What is the behavior of your cat? (15 photos)

You know the meaning of some of the movements of cats? Experts have analyzed them and gave their informed decision. But there is another truth, the secret truth that is not consistent with the opinion of scientists)) on it and the secret truth. I will bring some of the "secret knowledge," you can try to give his version of clues. Good luck !!!

And, yes, that's very important information: The illustrations, as well as an alternative reading of the behavior of cats - Adam Ellis.
Shaking his back, ready to pounce
"Experts" say Cats wiggle backwards to prepare yourself for a perfect attack.

Secret truth: Cats have satellite transmitters, and they must be periodically fluctuate to receive messages from their home planet. 2 forward - back on the carpet:

2 "experts" say, your cat shows a representation or invite you to play.
Truth: Your cat ate disgusting. Enough so to feed her every garbage))

Create squints:

"Experts" say: Cats squint when they are happy. Slowly turn a blind eye and a sign of confidence.
Truth: your cat's eyes overly sensitive to the sun, and they squint, because they want to sunglasses.

The tail is raised up and smack you in the face:

"Experts" say tail pipe and snorting normal cat, and your cat is a way to say hello to you. Truth find themselves)).

Sleeping in a perfect circle.

"Experts" say: Dream circle retains body heat.
Truth: Time is cyclical, and no one understands this better than cats. When your cat is asleep, curled up in a circle, it is a sign that the time of this world ends and gives way to a larger, more grand universe.

"Kneading" paws:

"Experts" say: When the cat had kittens, they churned his stomach to his mother to produce milk, and it is likely the children's behavior. It could also be an instinctive part of the settlement of sleep. The truth is unknown))

Sitting in the form of stick:

"Experts" say your cat hides his legs under him, because it feels safe, plus it keeps the body heat.

One leg is stretched up while swimming:

"Experts" say your cat raises his leg to make it easier to clean themselves
Really do not know))

Staring into space, wide-eyed:

"Experts" say: Cats keen senses, and the slightest movement will attract their attention. They probably see a speck of dust.
Truth: The demons came to this world, and only your cat can see them. Do not interfere with the cat, she will cope)

Dream boxes:

"Experts" say cats are drawn to the limited space in a small box, so they perceive as safe.

Sitting on the computer when you need to work:

"Experts" say: Cats looking for a warm place, and your laptop generates heat.

Showing tummy for you:

"Experts" say, show the belly - a sign of confidence.
True: Show the stomach - a trap. Your cat knows that you can not resist and pressed against the fluffy tummy, then he will attack you and you will not find it. Beware.


Experts & quot; They say: Fighting and biting is a normal part of the game for cats. And the truth find themselves))

Watching out the window the birds

"Experts" say: "Gossip" is a reflex movement in anticipation of the hunt. Truth: Your cat is actually a bird and wants to chat with other birds. Do not you understand that you have bought a bird instead of a cat?

Nowhere to be found, no matter how you tried:

"Experts" say cats are well hidden.
Truth: Cats time travelers. An opportunity, she feudal China right now. Do not worry, she said home soon (maybe).


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