10 exciting stories that can be read on the way to work

Boring ride on public transport you can always brighten up your favorite music or, even better, a good literature, which will not take much time but will have time in 15 minutes ways to inspire your world and inspire the entire working day.

1. "The last leaf" by O. Henry

Incredibly touching story about the goodness and power of the spirit. A motivating story about the struggle for life, inspiration and faith.

2. "White elephants" E. Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway, like no other, created such masterpieces that reveal the essence of life. Short, snappy, intriguing, and just about the most important.

3. "A common tale" by A. Milne

Ordinary this tale by the author of "Winnie the Pooh" definitely not be called. This is an amazing story about illusions, transformations and magic.

4. "Which three?" A. Chekhov

"Old but ever new story," reads the subtitle of the work. Story is about eternal love, about choice and happiness.

5. "The hedgehog. The story of vain vanity" G. Gorin

The story really should be read by every adult, at a time when he realizes that his childhood did not return. The story of the childhood values, that should not be forgotten.

6. "Confusion" By A. Kuprin

The beginning speaks for itself: "— I think no one so original not seen Christmas as one of my patients in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-sixth year, said Butynski, quite famous in the city doctor-the psychiatrist".

7. The Carriage N. Gogol

Alive and, as always, the life story of Gogol. Comedy, after reading which I would like to cry from laughter.

8. "Cupid's arrows" by R. Kipling

Kipling briefly and succinctly described a typical situation when a young daughter want to Wed a wealthy, but middle-aged and unattractive man. But as it turned out, children do not always willing to act obediently the orders of their parents. Sometimes they act according to his own plan.

9. "Arabia" George. Joyce

Dream boy to buy his girlfriend a gift at a charity Bazaar — something — roughly split on the callousness of adults who have forgotten about his request. The story, filled with resentment and bitterness, but at the same time, a warm childhood love and heartfelt adoration.

10. "The Word" By Vladimir Nabokov

The real story-mystery of Vladimir Nabokov. The story, woven of sun and hope. After reading everyone will find that one special word.published


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