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The load of the heart
Many years ago, we walked to a distant monastery, two friars. One of them was young, the other old enough. They came to a shallow turbulent river.
On the shore they were met by a girl who begged her to move to the other side. The old monk took the girl in his arms and carried through a raging torrent. After listening to gratitude, both silent monk went on his way.
They went into the evening. When it became dark, the monks built a fire and cooked supper.
And then the young monk could not stand it and said, 'How could you break the vow, and to transfer a woman! "Old paused, looked at him and said:" I suffered the woman and left her on the beach and you're still talking about it in his heart ".

A breath of air
A young man once came to the sage and asked, "Lord, what do I do to become wise?" The wise man does not deign to answer. Repeated his question several times with the same result, the young man finally left to return the next day with the same question. Again, he received no reply, and returned on the third day, again repeating the question: "Lord, what must I do to become wise?"
Sage finally turned and walked to the nearby river. He went into the water, with a nod inviting the boy to follow him. Having reached sufficient depth, the sage took him by the shoulders, plunged into the water and held it there, despite his attempts to free himself. Finally, he let him go, and when the young man regained his breath, he asked, "My son, when you were under water, what you wanted most of all?"
The young man replied without cola ** tions: "Air! Air! I would like the air! "" Is not chose whether to return for his wealth, pleasure, power, or love, my son? Have you thought about what any of them? "- Inquired the sage.
"No, sir, I longed for air and thought only of the air" - followed by an immediate response.
"So, - said the sage - to become wise, you have to want as much wisdom as just thirsty air. You have to fight for it, refusing all other life goals. It must be the only object of your aspirations, day and night. If you're going to seek wisdom with such zeal, my son, you are sure to become wise ".

The world is unfair
 - The world is unjust, - said the man.
 - Why do you say that? - Asked the Lord.
 - Because you do not care for us mere mortals! - Said the man angrily. - When I have bad, or there were some difficulties - where have you been? Why not answer my prayers?
God was silent for a moment.
 - If you do not mind - he said - I'm going to talk about themselves with a capital letter. Nothing?
 - Yes please.
 - Are you familiar with the theory that there is only I, and there is nothing in the world except me?
 - A sign, of course - the man snorted.
 - And how do you think I do not care about yourself?
The man frowned.
 - I do not understand ...
 - You're - it's still me. All of you - it's me, what is there not to understand? I created you in his own likeness. Tell me, have you ever ever go a long difficult road day and night?
 - Yes, there a couple of times.
 - Then imagine you go ahead of you waiting for a hot meal and a comfortable chair, food for the stomach and the soft carpet under tired feet. My feet do not want to wait, they are hurt and ache, and persuaded to stop and give them a rest right here in the middle of the forest, in a cozy dirty pool. You have to listen to them?
 - No ...
 - Well, you see, - sighed Shambambukli. - I walk through the forest to the warm hearth so many thousands of years, and you're whining and whining ...


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