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In December last year, I decided to collect jewelry workshop. Acquired workbench, tools, appliances, etc ..., all the "brand" so that in the first place itself was a pleasure to work with. In the early 90's I went to the disciples jeweler, then studied at the painter. department, and then taught for several years yuvelirku and all this time (about 12-14 years); Job wizard. Then they all got tired and I "gave up". Sold or gave away everything I had: tools and equipment. Got a job as an apprentice manager, manager, Chief of the Department of ... gene. Director, Founder .... And all this is not yuvelirka. Yuvelirka for the soul and for the joy of family, thank God there is a skill and in good shape. In this topic, I want to tell you (if there is interest, then tell) about how and what jewelry making. You will see what you can do with his hands. All topics will be provided with photos and detailed comments.
So, pray ... truant somehow my wife shopping. I saw the ring, "turban" and wanted it. Called me to look. I said I could do that, but at that time the workshop was not yet operational. BUT. Man said- man made. The inverse image of the product has been photographed his wife to mobile. Photography is not so hot, but I so understand what to do and how.

The task given. Next, get to work! I take modeling wax. Saw off a piece of it, mark and raced!

Type sketch. Some articles I'm doing as a great Gaudi. Sketches and drawings in my head.

Layout done. I start to cut. Get out too much. While roughly.

Oststki from past victories (past life).

That's because these machines (from modeling wax) made about 100% of the total sold in the moment yuvelirki

During the processing of the workpiece marking lines disappear. They have to apply again, essno, taking into account new forms.

Something already beginning to look like

Here is this knife, called a "scraper" and made in Switzerland, I give shape to the product. Chambray so to speak. The ball turns

Oh how long before the finished product

Further processing technology is the removal of excess material and making the most right-required forms before the next process step: casting, investment casting.

Here they are - "jeweler's best friend" marker compasses, scraper, sketch ...

At this stage, for some reason I stopped photographing. And then it was the application of the ribs, the undercut (removal of wax from the inside of the ring) and preparation for casting. Cast. All qualitatively. That's the way it looks. Yellow gold 585.

This is a terrible thing, in the foreground, called the "gate." Through it melted Zsolt poured into a mold, which was once the wax, which I did, and just before casting there was a void in exactly the same frmu wax model. Here.

Workpiece must be "anneal". Ie heated to a temperature of about 750-800 degrees, under protective flux layer. It is necessary to remove the internal stresses in the metal and normalize the crystal structure. Although it is the same thing.

After annealing, the preform is placed into the acid. The procedure is called "whitening».

At this stage begins machining products. Tools used for this are different. The internal surface of a processing mills. External jigsaw, needle files, graver. All this I will show. Processing products in the metal - Responsibility process. You can not make mistakes, as some of them may not be repairable. The accuracy of eye and hand hardness - that's my motto! Rushed !!!

Processed with a file.

Pay attention to the weight of the workpiece.

Make a well jigsaws. In the future, there will be full cuts.

Here's a bunch of gold I to saw. And that's not all.

All lies in a metal tray.

This nadfilkom Peel. Others will also.

In this table, titled "Letkal" comes soldering products, and all that is connected with the high-temperature heating. Temperature in the processing of gold is in the range 700-1100 degrees Celsius. In the foreground can be seen the square pieces of gold solder. According jewelry technology composition and color sample solder must meet the base metal (from which the product is made).

In this photo you can see that I put thin gold plates in place too deep cuts, and going to solder them.

Well, I start to give final shape. Files With almost finished. Resurfacing. Here, in the case are special abrasive wheels and sandpaper. Everything is done handles. This product warm my hands!

Inside all unnecessary selected and applied to the invoice. Fakturka applied cutter diameter of 1mm. Imagine how many times you need to attach to metal cutter ???

Polirnul! Put a ring on the polishing brush. I think a good natyurmorchik obtained?

To correctly apply the finish required fakturku on edge after one. Fakturka similar preparedness or on the golden sand or sugar sprinkled on (well I think so) Here's how: in his right hand a little stamping hammer, chisel in his left hand. Each flyspeck applied separately. They eventually several thousand. Look.

Oh, I forgot to say. The product is attached to a special vice, which rotate in all directions, if necessary. And in the jargon of jewelers called "Sharobubel." Under the product planted thick polyethylene, which dampens shock and prevents scratching polishing the inside. Between the ribs also paved pads to increase the overall stiffness of the top products at coinage. Even so chasing is a shock. The deformation of the top I do not need. To finish at hand. I work very carefully and cautiously. I will say that the application of texture in this case is very time-consuming and tedious. In the real world took almost the whole day.

This is what happens.

Look at the finished product weight and remember workpiece weight


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