Anatoly Wasserman

In Japanese, the name of Wasserman written with two characters, one of which is the "brain" and the second "the Almighty."

Anatoly Wasserman vest weighs 70 kg and contains 354 subject. Among other things, he always carries a perpetual motion machine and a scale model of the universe.

The brain Anatoly Wasserman - is the only thing in the universe that really need to Chuck Norris.

Anatoly Wasserman does not play chess for the same reason that the fire did not play dominoes.

Anatoly Wasserman appeared nude centerfold of the magazine "Popular Mechanics".

Anatoly Wasserman does not need the internet - it has a memory.

When will break the Internet, you can connect to Anatoly Wasserman and restore it from the cache.

The vest Wasserman integrated metal frame to support its 30-kilogram brain.

Chuck Norris bedtime necessarily calls Anatoly Wasserman.

Anatoly Wasserman so positive person, when he joined al-Qaeda, the organization won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dumbledore and Gandalf were created solely in order to prepare children and teenagers to the fact of the existence of Anatoly Wasserman.

After Armageddon, the survivors will hear a voice from heaven Wasserman. He will say: "Calm down, Chuck. Who, after all, will have to fix it. "

5 minutes of contemplation pictures Anatoly Wasserman increase IQ by 30%.

When Anatoly eats human brain, he gets all his knowledge.

Anatoly Wasserman never eat mushrooms because any fungus can be Anatoly Wasserman. And he does not like recursion.

We all - the midday sleep Anatoly Wasserman.

Anatoly Wasserman did not have sex - it is just that he keeps in his pockets.

Points Anatoly Wasserman see in the infrared and X-ray spectra. Chuck Norris is sometimes lends them to combat air terrorism, well, just to gawk at naked women at the airport.

Anatoly Wasserman was the lead programmer of the Matrix.

IQ Anatoly Wasserman - a classic example of the value tending to infinity.

If Wasserman pull his beard three times and make a wish, it will be immediately and Nikolay Valuev will stuff your face.

Hamster Anatoly Wasserman has two higher education.

FSB keeps hair from the beard of Anatoly Wasserman, as the standard of nanotechnology.

In his spare time, Anatoly Wasserman runs Wikipedia.

All requests to Google responds Anatoly Wasserman

Google and Wikipedia - just small private events fleeting thought Anatolia.

Anatoly Wasserman holds in the strictest secrecy, that the June 8th of each leap year in his 42 minutes stops the growth of the nail on the big toe.

Hamster Anatoly Wasserman - the first candidate for the Nobel Prize.

Anatoly Wasserman always takes a walk Britannica or Brockhaus and Efron, just to have something to read on the subway.

Early response Anatoly Wasserman - the only example of exceeding the speed of light in the macrocosm.

Anatoly Wasserman reading books in the infrared range at a rate of up to 1250 Mbit / s at distances up to 900 meters.

Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush - only pawns in the game insidious Anatoly Wasserman.

In school, Grisha Perelman lose a bet Tole Wasserman chocolate "Alenka" in the debate about the model of the bosonic string theory.

Few people know that Anatoly Wasserman invented and patented 258 recipes for his favorite buckwheat oladushek.

The beard Anatoly Wasserman live little green men, who told him the correct answer.

Anatoly Wasserman corrected all errors and inaccuracies in the «Codex Seraphinianus».

Hamster Anatoly Wasserman is on the board of directors of «Microsoft».

The vest pockets Wasserman is artifacts. It has a artifact to + 500% to -90% to the memory of libido and artifact +6 Intellect -10 Agility.

Points Anatoly Wasserman carved from a single 17-killogramovogo nugget alpine rock crystal.

Dandruff Anatoly Wasserman cure mental failure in severe cases. Healthy people can not accept it - will go insane brain overload.

It Anatoly Wasserman invented soup and holiday in Egypt.

Anatoly Wasserman - the open source community of developers.

Wasserman believes that "42" - unnecessarily lengthy answer to the main question of Life, the Universe and Everything

Anatoly Wasserman correct spelling errors in the Encyclopedia Britannica, when I was reading

Anatoly Wasserman can view scan the barcode and burn DVD.

In fact, Chuck - an imaginary evil twin Wasserman. When a child Anatoly blamed for the fact that he once wrote in a portrait Eynsheyna "loser," he always said, "It's not me, it's Chuck."

Every cell in the brain Anatoly Wasserman has an IQ of 200, and the size of a rat.

Even the Anatoly Wasserman does not know whether he came up with the universe, or that the universe came up with Wasserman.

Anatoly knows so much that was old long before his birth. This event we now call the Big Bang. And what we are seeing now - only its imprint on the fabric of space-time, which currently passes through our region of space.

Anatoly Wasserman is immortal and eternal. Recently, his name was Albert, and before his name was Pierre and Marie.

In the pocket numbered zero Anatoly Wasserman holds a list of the contents of his pockets. And the number one in your pocket - back it up.

Anatoly Wasserman completely refutes the teachings of Freud.

Fingerprints Anatoly Wasserman - is Mandelbrot fractals.

Anatoly Wasserman vests orders for 20,000 units, so it contributes to the development of the textile industry in Russia.

After a night with Anatoly Wasserman Pamela Anderson earned a bachelor's cosmology.

One of the reincarnations of the old man's name was Anatoly Hottabych.

Computer Anatoly Wasserman suffers from an inferiority complex.

Rumor has it that Anatoly Wasserman was sitting inside the computer Deep Blue, which beat Kasparov at chess,

On the home planet Wasserman was the most stupid.

The only thing forgets Anatoly Wasserman - is the names of all the presidents of the United States. Therefore, it is one portretiki each of them signed in the pockets of his vest. Every US president knew the name of Anatoly Wasserman.

Anatoly Wasserman knows by heart the number Pi and can read it out loud.

Physiologically, the body of Anatoly Wasserman is a symbiosis reasonable vests and brain of a blue whale.

When God created the world, sought the advice of Anatoly Wasserman, he laughed: "Make them reasonable? Let's see what happens. "

Anatoly is still using IBM PC 086. The coprocessor, RAM and HDD and hardware it replaces its own brain. And the software too!

Points Anatoly Wasserman made of spare lenses Space Telescope named Edwin Hubble.

It Anatoly Wasserman invented sex, Japanese poetry and the Masons.

For one hour of brain Anatoly Wasserman consumes energy, which would be enough to heat three kindergartens.

When Anatoly Wasserman wants to go somewhere, he does not go there, and moves toward the universe itself

Pockets vests Anatoly Wasserman extended into the fourth dimension.

When Anatoly Wasserman wants sex, it just develops a new theory which then has the entire scientific world.

When Anatoly Wasserman gets bored, he backs up the universe.

In one of the pockets of Anatoly Wasserman is a Klein bottle.

Anatoly Wasserman came up with a nuclear reactor, a child disassembling the juicer.

Anatoly Wasserman does not breathe air. Air breathing Anatoly Wasserman.

Instead of charging the morning Anatoly Wasserman plays chess with his reflection in the mirror.

Anatoly Wasserman refused to be President of Earth. It is not exchanged for detail.

Anatoly Wasserman spends per wash beards 2 butylki shampoo.

Beard Anatoly Wasserman no chin, there is another pocket.

Anatoly Wasserman does not know the meaning of the phrase "Anatoly Wasserman does not know."

When Anatoly Wasserman once again could not find sunflower oil for frying their favorite buckwheat oladushek, he invented the light. After a few million years, he has optimized his idea to vest, which you can store everything you need.

The skinheads began to shave their heads after losing a dispute Anotoliyu Wasserman.

Anatoly Vassrman the only person in the world that can prove a point IM bot.

His blog Wasserman is in assembler.

When you dolamyvali his first top box Anatoly Wasserman has left the IT

Anatoly Wasserman beat Alexandra Pakhmutova in Pakhmutov.

In the right pocket vests Anatoly Wasserman hidden gold party, and the left - the Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation.

FIDE time prepay Wasserman. Therefore, chess is still not resolved.

Few people know that Anatoly Wasserman defeated Deep Blue in "Chapayevites"

Little known fact: each Anatoly Wasserman - Boris Burda.

When Anatoly Wasserman is not enough detail in the new oscillator, he always goes to the train station, coming to napёrstochnikam and neglyadya wins.

Once a year, Anatoly Wasserman resets vest and a few hours becomes stupid and helpless.

The other day, Anatoly Wasserman power of thought has made changes in the government.

Computing power Wasserman 57 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 operations with floating-point operations per second.

Cthulhu - home octopus Anatoly Wasserman.

Seed Anatolia Vessermana can fertilize Elton John.

Anatoly Wasserman can easily isolate the square root of minus one.


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