSB too — clinical idiots.

"Body of lies"In the original: Body of Lies

USA-UK, 2008

Director: Ridley Scott

The film, which has shit intelligence and personal lives of their agents. For Ridley Scott, a good agent is a cynic, despising all ideas of morality. The main conflict of the film is not between a good character Leonardo DiCaprio and Muslim terrorist worthy of the title Osama's No. 2. And character between Dee and his chief of Langley. The film's tagline: "trust No one. Lie to everyone." Here is what utvidet Ridley Scott: "the Character DiCaprio really believe that something can change in your life. But his main weakness becomes conscientiousness. You just can't feel remorse, if doing this work is in the security services. As soon as you feel ashamed for what he did, you don't need, are not suitable. Since then you are a threat for itself and for the organization."

"The spy, come forth"In the original: counting Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Director: Tomas Alfredson, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, 2011

The best and the brightest, along with the "Most dangerous man" Corbijn, drama about the secret services – no wonder both based on the novel by John Le Carre and both foreign and Dutch, in this case, a Swede, with a side view. A film about the British service MI-6 amazing is the fact that it starred British actor color of the male school: Gary Oldman, John hurt, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom hardy, Max strong. The British did not spoil a furrow appeared in a spectacular cameo roles Konstantin Khabensky and Svetlana Khodchenkova. Through the delicately intricate plot can be seen the main theme of the film is: infinite loneliness (and eventually financial poverty) fair security personnel. Can not trust anyone.

Everyone can be a traitor. Maybe investigating you on the instructions of the authorities, who doubted you. He stumbled, fell — vyputatsya himself. As a result, most agents don't have families, because the wife could be someone planted. And again an awesome twist: the film, which takes place in the early 1970's, ironically, pays homage to the Cold war. Yes, the confrontation between the two systems, the iron curtain. But for spies, according to the film, the times were more clear.

There was a clear enemy. But the code of mutual conduct. Tripped, killed, were recruited by each other – but following the rules of the game. The film has interesting episode, when the employees of MI6 is the most secret service of Her Majesty, an agent which is James bond — with their wives and girlfriends celebrate Christmas. The peak of the party becomes the moment when the scene appears as Santa Claus in the mask of Lenin and all begin to sing the national anthem of the Soviet Union. After all, the employees of MI6 in a sense, grateful to the enemy who gives them a job. The attitude of the enemy — related. Enemies — clear their-others.

"Moebius,"the original: Mobius

Director: Eric Roshan, France-Belgium-Luxembourg, 2013

Spy Thriller, trying to conform to the new political realities. Funny thing is that on one patch face Tim Roth's trendiest after "the Artist" Jean Dujardin, popular Cecile De France and Emily Dyken, as well as our Aleksey Gorbunov, Vladimir Menshov, Dmitry Nazarov and Maxim Vitorgan, and Dujardin and Mouth also represent the Russian, and the character Vitorgan (it's a joke?) is the name Sobchak, which he's really not someone else's. Interesting move that the new Director of the FSB collects dirt on the banker, who struck for him a high post (in the end the banker – Tim Roth — asks for political asylum in the UK, and it becomes apparent that while the action is going on now, the creators of the film partly used the story of Boris Berezovsky). The film will be released on the subject, which became Central to all the best spy dramas: agents – the most lame of the people do not belong to yourself and believe no one can.

"Spy game"Series

Directors different, Russia, 2004-2008

Not to mention our show with Igor Kostolevsky in the title role. Never seen it whole, but the individual series are quite good. Not "body of lies", of course, but nonetheless. The famous phrase "two worlds – two systems". But if you believe the movie and all these foreign, where intelligence, peace, maybe, two but system one.

Yuri Gladilschikov


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