Liz Gilbert: the Case of life is what makes us alive

1. Passion.

2. Work.

3. Calling.

4. The business of life.

People often confuse these concepts. But they do not intersect. Please pay attention to this fact. Each of them serves its great purpose. Now I will tell you about how I imagine their differences and why it helps me.


The word itself hints at the ease and relaxation classes. It's so nice to get involved in something! To escape from the rest and to get involved in this.

You can start a new hobby, dive into it, and then quit. It will not be offended. In my family everyone had their Hobbies: grandmother wove rugs, grandfather made jewelry from silver spoons. I created the garden a couple of years ago, now I sing and make pictures.

You distinguish the enthusiasm from the rest of the mood. It will be soft and calm. No Napoleonic plans. You just like it. You can even earn their obsession with money — but this is optional.

Hobbies need to remember: life is something other than efficiency, income and growth.


Without passion you can do. To do without work will not work. Of course, you can be a rich heir or to have very generous relatives... but from my point of view, work is still needed. It brings self-confidence and pride. Work shows that you know how to take care of themselves.

I have always had a job, or even two. Even after the publication of the third book, I continued to work. I didn't want to blame on his inspiration the responsibility for the payment of the apartment.

A creative nature work resist. To me this doesn't happen. Work is always strengthened me, gave me confidence and freedom. I was pleased to know that I can rely on their own strength. I don't need to starve, even if the Muse leaves me.

The work has the right not to be fun. Moreover, boring. Boring. Unworthy of your intellectual level.

Work should not nourish your soul! Honestly. Don't have to. I experienced a lot of different jobs. It doesn't matter.

Not necessarily love their work. Be sure to come and to do what is required of you, with attention and respect. Of course, if you are sick, it is possible to change it, but don't go into philosophy.

Work feeds you and your family, allowing you to buy the right things you're saving for something important, pay for the apartment. The list is long. No work is demeaning if it allows you to meet your physical needs. We live in a material world.

It kills me the fact that people find a decent job and in despair, since it does not contain the meaning of life. Shamed myself for it. Stop that!

You are equal to your job and your workplace. Go to work, get wages — and the rest of my life live as you please. Work not directly connected with the meaning of life. Work does not equal life. It is very important to understand. There is still...


It is quite another! The work we were doing for the money, period. Vocation is what we build our whole life, putting the power, energy, passion, and perseverance. Is a career in the broad sense. This is the road by which we consciously.

Not necessarily love their work. But for calling, if you choose, you will need emotional attachment.

Calling something what it is important to invest. Calling fed the ambitions, strategy, motivation. Calling is your connection with the world.

I used to have a job, but now I have formulated my calling. Here it is: author! A professional writer. Now I of different options to choose exactly what brings me closer to calling. I invested in it.

As a writer, I build relationships with publishers, adhere to the promised time frame, give interviews, accept public speaking. Pay attention to the words of critics, book sales, reader feedback. Carefully and lovingly giving your attention to vocation, otherwise it will turn me away.

By the way: without a call it is possible to do. There is nothing wrong to go to work and enjoy Hobbies, and to know about his life — but do not have a vocation.

Vocation is a conscious choice. But if you make this choice, you will need to invest efforts and do things. Otherwise, the path would be tedious and useless.

Vocation is an important part of my life. But not the most important. Because there are still...


Calling a public process. Is your connection with the world. But your life is a personal subject. It's a relationship with God, with the universe, with something greater than yourself. It's the call of the heart. Your destiny.

Calling depends on other people. The matter of life depends on you.

You can change your life, but you cannot unsee the business of life.

Writing has been my life's work long before I chose the vocation of becoming a professional writer. Writing will always be a fact of life, even if my books stop reading, and all publishers in the world will be ruined. This is an important process, and I long ago agreed with myself that every day a certain time I have dedicated to him. Even if nothing will come of it.

If I believe that writing is a vocation, I feel it is important what people think of me readers. But when I think about the fact that writing is my life, I ABSOLUTELY ON the DRUM. I write because it need to me personally.

The business of life may not bring in the money and still have a lot of sense. A matter of life not related to career or status or ambitions. A lot of people tried to build a career in the business of his life — and ruined the case (take, for example, Amy Winehouse).

If my calling will start to get my life and affect it, I quit calling and get a job.

But I will not abandon the Affairs of life.

The fact of life is what makes us alive. Everything that gives our lives meaning. Marriage, teaching, rearing children, caring for the health of others, care of neighbors can get in life. One friend picks up the garbage on the street when he stumbles on it. This is the meaning and use of his personal point of view.

To business life leads to love (I love writing) or hate (many come to the social services because of their appalling system of caring for the poor).

A matter of life not worth the wait. It loves attention. What makes you feel truly alive?

If we are talking about the business of life, laziness, and discouragement just do not have enough space. It is impossible to postpone the matter aside. The better you understand it, so it's hard to stay idle.

You can choose Hobbies, work, vocation... but you cannot choose the business of life. You can only see what it is.


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You can appreciate their business, you can be ashamed of it. You can glorify it or pretend it doesn't exist. But if you respect and love your purpose, life is filled with joy and meaning. As you become stronger and bolder.

How to find the business of your life? To listen to yourself. Their reactions to the world. To the emotions. To the heart and soul.

Don't stay in the moment when you find a job. You'll also find much more.published


Author: Elizabeth Gilbert




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