This game will help to learn the true nature of any person

"In" is a pretty entertaining game, which will help to know any man, as they say, from the inside. This is a great way to start conversation with a stranger and a good opportunity to reveal unexpected old friend. After the game you will feel like you literally read this man and know him for a hundred years.

We Website , we offer you to take interesting people dare to play with them this game.

  • The sides alternately ask each other questions. Questions any unexpected, personal, provocative, but most importantly, involving a detailed answer, not just agreement or denial. Questions can be rotated in any interesting direction (below, we have 30 examples, with which you can start to get a taste of the game).
  • But it should be remembered that the return stroke may be more sudden, and quite forbidden topics, too, the switch is not necessary.
  • It is impossible to answer in monosyllables. "Yeah, no, I don't know, I don't remember" is not accepted, you need to give the most complete answers.
  • By prior arrangement you can enable the option "skip this question", but only 1 time.

What is your biggest fear? What are the most unusual people you've met on planes and trains? Is there a negative book or movie character that you like? It happens that one day you disappointed in people? You have some useless talent? Tell me about your most fun date. How brutal truth told you to your face? You can say that 5 years ago was a completely different person? Sounded like the most ridiculous word you joke? Tell the pleasant memory over the last year. What did you regret most? What about the last time you cried(and)? What are you most ashamed? Is there a film after watching that you felt really uncomfortable? What was your nickname in high school? Are you satisfied with how the parents raised you? What would you change? What was the most terrible and dangerous moment in life? In your opinion, who do you know in completely happy and why? Whatever advice you gave a completely unknown teenager 18? What little thing would make you happier right now? What annoys you in the behavior of others? Have you ever unselfishly helped a stranger? Who were your classmates? Is there a book that changed your Outlook on life? Was there a moment in your life so happy that you realized that you don't need anything else? What was your most interesting trip? What kind of movie impresses you the most? What was the most difficult choice in your life? Tell us your most memorable dream. The craziest thing you've done in your life. Photos on the preview Astkhik Rakimova

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