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Here 65-year-old Anatoly - one of the homeless people in Minsk. However, unlike the average homeless person, he is sober and well dressed. Without fixed abode, he has more than five years now and is ready to share his story with you.

Minskers without a residence permit and apartments - for clean and elegant city streets every day wandering dozens if not hundreds of those for whom a long time and is well established and causing disgust capacious word "homeless." Ask a question, how do family man and former owners of square meters are transformed into homeless edition of a famous news site went to the city in search of people who have not scare "no waves, no wind." However, upon closer inspection, it turned out that most accidents are not so alone: ​​almost all of the station and the street beggars, pitifully calloused hands stretching toward passers-by are under the care and constant supervision of strong men of Caucasian nationality. And look for the homeless in the winter cold, walking in itself, not an easy.

Anatoly - atypical homeless: warm and, most importantly, clean jacket, a more or less decent hat, light blue, a little on the size of the jeans. The man is sober, shaved and argues quite sensibly, no specific odor or outright neglect. Low it is autumn dress shoes and no gloves - hands Anatoly warm in a jacket pocket or retracts into the sleeves. In general, it looks for the homeless rather well, at least a few months of the year, mainly winter, when he, like almost a hundred "colleagues in the shop", it is possible to park in a public institution "House night stay for persons of no fixed abode ". All of his "wealth" fit into an old plastic bag "Vitalyur" which he always carries with him - to leave something nowhere.

Anatolia 65 years, turns 66 in July, the vagabond man is not the first "five-year plan." In the House overnight stay, located in the industrial part of the city, he is a frequent visitor.
- About "House" I know since the 92-year, while he was on the street Yakub Kolas - two old wooden barn. And then it was moved here. Almost every year I live here, of course, try to get to the winter - says the man.
According to Anatoly, each homeless person can "get" in the house of night stay for one month. The subsequent fate - street or warm, but controlled the life of the institution that resembles a hostel - in the hands of the director, that he may extend the "ticket" for up to a year.

- All at the discretion of the director, as he chooses: he is here and the king and God, and the military commander. Generally Mikhailovich [director of the institution - approx. Author] very much helps: restore documents in the nursing home arrange versed in the papers. A competent and caring people. But for the following order. We like: from 6 to 10 pm and can go to the "Home", and at 8 am already leaving. Simply look to not come drunk, then simply not allowed - Sleep where you want. And I agree - it's right.
About how lost property, Anatoly says evasively:
- I had a apartment in Leninsky district, Plekhanov, but the problem started with my family and my wife has written. By the time we were divorced. I do not know how she managed all lawyers and attorneys did. You see, when perestroika began, I went to work for firms. An increasing number of collective farms went, we had three areas of Gomel, Mogilev and Bryansk. Mainly in Russia and sat. There's normally I earned, but also a mode of three-four months of work to do for a week, you can go home. Well here it is, apparently, did not like me and she has written. Neighbors supported it were against me. Well, this thing sometimes liked - recognized the man by playing with your index finger and neck well-known gesture. - My daughter in the apartment is not living, the husband she might rents may have sold - I do not know.

The first time, according to Anatoly, wipe them with friends, then spent the winter in an apartment on Platonov, and then went out into the street - "what could I do?" Now, he lives by his own admission, where it is necessary and days spends in different ways: " I have things to do, often helping friends: remove the snow, immerse something in a construction site understand. And "House" it is necessary to keep order. But mostly manages to earn summer ».
However, this summer, the man has not earned anything, said he had a heart attack and all the hottest months spent in the hospital: "Two months spent in the" top ten ", then in the first - and so all summer».
If you believe Anatolia, the profession of his difficult and dangerous - climber. However, the skills that he never studied, "I'm self-taught. Nothing wrong with this kind of work there, and now I can climb wherever you want, it's easy for me ».
A man in a divorce in 1985, but for women it "pulls": "When the wife was one, too, died. Tragedies enough ».

Speaking of tragedies, he says, is very upset when three years old son died, and last year the former spouse died - grieve, attach "to the bottle." There was Anatoly daughter - 35-year-old economist, "somewhere in the government": "She graduated from the 11th grade at the fine, the economic correspondence, her husband is a lawyer and some children. But it does not help, does not, in general it no business ».
And yet, apart from the fact that there are no "business" with her daughter has no Anatoly disingenuous: he recently filed a lawsuit - tried to "knock out" child support for their content.
- I would like to send to the director of the nursing home, which is located immediately across the street. But I do not have a pension. I what? Lemon, two hundred, and you need more than two. We need to pay extra daughter, wanted her to help. I went to court, but it's all nonsense: the court formally passed, I really did not ask - what is the name? where I live? all. In short, he refused: her attorneys and lawyers. But I will try again, you have to somehow get. And they say that soon for life in our "House" will have to pay - how much, I do not know, but to impose something.

The man claims that a modest pension to life lacks. After receiving the money once a month, trying to distribute them by leaps and only buys products from milk, sausages and salami. "We are still fed in the church - not without pleasure, says Anatoly - Adventist seven days, it Olszewski, here they are again on the day of the food, and the students fed on Saturday they were at the station at the Mikhailovsky square, and the second time at the park Simon Bolivar. When the soup when the porridge - hot manages to eat, it would be desirable ... These religious, especially not cling to the church not to drive, but the offer: come to the service, pray, God will help - well, that's all, you know ... »

Friends Anatoly not: someone from the "past" life can sometimes help to part time, and among the homeless people he found like-minded people.
- Our shelter is designed for a hundred people, somewhere around that probably already has. Here you all friends, when the money is there, and no one needs. People like wolves - every man for himself. Tried a lot, but they are kept separate, they have their own company.
On election a man who only recently lost his passport and is now engaged in its restoration, do not go, "What choices about what you are saying, what they told me?" He looks skeptically on the latest trends of the Belarusian lawmakers. While the state puzzled over how to tax the citizens of alcoholics, hooligans and parasites, most of them, including Anatoly sure that nothing will come of it, "tax parasites - that I heard it, I know. Here [at the House of Night-Time - approx. Author] there are people of working age, although many no legs, lame: winter podmerzli or work once suffered. They are not employees. Anyway, it is unlikely that it will take a homeless person. This, of course, is their business, how to turn, but it's all too easy ».

Despite its status as homeless, with police rarely Anatoly not so much conflict, and even talks: "The police do not care. If you do nothing, they do not even pay attention. If no brawler, not to swear obscenities, drunk is not lying - they do not care. You walk safely - go, they do not touch you, and you do not touch them. Well, if you'll roll - take away ».
With the work "black" Realtors he too had ever encountered: "This I have not seen, heard - heard, but not a single person who would hurt them, did not see. Among my friends there are none. More family throws on the street ».
Her dream Anatoly homeless - to get into a nursing home: "It is necessary somewhere to be determined. Gather all the documents, I will try. The director is very helpful: he says that even try to, from the first time did not work ».


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