7 difference between the wise and the usual parent. Important things that we sometimes overlook.

We all know in theory how to raise children. But due to lack of time, wisdom and patience often act differently. We picked up seven main things that every parent is important to know for the proper formation of the personality of the baby. The basic rule: Do not cut the wings of the child. Once straightened them, he will not give your sink!

1. Regular parent spends time with the child, leaving her hobbies and interests in the shade. Really wise parent takes care of itself. This he teaches children.

2. Usually parents spend nights doing school assignments. Wise parents believe that the child himself must be responsible for them. If something does not work, then the parent comes to the rescue. But he only shows the way to a solution, rather than doing everything for the child.

3. Many parents try to make amends by buying baby gifts. A wise parent gives a daze pocket money. The child himself must learn to distribute the money and save them for the purchase of toys. Parents should monitor this process and teach the kid.


4. Most moms and dads do not want to understand because of the bad behavior of the child. They want to quickly subdue him. A wise parent understands the reason and tries to help solve the problem.

5. Regular parent wants to grow in the first place decent and successful person. Wise is trying to build a warm and close relationship with the child.

6. Usually parents protects your child from various problems, sometimes doing something about what did not ask.
Wise Mom and Dad in admissible cases, allow your child to make mistakes. After helping the child learn from the situation a lesson.

7. Many parents allow the child everything that he does not hysterics and wept. These children often and enjoy. A wise parent does not give a toddler to sit on his head. He is respected and their personal space, and the interests of the child.

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