7 touching French film with deep meaning

Serious, romantic, funny, and sometimes horrific... we Offer you a selection of 7 touching French films. These wonderful stories once again given to understand that life is beautiful and joy and love help us to cope with even the most seemingly difficult and hopeless situations.


Fall in love with me if you dare (Jeux d'enfants)

Release year: 2003

Starring: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Thibault Verhack, joséphine lebas-Joly, Emmanuelle Grenvold

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to understand how much people love each other... In the center of the melodrama Jeux d enfants Sophie Julien, childhood friends and the authors of an unusual game called "dare — dare not". Even at school the guys used to take each other "to the weak", but had no idea what the consequences may be innocent child's play into adulthood. Will definitely watch this movie if you dare!


Paris, I love you (Paris, je t'aime)

Release year: 2006

Starring: Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu, Olga Kurylenko, Elijah wood, Steve Buscemi

Really just 5 minutes to tell the audience about true love ignites the hearts and uniting the most different people? After watching the film Paris, je t'aime you will say with confidence that this is possible. "Paris, I love you" — 18 touching stories about love in the most romantic city in the world. All stories are invented and filmed by different Directors in different districts of the French capital. Initially the film was planned to include 20 episodes (according to the number of municipal districts of Paris), but two jobs was never shown due to the mismatch between the General idea.


The class (Entre les murs)

Release year: 2008

Starring: Francois Begodo, Agam, Malembo-emen, Angelica Sanzio, Arthur Fogel, Boubacar Toure

"Class" — story based on real events. The film tells about the life of a teacher of French language and literature françois, involved in a difficult conflict. Unselfish and noble, the hero of the picture is trying to educate students of the ordinary school in one of the suburbs of Paris. But are the children to listen to every word of the teacher and listen to his instructions? Is not it easier to organize a rebellion against imposed pedagogical practices?

 The Choristers (Les Choristes)

Release year: 2004

Starring: Gerard Junio, Francois berlean, Kad Merad, Jean-Paul Bonner, Marie Bunel, Paul Sharara

A boarding school for troubled Teens is not the best place to work, isn't it? But that's just a kind-hearted and resourceful Monsieur Clement Mathieu, the music teacher, at all! Among the naughty boys school "the bottom of the pond," he not only took the side of angry students, but also invented a very original way of dealing with the educational policies of the guide. A nice bonus to the film will be beautiful music with the voices of the young actors.

 The double life of Camille (Camille redouble)

Release year: 2012

Starring: Noemie Lvovsky, Samir, Gasmi, look, Judith Chemla, India hair, Julia Faure, Yolande Moreau

What would you do if I could turn back time and knew that after 25 years of passionate love will not be over? Second-rate role, bags under the eyes, dull relationship with her husband, uncomfortable apartment... his forty years Camille rolled with a dull life, but suddenly in her life happens to be a sharp turn. 16 the heroine again, she just met her future spouse and can change the past. By the end of the movie Camille will have to decide which way the key crossroads of life her step.

 Rust and bone (De rouille et d'os)

Release year: 2012

Starring: Marion Cotillard, Matthias Conerts, Arman Verdure, Celine, Select, Corina, Masiero

De rouille et d'os — emotional movie with a tough character, which will talk about the multi-faceted love and not always rosy reality. Its main gem, in the opinion of many spectators, was the beautiful Marion Cotillard. The actress managed harmoniously to play the role of the tamer of whales faced with a difficult challenge in life and came out of it with dignity. Not without the help of Ali, ready to help sweetheart to begin life with new sheet.


I declare war (La guerre est déclarée)

Release year: 2011

Starring: Valerie Donzelli, Jeremy Elkaim, Cesar Dessay, Gabriel of Elkaim, Brigitte si

La guerre est déclarée — another touching story about the difficult path of loving couple. The disease long-awaited son will put an end to the familiar life of Romeo and Juliet. The hard lessons of fate will challenge the courage and inner strength of the young parents. Fortunately, this time of Shakespeare's tragedy will not come true. The guys take the fight out winners. The price of their hard efforts is the key to true love and healing beloved baby.published


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