Voroshilov battery on the island of Russian

"Voroshilov battery" - one of the unique fortifications in the world. The battery is located on the island of Russian in Vladivostok. Similar battery is in Sevastopol. During the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in 1997 battery, as a combat unit was disbanded, and its basis was established branch of the Military Historical Museum of the Pacific Fleet "Voroshilov battery."
In the spring of 1931 it was decided - to strengthen the defense of Vladivostok. The Commission, headed by the People's Commissar of Defence K. Voroshilov chosen for the new "beachhead" island height near the eastern corner of the bay Novik. Here it was decided to install a tower of 305-mm artillery battery, equipping it with two three-gun bronebashennymi settings with the battleship "Mikhail Frunze" (former battleship "Poltava"). During the 1932-1933. able to perform most of the concrete, rock and underground works. Details of the towers and gun barrels were transported to the island by barge. For transportation of tower structures from m. Polonsky on the bank b. Novik the railroad. Mechanisms and metal to the construction site battery delivered on ice using a tractor scraper. Installation of the first tower was completed February 1, 1934, passed the second two months later.

Weight of the rotating part of each tower - 900 tons, the entire weight of the tower - 1,200 tons. The towers installed armor thickness of 300 mm.

Spare barrels lie nearby. The weight of each barrel - 51 ton. Diameter - 350 mm. Length - about 16 meters.

The rotation of the circular towers. Tilt angles trunks from -5 to +25 degrees. Maximum range of 35 km. The height of the flight path of the projectile at a maximum 11 km. Please note that the battery is completely hidden from view from the sea. And for targeting using a special range finder located a few kilometers away (I will show it later when I talk about the numerous forts).

In the early 1930s, Soviet industry still could not make a 305-mm artillery tower. Therefore, the only right decision was to use the towers of a battleship, not subject to rapid recovery. The thickness of the concrete arch - 3, 5 m. It is designed for a direct hit by bombs weighing 1 ton.


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