Weapons of the future - as it can be?

Now, after the United States tested a laser mounted on the aircraft and drones have become something ordinary, it is difficult to imagine a weapon that can surpass all this.
However, it is possible - and in this review we will try to assess the options for the development of weapons, which will be applied in the distant or near future. Let's try to do it. About
Chen really fantastic projects will not be considered simply fantasize on the topic of current trends.

Autonomous weapons

Current drones can be converted into a fully unmanned systems that track and destroy enemy's equipment or manpower. Moreover, such weapons must distinguish friend from foe, and despite the banal statement of the problem, make it quite difficult.

As such weapons would work: on-board tracking system will evaluate data from sensors, devices, and to assess the situation on the basis of all these data. Man, too, will be able to manage such a system, but it still is autonomous. Today's UAVs are controlled by people, not guns.

Restrictions: All the same difficulty in distinguishing between friends and foes. In addition, the device must be taught to identify trees, cows and other large animals, tractors. The system must be protected against possible tampering and problems getting a signal. Of faulty monitoring system could lead to "madness" device, which will destroy all

High-energy lasers

Such weapons can penetrate any point of near-Earth space, destroying what is needed. Protection against such weapons in the open country is almost impossible, to prevent a laser attack is also not possible, the speed of light still lets you strike without a miss all that is required.

How the weapons: large mirrors reflect the laser beams in the desired direction to hit a target. Heating goals beam of high-energy will lead to instant destruction (or, if not instantaneous, it is very fast).

Limitations: Such a system requires much more energy than a bullet shot. This means that you need to organize a flow of energy, and will make it very difficult. For example, for a laser on a Boeing 747 almost the entire interior of the plane was scored equipment. Yes, and it takes its turbulence - beam can simply dissipate.

Space weapons

Space is really very suitable environment for the deployment of weapons. Striking can be anywhere in the world (or space) without any problems.

How the weapons: The main mission of this system - the destruction of ballistic missiles, produced in the world for different purposes. What exactly will be hitting the missile system - until resheno.Vpolne may be that in the future will be placed in orbit laser weapon that could destroy all or almost all.

Restrictions: The technology is not yet "ripe" before the creation of such systems. In addition, the response time of space weapons should be very small, the weapon should be fast. The laser beam must also of something created, whether the electric energy or the energy of combustion. In space, and then, and another - a big problem.

The sub-orbital craft

Running in the usual manner, such devices may be much faster than a super-sonic aircraft. Suborbital aircraft can deliver any cargo to any place in the world in less than two hours.

How the weapons: most likely, such a device would rise into the air conventional aircraft. Then, the system will operate hypersonic aircraft, and that is separated from the aircraft carrier. Such devices can serve as either a vehicle or a weapon.

Restrictions: The technology is not yet sufficiently developed to create such devices. They must be very strong, very fast and very easy. Yet realize all this is a very difficult task.

Microwave weapons

Such devices are quite capable of destroying a large part of the army if people can not get out of range of the weapons. Incidentally, such a weapon is already developed and even acts prototypes exist.

How the weapons: two-meter antenna and mobile generators produce ultra-short range electromagnetic waves (95 GHz, 3 mm). The upper part of the skin will just be exposed to such rays. Terrible pain will be felt in a few seconds.

In addition to heat is all metal, including weapons, coins, medallions and so forth. May explode by heating shells and cartridges. In general, you can draw a picture of themselves destruction.

Restrictions: In general, these restrictions virtually no, the only problem is humanism. Who wants to be responsible for broiling hundreds of thousands of people? Although, when this someone stopped? In general, such weapons are simply contrary to international agreements, and, though developing, but try not to advertise.

Electronic bomb

These bombs are over-active source of microwave electromagnetic radiation, which incapacitate electronics, civil and military communications.

How the weapons: strong electromagnetic radiation burns electronics, defense against such weapons is very difficult to establish - the radiation is extremely powerful.

Limitations: the impact of such weapons depends on local conditions, and to predict its effect is difficult. In general, such as a powerful weapon, but rather capricious.

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