Heroic deeds in 2012

Article only about our own, that is, I do not mean that in other countries people are not the same, but just about fed up with the coolest of foreign heroes read and listen to, and we have and their lack, thanks to these people ... and not only.

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Heroes of our time
2012 among others remembered the wonderful deeds of great people. Text: Elena Sidorenko

In the past year there have been many tragic events: flooding in the Kuban region, the massacre in the office, "Rigla" and school Sandy Hook, explosions of shells and the army of militant attacks. They will leave a lasting imprint on the lives of hundreds of people. But these crises have revealed the real heroes - muzhestvennepyh and decisive, able to act. The psychiatrist told me what people in special circumstances can become heroes.

Every heroic act worthy of admiration and respect, and Vzglyad not dare to rank them except in chronological order.
"Children are more likely to commit feats, because they do not have that sense of danger that has already been formed in the adult»

1. March 9. The current in the basin.

Russian tourists Fedor Samsonov died from electric shock on the island of Phuket in Southern Thailand, Save the Children in the pool Hotel Dewa Karon Beach Resort, which as a result of the accident was filed current voltage of 380 volts.
Two children Samsonov swimming in the pool when one of them began to happen "something strange: the child began to shake." The mother, who was closest to the pool, jumped in and got an electric shock, but managed to jump out and take away from the pool to the land of the baby. For the second child in the pool jumped Thai bartender of the hotel, but from the shock lost consciousness and began to sink. His child and rushed to rescue Samsonov came to the rescue. Child to push out of the pool he could, but the Russian has died from an electric shock. The bartender was still alive, he managed to siphon off doctors.

2. March 25. The teacher in the hole.

Two students Tigilskiy District Kamchatka Krai saved the village primary school teacher Svetlana Nayanova Forest, which went to the river to fetch water, but fell through the ice and began to sink. Past snowmobile drove school students Lesnovsky brothers Sergei and Alexei Yaganov teenagers drove closer snowmobile trailer to grasp it if necessary, crawled and dragged to the polynya is a woman in a state of shock.
Currently, Agency for Local Government of the Kamchatka Territory seeks awarding ninth-Yaganov Sergey and his brother Alexei state award for saving human life, courage and selflessness shown in an emergency.

3. March 28. Grenades in the trenches.

During exercises in the Amur region of soldiers unsuccessfully threw a grenade, which hit the parapet of the trench. The battalion commander, Major Sergei connection Dory had to push private and covered a projectile than saving the lives of military personnel stationed at the facility. Himself officer died in a military hospital.

April 3, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree conferring the title Hero of Russia Major. On the territory of a communications brigade, which served as a dory, a monument.

4. June 1st. Tracheotomy handle.

In Ramenskoye district of Moscow region almost the tragedy occurred. In 10-month-old Robert fuse language, he almost stopped breathing. Do not get lost in an emergency, the father of Arthur Shein ordinary knife made an incision in the trachea and the kid put drainage - tube of a ballpoint pen.
When the boy was taken to the hospital ambulance brigade Roshal (Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology), doctors were shocked. During their practice, they are not faced with such a never.
Then Arthur Shein said in an interview with the view that little Robert became ill, he had a common cold, the temperature was kept for four days. "We all sat together on the couch. The woman suddenly noticed that he was not moving. And it is almost not breathing. It was almost suffocated. In reality, it was terrible - began to turn blue right before our eyes! The airways are closed. When your child dies, do everything - and what can and what can not be, "- he confessed to the pope.

July 6. Food for Sunday school.

Due to heavy rains in Gelendzhik were flooded around a hundred houses adjoining areas. At this time, there is a rest and a 12-year-old Eugene pavlovoposadets Tyupa. Together with the pupils of the Sunday school of the Temple St. Martyr Nikita he was in the middle of the action. When the water began to flood the basement of the hotel, where the warehouse and store food for the children Sunday school, do not hesitate to Eugene rushed to rescue provisions, said the TV channel "Rainbow».
"It was scary. Electricity cut off, had in total darkness to lift up food from the basement. Water is all coming and coming, but I tried not to pay attention to it, I was thinking about how to save products from the basement, because there was all of our food supply, "- said Eugene Tyupa television.
November 16 Efimovskaya rewarding high school student, sixth-grader diploma EMERCOM of Russia for courage, endurance and courage shown in an emergency. From the Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Moscow region Tyupaevu wife were awarded diplomas and watches.

July 7. Flooding in the Kuban.

As a result, the strongest in the last decade floods in the Kuban region, which occurred on the night of July 7, suffered nearly 35 thousand. Man killed 171 people.

Vyacheslav Gorbunov (photo: Press Service of the Interior Ministry in Krasnodar Territory) See below.

When saving people in flooded Krymsk died heroically Crimean Police Officer Vyacheslav Gorbunov. On the night of the tragedy Gorbunov and a group of his colleagues rescued 35 people, including 12 children and 10 seniors. Personally Gorbunov rescued two-year-olds and was killed during the rescue of adult members of their families.
July 10th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill awarded posthumously Viacheslav Gorbunov Dmitry Donskoy Order of the first degree. And on July 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree awarding the Order of Courage posthumously Colonel Interior Ministry, Vyacheslav Gorbunov.
At rushed to the rescue of drowning, not only law enforcement but also the locals. One of these turned out to be Peter Ostapenko. The man on the night of July 7 flood rescued children and adults. At the time of the disaster Ostapenko saved not only his family, but also neighbors. According to eyewitnesses, Piotr rescued more than ten people, but he was killed. He is survived by two young children.
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding a posthumous Order of Courage Peter Ostapenko.

August 18. She closed her brother from bullets. The story happened in the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In Ingushetia made to children at the time greeted friends and relatives in their homes. Zalina Arsanov younger brother out of the door when the shots rang out. In a nearby yard on one of the FSB was assassinated.

Zalina Arsanov (photo: 1tv.ru) See below.

When the first bullet pierced the facade of the nearest house, she realized that it was shooting, and the younger brother is in the firing line, and covered him with his body.
The girl with a gunshot wound was taken to the Malgobek hospital number 1, where she underwent surgery. The internal organs of 12-year-old child's surgeons had to literally gather in parts.
Apart from the Ministry of Emergency Situations medals waiting for her award for valor from the administration of the republic.

September 30th. Pedophile in the garage. Maxim Murashov Andrei Berezin and Timur Nachkeviya garage in the area of ​​the array in Chkalovsky district of Yekaterinburg heard the cries for help and a baby crying. At first we thought that children are simply stuck in some manhole but then heard: "Uncle, do not touch us." And we understood that the matter seriously. Teens rushed to the garage and started to break in the door, but to no avail. Then Andrew suggested to climb on the roof, the TV channel "Vesti».

Maxim Murashov Andrei Berezin and Timur Nachkeviya (photo: 66.mvd.ru) See below.

Teens saw a girl get out of the hole in the roof, and below is a man. He explained that he was not trying to abuse schoolgirls, just helping them out, girls also claimed the opposite.
As it was established during the investigation, shortly before the incident two nine-year girl came to the garage to see the kittens. Here is what they waylaid a 54-year-old attacker. Fortunately, young people just arrived and detained the unknown, and then taken to the police department. With the help of teenagers have a pedophile went to jail. The police do not rule out that this is not the only crime on account of the detainee. Sami heroic teenagers received from the Yekaterinburg police gratitude.

October 14th. Action with a grenade.
Investigating the murder of respected spiritual leader Waliullah Yakupov and attempted Mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Fayzova, on 19 July 2012, investigators have established the location of crime suspects - two terrorists and Ruslan Valeev Robert Kashapova.
The operation took place October 14 - the Day of the Russian special forces, but from the start did not go according to plan. Soldiers assault group went to the entrance of the house, and suddenly faced with one of the Mujahideen is going to come out. The offender grabbed the grenade. One of the men immediately rushed at him. The vest commandos did not help - the explosion, he died on the spot. Three of his colleagues were injured. The remaining apartment gunman opened fire and was destroyed. Act intelligence officer has saved the life of other participants in the operation and the nearby civilians.
For a long time the name of the deceased was secret commando. It became known only on December 17 when the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding him the title of Hero of Russia - it was 34-year-old Sergei Ashihmin.
His biography also revealed only a few lines. Born in 1977 in the Ukraine, he studied at the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School, served as commander of the frontier in the Northwest District. In 2002 he was transferred to the Office of Special Operations Center of the Russian FSB special forces, he has repeatedly been on mission in the North Caucasus. He was awarded the medal "For Courage" medal and Alexander Suvorov. In Ashikhmina survived by his wife and two children.

On 7 November. Shooting "Rigla."
In the office of the pharmaceutical company employee Dmitry Vinogradov staged a massacre. Armed with two carbines "Saiga" and Benelli, opened fire on colleagues. Stop the offender could only co-worker - 30-year-old Nikita Strelnikov, who, when he was seriously wounded, was able to detain the killer and prevent the reload. It later emerged that a "Russian Breivik" brought about 230 rounds of ammunition. That's about how many people saved Strelnikov.

Nikita Strelnikov (photo: pravmir.ru) see below

Nikita just riddled killer - he has been affected by the left lung, liver, spleen, both legs and his left forearm. Man in serious condition was taken by helicopter to the Institute Sklifosovsky. The operation lasted 7, 5 hours, after which Nikita was transferred to the intensive care unit. The next day he died Strelnikov.

November 9th. He delivers the brother of the fire.
A fire in a private house Yakubov family living in the village of Bachi-Yurt, Kurchaloy district of Chechnya, occurred early in the morning. Strong crackling fire and the noise woke the sleeping occupants. By the time the room is already engaged in a flame, which cut his way out of the house.
The eldest son in the family - a seven-year Khamzat Yakubov - grabbed the smallest, one-month and brother, breaking the glass, climbed through the window. Khamzat took the baby to a safe distance from the burning house and ran to the neighbors to call them for help. In the house were five children, his mother and grandmother.
"The act Khamzat Yakubov - is an example of the high dedication and courage, which showed the presence of the boy, despite his young age, feel a great responsibility for their families. General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Chechen Republic is preparing a submission for awarding Khamzat departmental medal "For Courage on fire," said portal Checheninfo.

The psychiatrist criminologist, head of legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations Mikhail Vinogradov told the newspaper view that the "heroic deeds often make seemingly ordinary maloprimetnye people who have such a thing as a conscience and indifferent. Heroism - this is not something for show, it suddenly broke out a desire to save someone, someone to support. Such acts are committed by people who sympathize with others, friendly ».
He noted that, compared with older children are more likely to commit feats. "It all depends on the situation. Children are more likely to commit heroic deeds, because they do not have that sense of danger that has already been formed in the adult. An adult may think, for example, doplyvu whether you jump, running out there.
When the MOE did not exist, I headed spetsbrigady Assistance lesions, and at the time I introduced the concept of "human rescue", which is always ready to help. Such people are about 25% of the total population, "- said the psychiatrist criminologist.
According to him, people who become heroes at a crucial moment dulled sense of danger, they see before them only for the purpose of salvation. "These people are narrowing the field of view. They see the goal - drowning man, so it is necessary to pull something happened yet - help. That desire to help, to save, to pull narrows the field of view and allows them to act purposefully ", - concluded Mikhail Vinogradov. & Quot;

I'd add: I have a senior (17 years old), daughter (6 years old), a wife, mother, and I'm still alive. And any of the neighbors, passers-by, the boys that I gave yesterday a kick in the ass of the mat in the entrance can get back into the life of any of the five of us, and you, hundreds of thousands of YaPovtsev. Guys, I say to myself, first of all, let us past the fallen grandmother, drunk sleeping peasant, the boy, who was at the bus stop three more snotty orelikov pressed past does not pass. That each of us will come back ... come back to us and good to our family, and not too ... And our comrade we speculate (I PPRO myself too) masters, and psychologists, who points to the heroism of others eobyasnenii a lot there.
Let us just do not pass by !!!

(By the way, will dobivku about animals - characters). See more
Tailed rescuers

Incidentally, last year committed heroic acts not only people.

September 7th. In Kazakhstan, the dog breed alabai managed to pull the sleeping host to the railroad tracks, and he was killed by a train on the stretch in Karaganda.
Locomotive at the last moment saw rushing from dog tracks and applied the emergency brake. At this time, the owner of a drunk sleeping right on the railway. It later emerged that he had thus decided to commit suicide, but for bravery drank a bottle of vodka, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda».
According to the driver, a dog barked loudly, and then began to drag a man on a roadside. As a result, she pulled out the owner of the wheels, but she did not have time to jump. A man who was a frequent guest Detox, was taken to hospital.

September 27.
In the UK, a dog named Toby saved the life of 81-year-old owner Derek Ramsden, said portal All4pet.
While walking with Toby and Bruno, another his dog, Derek slipped and fell into a muddy creek and could not get out. Faithful Toby kept his head - ran about 400 meters to the nearest park, found the people and brought them to the rescue. Park staff helped the elderly man out of the creek.

December 6.
In Nizhny Novgorod, nine and seven-year-Olesya Lisa Bulygin, coming from school, began to warm up food on a gas stove. Sister accidentally fell asleep, at which time the cooking zone goes out, and the room was filled with gas, reports "Uralinformbjuro." Spas schoolgirls pet - a parrot cockatiel named Richard. If you smell gas, the bird began to scream, but the girl did not respond. Then feathered hero broke the door of the cage beak and began pecking at the little mistresses until they woke up. The older sister shook the younger and the girls ran to the staircase.
Now feathered lifeguard zakarmlivayut various goodies, and was referred to as Mr. Richard. On the hero come to see classmates and Olesya Lisa, who dedicate their works to him.

On 18 December.
In Ukraine, a stray dog, appearing in the midst of dense forests and bark to attract attention in distress to an older man, had saved his life.
Man hanging over the cliff, he faces imminent death. Barking dogs heard members of the search party "search-Dnepr", which dragged the terrified man out of the trap and was taken to hospital, reports portal Positime.ua.
The head of the search team Dmitry Svarnik said that the places in which they were, in fact, very dull and see the people there - a rarity.



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