It seems that nature has exhausted imagination ... 26 objects alike as two drops of water.

Our world is rich, diverse, and every now and then surprises us at every turn. But when you see such incredible coincidence, it sometimes seems that the universe was exhausted imagination and run out of ideas. And not necessarily that your counterpart is hiding among the people. Maybe you will find his twin among the world's animals or things.

Team infotainment online magazine decided to go in search of identity and prepared for you a selection of comic damn similar to each other people, animals and objects from different times and different spheres of life. Like two peas in a pod!

The guy was lucky to meet by Vincent Van Gogh.

Here is Felix in my life!

German Shepherd or a kangaroo?

Fruit, like parrots.

A woman and a seat on the subway.

snow-covered grill and Karl Lagerfeld.


Samoyed puppy and a small white teddy bears.

The album cover band Van Halen, and this kid.

Dog and Pony.

Owls and Persian cats.

of V838 in the constellation of the Unicorn and the icon Firefox.

urban street grid or pineapple?

Little cosplayer.

Hmm, but in the film they were huge ...

Cupcake similar to Jupiter.

The muzzle cat resembling the evil beaver.

Miley Cyrus and giraffe.

David Cameron looks like a toy train.

Dog and Richard Gere.

Rihanna and cartoon duck.

Strawberry in a cut reminds of the sun "Teletubbies».

Best Friends!

who are more snow-white?

Pug Buddhist.

To whom it looks better?

That's a coincidence! Nature - that still joker! If you see the same dissimilar objects, Share with us in comments. Share these fun doubles your friends.

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