Hotel plane to Costa Rica

What can you do with an old Boeing 727? You can certainly send him to the cemetery aircraft, and can be reconstructed and put to use again - not in heaven, so on earth.

It did so the creators of the hotel - "Costa Verde", which is located near Quepos in Costa Rica. Situated on a cliff overlooking the tropical forest near the shore of the Pacific Ocean, this hotel boasts a cozy, wood paneled rooms with beautiful views of the rich Costa Rican nature ... Meet one of the most unique hotels in the world - hotel-plane!

This refurbished vintage Boeing 727 1965 year, which initially serves airlines «South Africa Air» and «Avianca Airlines». (Vincent Costello)

Airframe was moved piece by piece from the San Jose Airport. Each piece carefully transported by road train in the jungle of Manuel Antonio. (Vincent Costello)

Now the aircraft is located at the edge of a national park on 15-meter pedestal. At this height, you can enjoy great views of the ocean and the jungle right from the wooden platform built on the site of the former right-wing aircraft. (Vincent Costello)

Inside the aircraft is lined with teak Costa Rica from the cockpit to the tail. Furniture carved by hand. (Vincent Costello)


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