100 of the most romantic books that are worth reading

The best romantic stories that are worth reading. List of reputable everyone can find in theit book for the soul. Read and enjoy!

1. "The man who laughs" Victor Hugo

2. "Loneliness in the Network" J. Wisniewski

3. One day Nicholas sparks

4. "Arch of triumph" by E. M. Remarque

5. "Three comrades" E. M. Remarque

6. "The garnet bracelet" Kuprin

7. "Medea and her children," Ulitskaya

9. "Les Miserables" Victor Hugo

10. "The wife of the time traveler" Audrey Niffenegger

11. "Anna Karenina" By L. N. Thick

12. Gone with the wind by M. Mitchell

13. "Jane Eyre" Bronte Sh.

14. "Wuthering heights" by E. Bronte

15. "The thorn birds" Colleen McCullough

16. "The master and Margarita" Mikhail Bulgakov

17. "The end of the Chapter" by John Galsworthy

18. "Married couple," John. Updike

19. "Tess of the genus D'urbervilles" Thomas hardy

20. "Mrs. Dalloway" Virginia Woolf

21. "One hundred years of solitude" G. G. Marquez

22. "The catcher in the rye j. Salinger

23. "The sound and the fury Faulkner

24. "The two captains" by Kaverin

25. "Masha" Nabokov

26. "Scarlet sails" A. green

27. Smile of the black cat" Oleg Roy

28. The time to live and a time to die" by E. M. Remarque

29. "Olesya" Kuprin

30. "Asya" By Turgenev

31. "P. S I love you" S. Ahern

32. "The orange girl Jostein Gaarder

33. "Gadfly" Voynich

34. "Children of the blue Flamingo" Vladislav Krapivin

35. "Doctor Zhivago" By B. Pasternak

36. "Red and black" Stendhal

37. "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

38. "Rebecca," Daphne Du Maurier

39. "Simply together" Anna gavalda

40. "Bespectacled Ellie" Stephen Sanders

41. "Quo Vadis", Senkevich

42. "Hello, sadness!" Françoise Sagan

43. "The Talisman" Walter Scott

44. "Dictionary of the Khazars" by M. Pavic

45. "The unbearable lightness of being" by M. Kundera

46. "Flowers for Algernon" Daniel Keyes

47. "Lolita" By Vladimir Nabokov

48. "A little sun in cold water" Fransuaza Sagan

49. "The bridges of Madison County" Robert James Waller

50. "Theatre" By S. Maugham

51. "The little Prince" Antoine de Saint-Exupery

52. "Town" Sh. Bronte

53. "Notre Dame Cathedral" Victor Hugo

54. "Letter from an unknown woman Stefan Zweig

55. "Sunflower" By R. P. Evans

56. "Seven days of creation" Marc levy

57. "I do not believe.I hope not.Love Cecilia Ahern

58. "Far from the Madding crowd" by T. hardy

59. "Leper" H. Mniszek

60. "Schopenhauer as medicine" by I. Yalom

61. "Eugene Onegin" By Alexander Pushkin

62. "The three Musketeers" by Alexander Dumas

63. A walk to remember N. Sparks

64. "The Count Of Monte Cristo" By A. Dumas

65. "Girl with a pearl earring, Chevalier

66. "The Great Gatsby" By Scott Fitzgerald

67. "Bridge across forever" Richard Bach

68. "Lady Chatterley's lover by D. Lawrence

69. "The white gauntlet Mayne Reid

70. "Giovanni's Room" James Baldwin

71. "Cyrano de Bergerac" Edmond Rostand

72. "A hero of our time" by M. Lermontov

73. "Teacher" Charlotte Bronte

74. "Another day" by Fabio Volo

75. "The stranger from Wildfell hall" by Anne Bronte

76. "Eyes of a blue dog" by G. G. Marquez

77. "Dark Avenues" By Ivan Bunin

78. "Nona" By S. King

79. "Another other Boleyn girl" by F. Gregory

80. Little women Louisa Alcott

81. "Captain's daughter" by A. Pushkin

82. "1984" George. Orwell

83. Chocolate George. The harrises

84. "Fried green tomatoes Fannie of flegg

85. "Blue bloods Melissa de La Cruz.

86. "Howl's moving castle" by D. W. Jones

87. Poor folk by F. Dostoyevsky

88. "The English patient" M. Ondaatje

89. The African Queen C. S. Forester

90. "Sense and sensibility" by G. Verdi. Austen



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91. "The way we were" A. Lorentz

92. "Frantsuzova Bay" by D. Maurier

93. "The arguments rassudka" George. Austen

94. "Look for a couple of K. AMIS

95. "Daniel Deronda" George. Eliot

96. "Angelique" by Anne and Serge Golon

97. "The Diary Of Bridget Jones" By H. Fielding

98. Confessions Of A Shopaholic" By S. Kinsella

99. "Atonement" By I. McEwan

100. "Dangerous liaisons" sh Laclos.published



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