When a parent - a vocation! 10 hilarious collage about parenting dads and moms.

«Mom, where's my hat?» i>, «Ma what's for dinner?» i>, «Mom, when we go out into the street?» i> , «Mom, can five minutochek?» i> - a list of questions to the very small pochemuchek native and beloved mom just limitless. Note, in this case the Pope had children question, usually one: «Where is my mother?» I> The fact that the process of education of children of fathers and mothers is very different, of course, and a hedgehog. Where the mother sees mortal danger, the pope found a great opportunity to have some fun and show their talents. Something from which my mother carefully safeguard their offspring, resourceful fathers considered as an excellent material for games, fun and entertainment.

Today has prepared for you, "speaking" a compilation of what is the difference between the basic principles of child rearing mothers and fathers. Do not take everything seriously, it's just a piece of positive, designed to improve your mood. However, as they say, in every joke there ...

Preparing a child for children's party

Fun in the yard

Walking out

Hike with crumbs Zoo

Parents need to absent himself for a short time

games away from home

Parents bathe the child

The long-awaited meal

Do baby quiet hour

The parents alone with a child

How great in this wonderful collection of collages jokingly reality shows. This does not mean that fathers can not trust such a delicate matter as the education of children. On the contrary, as the experience and practice, fathers are more innovative and creative in their leisure kids. If you like this cool article, it's time to share it with your friends. All those who have their children exactly understand what it is.

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