Everything you wanted to know about lobbying arms, but were afraid to ask

- In Russia, three times more murders than in the US because the Americans do not pay enough attention to the fight against weapons.
 - We must get rid of all firearms because unbalanced maniac could start killing in a public place at any time, and want to be able to protect themselves from this maniac - paranoid.
 - Offender can be filled with gas, zatsarapat keys to death. But if you're going to shoot him with a pistol - he got angry and kill you.
 - Raped and strangled a woman morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet. Although in reality ...
 - When faced with violence - do not resist, give criminals what they want.

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 - As a consultant, always choose a professional: avtoinzhenera for internal combustion engines, a heart surgeon for advice on heart disease, and on weapons, refer to the opinion of housewives, journalists, officials and politicians.
 - Family-Oriented with his beautiful wife and a car on credit, getting transformed into a weapon dangerous violent cattle, which all shot.
 - Pistols and rifles are not required for the protection of the state, which is why the state millions store them in their own warehouses in case of war.
 - Our nation is made up of the flock of aggressive drunks maniacs who shoot each other as soon as possible, but for some reason refuse to do it with the help of legal guns and rifles.
 - Absolutely not interconnected that all the democratic rule of law have in their broad guarantees of the rights of citizens to arms, and that all totalitarian states began with the disarmament of its population ...
 - Our people can not be trusted drinker ownership of guns, but you can afford to own cars, civil rights, and guns.
 - Traumatic weapons that offer to defend themselves on the streets - so effectively that is not used in other countries, nor power security agencies.
 - Police officials in the country with the highest crime rate in Eurasia - the most authoritative experts on the safety of the population.
 - "Thank God, now the weapon is only available to criminals" - Nikolai Uskov
 - Gun lobbyists guilty of murder in every legal weapon, and weapons zapretiteli in no way to blame, louder had to call the police.
 - Resisting the criminal then you stop the police to investigate your murder.
 - Of course, women are as equal as men, but a woman with a weapon - a "monkey with a grenade," and offers courses of self-defense weapon for them it is "playing on the fears».
 - A normal person with a weapon immediately turns into an obsession of the butcher, and just as easily reset should only remove the weapons.
 - Weapons provokes violence, which is why so much violence at gun shows-sales. (Such cases are not recorded in the history of the world)
 - Our people do not kill each other en masse from the tens of millions of weapons from the black market and legitimate long-barreled weapons, but is to appear legitimate gun and that's when everything and start!
 - Most people can not be trusted. Therefore it is necessary to ban weapons law, which will all be respected, because they can be trusted.
 - Freedom of speech includes ownership of newspapers, transmitters, computers and typewriters, while self-defense justifies only use their own hands and pepper spray.
 - Moscow Helsinki Group - good organization, because it deals with the protection of certain parts of the Constitution and the organization of "gun rights" - is bad, because it deals with the protection of other parts of the Constitution.
 - Police, working in groups, when faced with crime, definitely needs a capacious stores. But the citizens of falling into trouble alone - such a luxury to anything.
 - Police stations and government facilities are guarded by armed professionals, taxpayers, even though the right to weapons are not worthy.
 - Citizens of the Russian short arms do not need, and award of 10 thousand guns in Russia is issued to people rising above these generalizations mundane and worldly vanity.
 - American Psycho shot from the already legal in our shotguns and rifles of people in areas where the carrying of weapons prohibited? Hence, our law-abiding citizens should not be allowed to own guns!
 - "Citizens do not need a weapon, because I have an armed guard" - the composer Ilya Prigogine.
 - To defend themselves with arms - selfish and immoral, and require others to do so - no.
 - Mankind is saved from a third world disarmament policies of Gorbachev, not nuclear deterrence.
 - Wishes to arm - infantile irresponsible people. Not that a person completely shifts the responsibility for its own security in the state, the police and luck.
 - For the protection of human rights to life must be deprived of property rights person on the gun protecting his life.
 - For the safety of children in the home can not store a deadly weapon, but need to keep deadly medicines.
 - We are for non-violence, so we are a violent violation of private property rights of others.
 - Vehicles used for the comfort of movement and annually in the US alone killed more than 30 thousand people.
From medical errors kill nearly 100,000 people per year. Guns are used to protect the life and accident insurance with them killed 800 people. However, compared with other phenomena weapons can not be, because a weapon designed to kill, although it makes it a lot worse than cars and physicians.
 - Our people are not ready for such responsibility as wearing pistols - said in a country where the people elect the supreme commander with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and the young men from the age of 18 are in mandatory military conscription machines.
 - Opponents of the weapons are opposed to it fell into the wrong hands. "It is not wrong hands" - you.


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