About the imagination of dreamers and dreams. For lovers to dream

Well, the fact that the dream – good type of goal, you know, probably many. It is necessary to "namestate" – good to imagine what you want, how you want in what order and why. And forward – towards the dream! It so happens that the wise universe throws up opportunities to meet our dreams. Helps all the forces, so to speak.

But I have a friend. Not about dreams, as the type of the target. And the fantasies. A world parallel to reality. Where good, comfortable, quiet, calm, fabulous. In this world you can hide from daily chores and worries…

Sixty million two hundred forty nine thousand three hundred forty four

"I love walking, looking in Windows of other people's houses... But, if I lived in this house... that would be like? Ah, here I live in this big apartment... I Have a husband, children…

So nice to have a little privacy there is in the world of my fantasies where everything is perfect, where there is something that I have not. To breathe this air... live the life... Go out and smile to myself…»

"I'm thirty years fantasizing about how I live in a house by the sea. Wonderful live... with the man of my dreams, dog and books.»

The perfect trap for your brain. It seems that you are experiencing reality, but in fact no! Standing smiling in the middle of the street, and your consciousness far, far away. Right people in the matrix. On the tubes and suction cups, which to dream.

Yes, imagination is a waking dream.

That endlessly scrolled in a fantasy, will never happen in reality. Fantasies allow to experience all this fun.

Helps people with sexual fantasies or evil, destructive fantasies. Psychologists criminologists say that those who can play violence in fantasy never do it in reality. And the problem of psychopaths as just that fantasy world for them is not available.

In General, the use of fantasy is.

Writing, music, art, everything becomes a real fruit of your thoughts and fantasy – great.


Imagination is only a tool for something. and it is important to understand why you use it.


To withdraw from the world, to get warm, to escape from problems – the same output as a stopover. But then have to go back to the same point of his life. And deal with all the problems. Go to the people, to talk, to negotiate, to solve. In General to live. As usual.

Or you use your creatively minded brain to do? Come up with mechanisms to make films, write books?

What is the result of your fantasies in reality?


If fantasy is your way to escape from reality, from the moment, from what is important and necessary to you here and now, it is very difficult to make the effort, so this flight did not commit. difficult, but possible.


"For many years we with the husband dreamt of the house I fantasized, painted. It was our way of spending time. And then at some point I said to myself -enough! Not anymore. Throughout. We have no more of this dream. And never will be. The husband was amazed, indignant... And a month later we bought a house. There is no dream, and the house is.»

What worlds you go into your fantasy? Where you spend your life?

"I have a whole hit parade of fantasies! The first of them about military exploits. I am an officer, involved in the fighting, “the servant of the king, father of soldiers”. This is not war in the past, it is a war of the future with all sorts of strange military vehicles. In the most desperate moments I run in these dreams of the country as Caesar, the anointed of God, sun Pharaoh. It should be noted that the relationship to the army I have, I have not served and not even studied at the military Department. This is a fantasy on the level of bravura, sweet and false pages “of the Book of future commanders”, if you know this.»


You always have the choice to live there or try, to take risks to live here.


Humanity has lots of ways to create for themselves a parallel reality – alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, well or empty fantasy. In all these cases the reality is very different from that of a beautiful, euphoric picture that is in the human mind.


A short cheat sheet for those who are willing to give up

Happiness or meaning in what we need


As I said one client-a man: "I do not suffer from these fantasies. I suffer from a mismatch of their reality.»

Yes it is. The fantasy world is very far from reality.

But the only person who can make a change, spends his life in dreams.published  


Author: Irina Dubova


Source: dybova.ru/news/pro-fantazii-fantazyorov-i-mechty/


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