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Released today on the porch and saw beasts.

At night, our house had been planted two kittens. Small. Auburn more timid, 3-color (3 color's only a cat?) More inquisitive.
Who wants a kitten, but rather two - with pleasure annexe in good hands.

1. Red

2. And here is the sister tightened

3. Curiosity is above all!

4. Kittens fewer steps and pervosti raced me right up to the 5th floor

5. The priest, who fled

6. Mom they lack ...

7. ran - relax!

8. Again play

9. I'll eat you! No, I'll eat you!

10. squinted

11. Posing

12. Sausage is quite fond of, though at first lick

13. And with a neighbor to share!

14. All - interest sausage disappeared

15. And no - appeared.

16. Highly climbed

17. And I - in the house

18. And I am.
All. I would be glad if someone agrees to take the animals. It is a pity, if they expel cleaner.



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