10 stories that will make you believe in fate

Sometimes we like someone else will be in the right place at the right time and believe that "coincidentally stars" or "fate".

The website found 10 stories about how the match changed people's lives for the better.

  • Moved to a rented apartment, lived there for two weeks. Once decided to have a Spa day: smeared from head to foot with blue clay. Suddenly someone comes. I "eve", blue, like Avatar, meet eyes with a dumb guy from what I have seen. Hid in the kitchen, grabbed a knife. The guy pulled out pepper spray, and we started to find out who and how it turned out. It turned out that the apartment belongs to this guy, and passed me her grandmother, dreaming to arrange a personal life grandson. I still remember our argument the other day. And the apartment I never moved — live in perfect harmony.
  • Under my house is always hanging out by a bum. Once he comes up to me and asks me to give him money for a lottery ticket. I didn't believe him, but gave money. Yesterday comes to me and returns the money saying, "I'm hooked! I bought the lottery and won 250 thousand! Thank you!" I honestly nearly cried. I was very pleased that such a small amount I helped the man to stand up finally to his feet.

  • Near the house there is a small square. We often walked here with my sister. There is a mystical place, where mom met our dad, and sister met her current husband. So, today I had faced a guy on this very spot. He apologized and helped her up. The whole family is already preparing for the wedding.
  • A couple of days ago we escaped from the cat. My husband says that he escaped to die, because he was 13 years old. It was necessary as-that to explain 5-year-old son. Yesterday we were walking and I was planning in my head my speech, when suddenly you hear the voice of the son: "MA-a-am, see." I look, and in his hands a copy of Freddie when he was a kitten. Now the "new" Freddy lives with us, and my son said that an old cat now lives in the young. My husband and I conceived. And if it's true cats have 9 lives and they each return to their favorite hosts, but in a new guise?

  • Once convinced that life loves jokes. My older sister was 5 years with a guy, broke up, and she was married to Sasha. Brother dated a girl for 8 years, broke up, and he met a nice girl — Sasha. I dated a guy for 3 years, recently broke up and I met a guy... Guess, what is his name?
  • Learned about the mistress of the husband directly at the wedding. Could not control myself, could not hold back emotions burst into tears, ran away, went to subway, went somewhere. Huge wedding dress, the girl in snot and tears, attracting the attention of passengers, sidelong glances. And here is one young man, apparently decided to lighten the mood, took on hands and carried me out of the car, like he's the groom. Thank you destiny. Now I'm really happy with her new husband.

  • I realized that it was my destiny when I found out that he is Alexander! And all because I Alexandra Alexandrovna! Do not care, continued the tradition and named his son Alexander.
  • To 10 years I lived in Tashkent, where he went to kindergarten. My mother and aunt told me that in kindergarten I was friends with some of Dasha and even promised to marry her. Many years have passed, I live in Moscow, met a girl, and our relationship grew into something more. Her name was also Christina, which I did not attach the first importance. Eventually we got to know each other better, I told her the story about the kindergarten. And it was the same one Dasha! A wedding soon. The man said — man did!

  • I lost my wallet: there were documents, money, cards and a picture of a cat. Two days later, in the bus found the phone. Called my mom lost, agreed to meet. Come to him, he's joyful, says that there are still honest people. I told him that he recently wallet was lost, so I know how it feels... And then the guy pulls out his wallet and asks me whether? Open, and there is a photo of my cat! You can't imagine how we were shocked and surprised. All the money cards were in place. Now friends with this guy. No wonder we so fate brought. After all, miracles still happen...
  • Back in the fall mom was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said that the chances of recovery are very small. I always sat with her in the house, and the house was the cat that was left alone. And eventually I took her to the house, to mom. On the first day the cat went to mom and slept all day. In the morning come to take the tests and noticed that the cat is not breathing: she died. And the next day we were told that the disease departs, and analysis are very good, and it's kind of a miracle. The cat gave his life to the mother... Other explanation we have.
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