Trip to Costa Rica

In the wake of the success of my photo report on the visit to Hong Kong and the Philippines, I decided to put otchetik to visit Costa Rica, with a stop in Havana.
I was there in the summer of 2005. Budget poezka 6k $ 2-x, time 2 weeks.
Tropical bounty will not be enough, but it should get interesting, because there is a beautiful place, and the Russo-tourists do not have time zasrat his presence to 25% consisting of reserves.
At least on the question of a taxi driver:
-where are you from?
It was received even 1 question: - What is the state?
62 photos

So, first of Havana. Thanks to the airline "Kuban" for the fact that there were no tickets for departures day-to-day, and had to hang around in Havana for 1 day longer.
San Pedro Waterfront

Photo 2

Photo 3

Hotel «National»
Photo 4

Further along the promenade
Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

I could be wrong, but mine is the opera house.
Photo 8

Capitol. It seems like indentichen Capitol of Washington, DC
Photo 9

"0-I" mark of Cuba. Local skzali that diamond in the present, but friends Cubans in Moscow was told that I was deceived ......
Photo 10

The square in front of the Capitol. Pay attention to the car in the center of the photo. This bus.
Photo 11

More 1 Photo neighborhoods Capitol. Kusocheg building on the left, the factory "Partagas».
Photo 12

Monument to Jose Martin. Generally in Havana monuments, reliefs and other art works dedicated to him, a huge amount ... like Lenin in the USSR =)
Photo 13

local analog fat-fat, only tourists are purely entertaining character, no practical benefit
Photo 14

Forts in the channel De Entrada, the latter with a view of the monument to Maximo Gomez (sawed with H.Martinom Spaniards from Cuba before the arrival amerikosov, Batista and Castro, Colonel 80 lvl.)
Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

Museum of the Revolution
Photo 18

Photo art used troops F. and R. Castro during the US-backed overthrow of the evil dictator Batista
Fot 19

Photo 20

Museum of Arts
Photo 21

Pepelats parked at the museum of arts.
Photo 22

A striking example of the fact that both of the "Muscovite" You can make a nice car))))
Well Havana voobschemto all, now Costa Rica.
Photo 23

After a tiring 5 hour journey by car from the hero-city of San Jose in the village. Samara, finally ran to sleep off the Pacific coast.
Photo 24

Photo 25

Photo 26

We are living in "Villas Kalimba." Beer chiptsy-hammock and read.))))
Photo 27

On the lawn lizard munching grass. Pat did not give himself and promptly ran away.
Photo 28

Been to Palo Verde reserve
Photo 29

Photo 30

On the banks of the trees were storks
Fot 31

Huge iguana
Photo 32

Photo 33

The crocodiles swam the river. The guide said that in any case the water hands and other body parts did not stick.
Photo 34

Well, a few species gallery
Photo 36

Photo 37

Photo 38

Photo 39

Then he went to the people's fun "canopy»
Looks are not afraid, going to go - scary. Going - fun)))
Photo 40

Taking a rent a car drove through the neighborhood. Visit the city of Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Philadelphia and Liberia. Pictures of cities, unfortunately not. Discharge or forgotten (do not remember) camera.
The roads are good on the flat part of the straight sections and a few more kilometers, which provoked on speeding. Thank oncoming drivers, the warning lights on the police ambush, and Toyota Corolla rolled more than 180 did not want to go, or strangled, or gasoline in Costa Rica delayed.)))
Photo 41

We have been to Arenal Volcano, the lake of the same
Photo 42

Photo 43

Photo 44

Photo 45

Photo 46

Photo 47

Photo 48

Famous Rain-Forrest, he's rain forest.
Photo 49

Photo 50

Photo 51

Photo 52

One of the symbols of Costa Rica, toucan, caught the eye of only 1 time.
Photo 53

A small storm.
Photo 54

On the beach there are cafes where you can eat, drink, smoke (in any order), and relax on the comfortable sofas. Smoke can easily namutit local surfers ($ 60 per ounce).
Photo 55

On weekends, local on the beach playing football, and local cops are looking for the order. Or do not look. At least 10 meters away from them people were killed and smoked. And they did not react just silly giggling
Photo 56

Photo 57

Photo 58

Low tide on the beach in Samara.
Photo 59

Photo 60

Well, in the end, the land crab.
Photo 61



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