Echoes of War - II (Soviet weapons)

PCA-41 (submachine gun design Shpagin) was created in 1941 to replace expensive in the production machine pistol Degtyareva PDP-40. In the same year adopted by the Red Army. PCA-41 is a simple and cheap to manufacture weapons of war, and was produced in large quantities - only during the war, was released about 5 or 6 million pieces of PCA-41. Soon after the war, the PCA-41 was withdrawn from the Soviet Army, but it is widely exported to the pro-Soviet-minded developing countries, and in Africa it could be seen even in the 1980s gody.

Weight: * 3, 6 kg empty
charged, with a disk store 5, 3 kg,
charged with carob (box-shaped) Shop 4, 15 kg.
Length: 843 mm
Barrel length: 269 mm
Cartridge: 7, 62 x 25 mm TT
Caliber: 7, 62 mm
Movement: Giving free shutter
Rate of fire, rounds / min: 900 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity, m / s: 490 m / s
Effective range: 200-300 m
Type of ammunition: Store the box - 35 cartridges,
Disk - 71 cartridge
Sight: an unregulated, open, 100 m, with a folding stand for 200 - Here you can learn more about the structure of the PCA-41.

Technically, the PCA is an automatic weapon that works on the principle of free shutter. Fires from the rear sears (with open shutter). Drummer fixedly mounted on the mirror shutter. Switch fire mode (single / automatic) located within the trigger guard, before the trigger guard is designed as a slider in the handle cocking and locks the bolt in the front or rear position. The bolt box and barrel shroud - stamped steel, the front part of the casing barrel protruding over the muzzle and serves as a muzzle brake-compensator. The stock of wood, usually birch.
Sights include the original sector sight and fixed front sight, later - the rocker-shaped pillar L-units with 100 and 200 meters. Early PCA completed with drum magazine 71 cartridge from the PDP-40, but the drum shops were complex and expensive to manufacture, not too reliable and easy to use, and require an individual fit under the arms, so in 1942, were designed carob (box-type) stores 35 cartridges.

The history of the PCA-41.
PCA was created as a replacement PDP-34/40. The main objective in the development of this weapon was the creation of the sample close to the DPP or his superior performance characteristics, but it is cheap and suitable for mass production, including non-core businesses. In 1940 the People's Commissariat of weapons made a request to create gunsmiths submachine gun, part of which could be made with minimal machining, (which means in practice is necessary to apply pressed parts). This PP had to be done as easy to produce, which, if necessary, its release could quickly start any engineering enterprise. By the autumn of 1940 construction submachine guns were presented to the designers of GS and BG Shpagin Shpitalnaya. Field testing and technological evaluation of the samples presented for consideration at the end of November 1940 showed that at the close fighting qualities of both projects submachine pulёmet Shpagin was much more technological in production. For the production of the necessary parts required 87 5 6 machine-hours, at the same time for the production of 95 parts PP BG Shpitalniy required 25, 3 machine-hours that is almost five times bolshe.


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