Wasserman fully prepared (20 photos)

Anatoly Wasserman recently visited Kaliningrad to meet with bloggers, journalists and their readers.
He also visited the museum of 11th Army, where he told everyone present, including guides and bosses that are in the museum, and what is the history of all these pistols with machine guns.

After talking with bloggers, all went to the President of the Baltic Federation jujitsu Oleg Avdysh.
Oleg Havshabovicha within four hours we saw a small collection of weapons.

Weapons were - Sea

Ruzhbaykami-knives, whips were to suit every taste and color

Time to stand next to Wasserman was just scared)))

Although he, in fact, a good man.

but then he reminded me of ninja turtle)

This Oleg Avdysh recalls that he Terek Cossacks

and here Terek Cossacks on becoming Anatoly Wasserman

Terek Cossacks and the sheriff of the Texas symbolize something there that way, then there is really no

Then start samurai fun

fades into the musketeer game

musketeer and hassle

Here are our get togethers. Should I mention that about every instance that Anatoly was holding, he read a small introductory part of the lecture?

Source: andrey-ka23.livejournal.com


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