Heroic dogs

St. Bernard Barry
Today the breed St. Bernard, in the form of fuzzy lop-eared dog with a barrel of spirits on the neck, the dog symbolizes loyalty and heroism. It was bred in the monastery of St. Bernard, which is located high in the Swiss Alps. There was first invented to use dogs to rescue people from avalanches. Thick skin is protected from the cold, and a sharp sense of smell helps you find victims under deep snowdrifts. The most famous St. Bernard became Barry, who served at the monastery at the beginning of the XIX century. During his life he had saved forty people, is especially known for the case of a boy, which he pulled out of the ice cave, warmed and conveyed to the house. According to legend, Barry died from a bullet forty one saved - Swiss soldier who mistook him for a wolf. Although another version states that after the completion of service, Barry settled in Berne monk, where he lived quietly aging. His example has become a tradition, after the death of one dog Barry monastery must necessarily bear the name of good-natured.

Balto and the Race of Mercy
Who does not know the story of Balto, the famous sled dog, the savior of the whole city? In 1925, lost in the snow in the town of Nome, Alaska an outbreak of diphtheria in local hospitals lacked toxoid. Ice storm and the storm did not allow the plane takes off, so it was decided to deliver the serum to the nearest Nenana, and thence (1085 km) to keep the dog sledding. During the last transition, when the city was up about 50 miles, the driver lost consciousness. The leader of the Baltic rides alone, through the storm, brought the drug and half dead Gunnar Cassin dying to Nome. Diphtheria stopped - the city was saved. This event was called the "Race of Mercy", and in Alaska in honor of this event is still held greyhound racing.

Pavlov's Dog
It is unfair to leave aside the feat "Pavlov's dog." Let "it" is not pulled any of snowdrifts and did not save the city, but was the victim of science and the conditioned reflex for the benefit of mankind. The image of Pavlov's dogs collective - experimental pets were many, not all of them lived experience. But, in fairness, it should be noted that the scientist tried as much as possible to alleviate the suffering of animals, many dogs academician died a natural death, having lived a peaceful old age. However, continuing to feel guilty, the twilight of his life, Pavlov insisted on erecting a monument to a dog - faithful friend of man.

The first cosmonaut - Laika
Another victim of the Future became famous Laika - the world's first cosmonaut. Her flight proved that a living being could survive the launch into orbit and state of weightlessness, which means that the person is available for the entire universe. Unfortunately, the fate of the dog was sealed even before the launch. Sputnik 2 was not sufficiently equipped to return to Earth. But the Huskies had everything to live in the open space at least a week. The experiment was a success not to the end. "The most lonely, the most unfortunate dog in the world" - as they called it the Western media, died four hours after launch from stress and overheating due to failure of the thermal control system.

True Japanese Hachiko
A true symbol of devotion dog Hachiko was the dog, which brought worldwide popularity eponymous film. This amazing story happened in Japan, where in 1923 was born dog breed Akita Inu, which gave the puppy Professor Hidesaburō Ueno. They were inseparable, every day Hachiko accompanied his friend to the station, and then returned there to meet him back. But, one day, Ueno did not return - on its grabbed a heart attack, doctors were unable to save his life. Hachiko at that time was just 18 months - still very young dog.
He kept coming. Every day Hachiko stubbornly returned to the station and waited. His relatives tried to take the professor, but every time he ran away, and the set time is again at the station. He waited for the owner for nine years. Nobody will ever know what was going on in his heart. Whether he thought that he was thrown or understood everything ... and Hachiko died in his endless waiting, near the station. The day of his death was announced mourning in Japan - at this point the whole country knew about the dog, who, like a true Japanese, was betrayed by his master until the end.

Skye Terrier Bobby
In 1782, residents of Edinburgh joined forces to put a monument Skye Terrier Bobby. The inscription on the monument reads - "The most faithful dog in the world." Bobby for 14 years lived on the grave of his master, the poor old shepherd. Dog fed the entire village, and when Bobby died of old age, he was buried next to the host, and a monument.

Minesweeper Djulbars
Dzhulbas was normal mongrel, but, thanks to his innate instinct, quickly became an ace mine detection, during which he discovered 468 mines and more than 150 rounds. This not only saved lives, but also priceless monuments - St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev, Palaces of the Danube, castles of Prague, Vienna cathedrals.

"To me, Mukhtar»
During the war dogs served in many ranks of troops. Another four-legged hero this time was the sanitary dog ​​named Mukhtar, who during the war dragged from the fields about 400 wounded soldiers and saved his guide - Corporal Zorin, shell-shocked during the quest. Sanitary Dog World War II have been learned to determine whether a person is alive, and, in the case of a successful, bring it to life and deliver a safe place. As the saying goes: "All the angels were busy, they sent me».

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