Irish red setter

Dog his color lives up to its Irish origin, from tip of nose to tip (tail) he is brown with a red tint, and the sun is a fiery redhead. The Irish setter is an exuberant bundle of energy. If time does not send this energy in the right direction, happy dog will quickly find his temperament output, which can not always please the owner, especially if the owner of the setter dull phlegmatic.

Of the history of parades the fact that one of the ancestors of the red setter is a red-white Irish setter (peg), agreed to by all the experts. But on the second progenitor of the General opinion of breeders is not so far. Some believe that this breed, while others, with caution, call the Irish dog of unknown breed.

Anyway, at the end of the NINETEENTH century was approved the standard of the breed Irish red setter. Two centuries were required to the breeders in order for the setter turned into a tough dog with great working qualities.

Russian hunters and just "lover" immediately fell in love with an Irish "ginger". The reason for the cool relations was irrepressible temperament of the dog, its the disobedience that makes it very difficult upbringing of the dog. However, the domestic dog handlers were able to rein in the character of the Irish, but keeping the best quality hunting.

Characteristics of Irish settertobulte large, athletic animal. However, thin bones, delicate addition give the impression of lightness and even fragility. This contributes to the complete absence of undercoat. Long, flowing, silky coat gives the dog an elegant look, full of inner dignity. Dog muzzle downright radiates kindness and gullibility.

Hunting gun dog, despite the playfulness of the character, is an enviable work ethic. Hunting dog is very excitable, has an innate skill of quick search. A well-developed intelligence allows the setter even in difficult situations to make the right decisions. For reviews of seasoned hunters, the best partner for hunting than the Irish setter, hard to find.

The psychological portrait of the Irish red bettergive in the family, the dog very attached to owners, becomes a loyal friend, intelligent and fun companion. The dog is trusting and totally non-aggressive. Therefore a big mistake to leave the setter in the apartment as a watchman. He is not only loving will of the thief, but can try to help him in the search.

Properly bred red setter almost invisible in the apartment, despite its growth. He rarely barks, is friendly with other Pets. However, these dogs often show their independence, wilful, full of shamelessness and stormy temperament. So the dog needs a firm hand. Without persistent training, the setter can grow completely out of control.

Irish setter dog hunting, so he, like the air, necessary long paddock exercise. She gladly accompanies its owner for daily Jogging or Cycling. For her true happiness – plenty to run without a leash in the woods, frolic in a field. Loves to play with his dogs or other non-aggressive breed. Very friendly to children, happily involved in their games. Don't tolerate violence, so the company is fighting dogs feels shy and uncomfortable.

Beauty and aristocratic appearance of the Irish setter are the reason that it is increasingly not give birth as a hunter and family dog, companion, salvation from loneliness. However, it often happens that man and this dog just suffer, living under the same roof. Therefore, people calm, quiet and above all appreciating the "book" way of life surrounded by super-perfect order, it is better to think about other, less mobile and energetic breed of dog.

Caring for a dog and its contentthe Irish setter has no undercoat, for this reason its contents on the street can be problematic in winter. Of dogs kept, usually in homes and apartments. In order for the dog was healthy and strong, it is necessary to walk at least two hours twice a day.

You need to care for wool, regularly brush her, wash. In preparation for the exhibition fur trimming and put a Hairdryer. Regrown claws interfere with the proper movements of the dog, so they require regular trimming to remove the hair between the paw pads.

Like all lop breeds, the setters may have problems with his ears. To avoid them, you need to clean the ears with a soft swab to gently remove from ear excess hair.

The Irish setter can appear allergic to some foods, therefore, should be carefully introduced into the diet of dogs something new. Setters often suffer from bloating, so no need to feed the dog with foods that cause increased flatulence.

Puppies, training and trenirovkah the dogs need from an early age. Puppies setter is very gentle and trusting. But the explosive nature of the method requires a special approach. The teacher should be consistent, demanding, insistent, but tender and loving. A rough shout and the more sensitive a slap hand, can take all the education. Besides, the dog will become fearful of the master's hand, will turn into a cowardly animal. And this is a complete disqualification of the dog.

Well, if the dog will pass General course of training (OKD). If the dog is brought up as a hunter, you need special training to develop working skills.

Height and weight saturability Irish red the Irish setter is allowed by the existing standard in the range of 58-67 cm in males and 55-62 cm in females. With this size of dog is quite easy: males 27 to 32 kg, females 24 to 29 kg.



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