Russian scientists have invented a "star battery"

Russian scientists have invented a new alternative energy source, stellar battery. The main elements of this device are heteroelectrical heteroelectrical capacitor and the photocell, that provides significant advantages in comparison with solar panels of today.

Stellar battery can operate in the absence of sunlight, even capturing infrared radiation! When converting the visible light efficiency of the device is 54%, IR 31%. While in the star battery of the photocurrent is four times higher than solar, and the weight per watt is almost 1000 times less, which is quite important to reduce the cost of battery in case of industrial production.



Other figures also of the imagination. Heteroelectrical efficiency of the solar cell is 90 percent! And this despite the fact that the efficiency of the used nowadays solar cells does not exceed 18 percent. This became possible due to the ability of heterolactic to combine on a single frequency electromagnetic waves sunlight, which have different wavelength that occurs when the absorption. While mounted in the battery heteroelectrical condenser, which is the energy storage device is quite compact, so its volume is 180 cubic inches, and the capacity of 0.11 Farad.

It all started with the fact that in the beginning of the XXI century employee Ncepi O. A. Zaimidoroga found in experiments that if a material in which nanoparticles introduced several other materials (so-called priming), to influence an electromagnetic field, there is the phenomenon of supercoherent, which in turn leads to a change of the properties of this material. Given the importance of this discovery guide Ncepi created a separate division for further study and creation of theoretical model of heterolactic, which will help to create heterolactic with desired properties. This research has received priority in the scientific activities of the centre.

Let's learn about this unique discovery.



First, on the basis of heterolactic was created different kinds of glasses with record capability of light refraction. They can solve various problems in human life, including protection against radiation and fire. Then, with the help of heterolactic was received laser radiation. On its basis created a unique resonatorless nanolaser high compactness, which can serve the development of electronic technology and physics. Finally, the unique heteroelectrical solar cells have found application in a stellar battery. In General, it was developed and about thirty inventions, some of which have no analogues.

The basis for the star battery was invented by a group of employees Ncepi new material – heterolactic. The principle of creating heterolactic: in the "matrix" of the same material (e.g., silicon) interspersed at a distance less than the wavelength of external radiation (which will then be converted into electricity), the atoms of another material (e.g., gold). This heterolactic is the basis not only for the stellar battery, but for 30 different devices and technologies which may at least in 24 fields of science and technology (mentioned, for example, a "bulk" lasers, nanomicroscopy, quantum computers, not detachable IC elements, nanosilicon electrical radiation, etc.). Among them hetero-capacitance (capacitors) unusual compactness, which, among others, are the accumulators of the electric charge of the star panels. Heteroelectrical capacity value of 0, 11 Farad occupies a volume of 180 cm3 and weighs a few grams. For comparison, the electric capacity of the entire planet Earth is about 2 Farad.

And a few numbers of comprehension: the power produced per 1 square meter of the star battery is 600 watts. The power of solar radiation is 1300 watts per square meter. All the power of the solar radiation that falls on our territory, estimated in 100 thousand gigawatts average power consumption in the whole country is 100 Gigawatts. We get this electricity in hydro, thermal and nuclear power plants. And unable to (with skillful use of the star battery) directly from the Sun.

Fantastic painting such a bright future everyone can draw for himself. Thus to promote production of the entire package of 30 zapatentovana devices require approximately $ 1 billion investment.



Very tempting to think that such promotion is finally happening. Because the Corporation has recently "Norilsk Nickel" with which Ncepi was negotiating a partnership chose the funds ten times in excess of those requested the inventors to bring the star battery to the prototype (approximately U.S. $ 30 million), to acquire a stake in American-British company for the development of hydrogen fuel. By the way, similar to our stellar battery anywhere in the world. The Institute of renewable energy, the United States was able to invent a solar cell with energy conversion efficiency of 34%. And star, working around the clock, convert, recall, 54% of the energy of radiation in the visible, and 31% invisible spectrum. You did not feel the difference?

In practice, the efficiency of star batteries can be 50 times higher than solar. Perhaps very soon it will lead to emergence of new power plants, and all portable rechargeable devices will work without charging ten times longer.

While the GEF has a mass of semiconductor material per watt of energy 1000 times less than that of solar cells modern solar cells. The calculations indicate that the cost heteroelectrical photocell stellar battery is below cost solar cell modern solar panels.

All this was said at the presentation of the sample the star battery, which in Dubna was attended by representatives of ministries, chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Russia, corporations USA and Japan, and, of course, domestic plants, Federal and regional press. And among the many questions and comments voiced phrase, which may be the key. A representative of the CCI of the Russian Federation V. Ya. Urtiew said: "We offer a platform to further your dialogue with business and government. This can be a mega project in the area of innovation, the need for which now says the Russian government. We want to offer to hold a series of meetings on promoting your products to the business community".



At first acquaintance with the material, many will think that this is another "yellow duck". Let's look for sources

The demonstration took place at the end of may this year, at the same time there were reports of news agencies, in particular ITAR-TASS, caused quite a wide resonance. In particular, on the website original news, but its discussion is left. The response to the message was friendly glumes American physicists and other science enthusiasts, accompanied by cries of "believe it when I see it", "it sounds like another Russian hoax", "Samoilov, come out of class" etc.

Further, the authors of discoveries and inventions based on it – the real (not pseudo) scientists Ncepi JINR Director Professor V. N. Samoilov, Professor O. A. Zaimidoroga, and employee of the Physical Institute. RAS Lebedev I. E. Protsenko.

Articles describing the physics of the phenomenon, published in 2000-2002:

The article "the problem of controlled virtual refractive index ratio", authors: A. N. Oraevsky, I. E. Protsenko, A. Botero (USA) in the journal of the IFIs them. Lebedev, Russian Academy of Sciences "Quantum electronics" vol. 30 vol. 9, 2000, pp. 809 — 814;

The article "Optical properties of heterogeneous media", by A. N. Oraevsky, I. E. Protsenko in the journal in the journal IFIs them. Lebedev of RAS "Quantum electronics" vol. 31 No. 2, 2001, pp. 252 — 255;

The article "the Problem of obtaining a high refractive index and optical properties of heterogeneous media" by O. A. Zaimidoroga, V. N. Samoilov, I. E. Protsenko JINR in the journal "Physics of elementary particles and atomic nuclei", vol. 32 vol. 1, 2002, pp. 101 — 152;

On the invention of the so-called "umbrella patent" in 2003


An excerpt from the article:


The technology developed by the scientists of Dubna is able to completely change our current ideas about technology, industry, medicine and other areas, making the current science fiction daily.


Fantastic heterolactic

The first priority in the activities of the center, as the Director Professor Valentin Samoilov, have nanotechnology, developing on the basis of a new substance, open and patented under the name of heterolactic (the name also belongs to this team, and the patent belongs to the category of "umbrella" that is applicable to all types of devices that can be created in any of the applications on the basis of the substance).

At the time, Professor O. A. Zaimidoroga found an interesting effect: if any material (carrier) to introduce nanoparticles of a certain number of other materials (seed), the electromagnetic field causes the phenomenon of supercoherent – intensive the agreed-upon time fluctuations of electrons "seed", leading to intensive interaction of the whole sample (heterolactic) with the electromagnetic field that uniquely change the properties of this material.

At the time of detection of effect, scientists realized that it would entail a lot. So they decided to create to study heterolactic group involving theorists who explained the effect, created a theoretical model that allows to calculate the "formula" heterolactic with one or other of the imposed properties. Then proceeded to the modeling of specific devices.

We started with a special kind of glass. If producing on the basis of heterolactic, it can be sverhzaryadnogo glass, resistant to fire, or transmits a predetermined spectrum of radiation or use of the sun's rays to generate electricity (and based on it – heat for space heating), or having the property to absorb radar radiation, etc. In this area, the centre has issued a series of patents and inventions.

It was further made a series of patent-free development of high performance solar cells, of which there are three varieties, and each made its own contribution. This cycle of works and development adjacent to..

All of these elements, made on the basis of heterolactic, the tremendous efficiency that greatly exceeds current world record. If the coefficient of performance (COP) of solar cells is 12 – 18% and research laboratories United States promise in a few years to raise it to 34% for solar cells made on the basis of heterolactic, the figure today is some 90%. Moreover, heteroelectrical cells have the unique ability to work at night, using visible and infrared light beams. So it is possible to speak not only about solar, but about the "star" that can generate electricity in any climate zone at any time of the day.

On the basis of heterolactic also received a new kind of laser radiation and based on it not having analogues in the world of the dipole nanolaser, which does not contain a resonator – a device that determines the dimensions of the entire laser. That is, the nanolaser its size turns out tens of thousands of times more compact than other existing ones. Manufacturer production model of the nanolaser will be a significant leap in physics, electronics and laser technology.

Now, on the basis of heterolactic the center is developing new optics, characterized not only by the improvement of all parameters, but also with some brand new properties.

This is only a small part of the possible applications of heterolactic. In General, today the team of authors of the patent described 24 areas of application, and in most areas a qualitative leap in the improvement of the various indicators ranges from 100 to 1000, and in some cases it is about the absolute novelty of the products, there are prototypes today in practice do not exist.

It can be expected that the implementation in practice of heterolactic will give a significant leap in scientific and technical sphere, the revolutionary way of changing the entire economy.


Why you need a de-water

One area of research relates to the latest health and preventive medical technologies and is included in the state program "Health of the nation". It is about using the unique properties of deionized light water (the term "de-water" is also introduced by the experts of the center).

Together with the Institute of surgery named. Vishnevsky in Moscow and the Institute of Cytology in St. Petersburg carried out long-term scientific experiments to study the beneficial effects of de water on the human body in various diseases. Received phenomenal results. This, for example, the almost total cessation of division of cancer cells. A marked immunomodulating effect. Elimination of surgical infections, including sepsis. Potentiation of drug dissolved in de water (and it is, as one major consequence, leads to a decrease in the dosage of drugs). Antidiabetic action: de-water stimulates the survival of cells that produce insulin. In addition, de-water is able to stop apoptosis – programmed cell death. These properties are unique water – main, but not all of the discovered, research is ongoing, there is, for example, data on the usefulness of the de-water and applied to nervous diseases, etc. currently, the application for the patent "Method for prevention and treatment of diseases."

By the way, de-water is applicable not only in medicine but also in technology. In Ncepi it is used in obtaining ultra-pure rare-earth elements.

As for medical use, here before the broad implementation of innovations in practice need to obtain the necessary permits (certificates, licenses, etc.). Now several applications for official confirmation of the methods of prevention and treatment of certain diseases when using to de-water. As you know, in medicine, similar documents are issued for several years, as are usually cross-check the claimed properties. Perhaps the bureaucratic process will accelerate the fact that research is conducted in the framework of the state program. And the effect of the application of the proposed methods is simply stunning.


The apparatus that defines "all"

About two current projects of the center that has no analogues in the world – hardware and software complexes.

The first measurement of the spatial-frequency characteristics of liquids, especially water. Almost for the first time created tools to look "in depth" structural States of water — to measure the spatial anisotropy of its dielectric constant, spatial frequency characteristics of the clustered water structure. Such opportunities relevant primarily to medical research, because the human body, as we know, 90% consists of water. But for technical purposes the use of the complex is very promising. The first results suggest the possibility of creation of the linear superconducting clusters.

The second hardware-software complex is intended for studying the main parameters of a substance provides the possibility to obtain qualitatively new information about the investigated objects and their properties. In the end, the device allows to determine not only chemical composition but also the chemical structure, that is, it is able to distinguish between different aggregate States (solid, liquid, gaseous) of the same substance. One can imagine the use of such devices in the field of security, ecology, industry and many other industries. This will allow including to create a database of spatial-frequency characteristics of diseases, medicines and to determine their compatibility, in the future will enable more effective selection and appointment of drugs. Research on medical topics connects a growing number of experts – biochemists, biophysicists, physicians, a task in which the scale is to identify and examine the properties of various drugs (including to identify the authenticity of their making), to explore their compatibility in the treatment of various diseases.

We have presented only the main developments made in Napi JINR. Perhaps even for the reader, far from technology and science, it became clear: today, the Dubna scientists have a number of significant proposals to use mass which can transform our lives. Now a word for investors who are ready to work together with scientists to make the transition from laboratory samples to industrial. "We don't need loans and investments, – stressed V. N. Besides, we are ready to work on a partnership basis".

So it became clear that, despite the yellowing of some of the sources and unnecessary sensationalism in the presentation of the materials, the discovery, or rather the effect, and made on the basis of the invention meet the basic academic criteria. Article describing the effect and its theoretical justification, appeared in scientific journals in 2000 – 2002, inventions patented in 2003 In the same research center and made other discoveries and inventions, in particular, the developed technology to sweroside water detector for neutrinos in the framework of the BOREXINO project at JINR have led to equally promising results.

It is not excluded that in all this there is a large element of drinking and self-promotion associated with the buzzword "nanotechnology". Besides, Soviet science, not related to the defense industry, have been traditionally weak in the implementation of discoveries and inventions in production. The events of the last 15 years, so to say, has not improved the situation.


It is hoped that these discoveries will not be shelved any AO "Brake", and on this basis will be established commercial production technology revolutionary optics, quantum computers, super-efficient photovoltaic converters and batteries – "supercapacitors" on the basis of heterolactic, more efficient and technologically advanced than the double layer capacitors, supercapacitors and traditional batteries or fuel cells.

Not only in oil and gas strong Russian land :) posted

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