25 places on the map for this adventure tourism

Explore the unknown - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea - one of the least known countries in the world. Last expedition took place there in 1960.

Numerous tribes and animals of this country remain hidden to the outside world. They are waiting for you to discover them.

Journey through the amazing Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

In the rainy season in the world's largest salt marsh becomes the world's largest mirror. Covering an area of ​​more than 10,000 square kilometers, Salar de Uyuni - is the dream of all adventurers and new sensations. Here you can get lost in their own thoughts.

In the center of the marsh is an island Incahuasi - a hill, where you can relax good.

The lava kayaking - Hawaii

Kilauea volcano appeared 600,000 years ago. Its last eruption began in 1983 and is still going on, which makes it the longest in the history of the eruption. During the eruption, "the light" appeared more than 190 square kilometers of land. Now daredevils from all over the world can sail through the lava around this newly formed land just a few meters from the place where the lava temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Become a Ninja - Japan

Ninja - secret agents of feudal Japan. Over time, they disappeared, but in Tokyo is one of the few remaining ninja sensei, including one that dealt directly with the 13 members of the Yakuza. Training can be difficult, but you will learn how to be a true ninja.

Explore caves in the National Park "Mammoth Cave" - ​​Kentucky, USA

In Mammoth Cave is the largest currently cave system in the world. Here you will find more than 600 km of interconnected passages that and are waiting to be explored.

Not surprisingly, the cave was nicknamed "limestone labyrinth" because at every turn may be new, still unexplored abyss.

Walking on tribal lands - Baliem Valley, Papua New Guinea

Dani tribe was discovered only recently - in 1938.

They live in the Baliem Valley - stunning part of West Papua New Guinea, which has managed to retain its original beauty.

Each year the tribe invites the lucky few to their land, to show them the local nature and their villages.

Go back to the Ice Age - Alaska

The last ice age ended thousands of years ago, but the National Park Kenai Fjords, Alaska - one of the last places on earth where it is still going on.

In this mountainous area each year fall of 1000 cm of snow, and still there are more than 40 active glaciers. Kenai requires sufficient emotional and physical training of those who dare to explore its harsh climate and territory.

Live a Moken people with water - Mergui Archipelago Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago Archipelago - a series of more than 800 small islands south of Burma. On the islands and their surrounding waters Moken tribe lives. They live on boats built by hand.

Survive by fishing with spears and nets, and most of the time under water in search of shellfish. Live side by side with these unique people - is a unique experience and the opportunity to learn their unique culture preserved for centuries.

The descent from the volcano - Leon, Nicaragua

Leon - a small town, standing in the shadow of a huge volcano gray Negro. If you think surfing on the water - it's easy, here you to try is not an easy sport.

Climb to the top of this giant with the board behind him, and then slide down on this board inside the volcano at speeds up to 80 km / h.

Become a warrior Genghis Khan - Mongolia

Mongolian tribes have always been nomadic, even at the time of the Mongol Empire - one of the largest in history.

In the Mongolian steppes can learn to fight and survive as true warriors were able to conquer Asia 800 years ago.

Take a ride on the Amazon River - Peru

Go to the heart of the famous region of Peru - Amazon - and work with scientists and local residents of the tribe Cocama language on experiments that will help protect the affected and the specific nature of the National Reserve Pacaya Samiria.

You play an important role in the protection of rare species such as the Amazon river dolphins.

Swim between the two continents - Iceland

In the depths of this huge national park is a lake Þingvallavatn, which is on the border of the tectonic North America and Europe.

Happy divers can swim between the tectonic plates of the two continents, which every year apart from each other by 2 cm.

Foot safaris with Maasai - Tanzania

There is nothing better than to explore the wildlife of Africa on foot, and the best guides and guards than the Maasai do not find, because they live on these lands for hundreds of generations.

This is a unique opportunity to see lions, buffaloes, elephants and giraffes in the wild, not the iron bars.

Diving the Blue Hole - Belize

The Great Blue Hole - it's actually a huge system of caves, formed when this area was not covered by the crystal-clear water.

Now the depth of the holes are a playground for divers and adventurers, providing the impression that nowhere else will experience.

Migrating reindeer - Arctic Circle, Norway

Once a year, has for more than 4,000 years old Sami move their huge herds of reindeer in the area with a mild climate.

More recently they have started to invite people "from the outside world," to help them. During five days you will work very hard, because it is the life of the shepherd.

Descent to the dormant volcano - Iceland

Huge magma pool once violent volcano Prinukagigur is more than 120 meters underground.

Scientists who have studied the volcano, established here an elevator that goes down, and only for one month in the year, they are invited to join this lucky idiosyncratic study.

Cruise on an icebreaker to the North Pole - Arctic Ocean

North Pole at the center of the Arctic Ocean is only partially covered with dangerous changing sea ice.

Cruises on icebreakers - the only way to break through the thick ice. This full adrenaline expedition offers an amazing opportunity to experience that manages to feel just a little lucky.

The trip across the tundra - Canadian Arctic

The harsh climate of the Arctic are often too unbearable even for the staunchest of tourists.

One Canadian company offers you a chance to see this harsh territory without risking frostbite feet.

Walk through the most dangerous trail in the world - Malaga, Spain

El Caminito del Rey - a track that appeared in 1905.

Since then, this transition was in decline, but they continue to be - the most desperate and daring adventurers.

Climb up the mountain to drink tea - China

This horrific "stairway to heaven" leads to the summit of Mount Huashan height of more than 2100 m.

The reason for such a desperate journey is quite simple - on top of the hill is the teahouse, which serves the best tea in the world (at least, should apply, since for him the need to overcome the horror).

Become a Buddhist monk for a month - Tibetan Himalayas

It is a spiritual adventure will lead you to the breathtaking Himalayas, where you can live in a monastery, hidden among the mountains. Enjoy the ancient culture firsthand and immerse yourself in the spiritual quest and meditation. You will have to take part in many cultural events, such as a 3-day pilgrimage to Darmsalu.

Cross the Sahara desert with traders salt - North Africa

Sahara covers an area of ​​more than 8 million square kilometers This is one of the most inhospitable places in the world.

Despite this salt merchants of Tuareg tribe continue to carry their goods from Taoudenni in Timbuktu has for several centuries. This path length in 22 days - an unforgettable experience, requires a lot of determination to share.

Rafting on the river Gandaki Nepal

Gandak river is so isolated that only a handful of people will have the chance to take this amazing journey.

This offers a unique wild river rafting, and at night you can set up camp under the stars on the white beaches of the river, in the province of Nepal. Feeling of victory after the passage on the stormy mountain river will stay with you for life.

Monkey safari, Uganda and Rwanda

Great and misty mountains of Rwanda and Uganda - one of the last places on earth where gorillas live more or less peacefully.

In dense vegetation can be found 4-5 kinds of "great apes" - mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos.

You can also take a difficult but pleasant way to the volcanoes and Muhavura Gahinga.

Explore Costa Rica, rafting on rivers

Pacuare Valley and Ossa peninsula - one of the few routes covered with dense vegetation of the highlands of Costa Rica for its amazing coastline.

For two weeks, you can take part in the expedition, which will try to overcome this route on foot and by kayak.

Along the way you will be able to see and even to live with the Indians of the tribe Cabécar.

Explore the Wakhan Corridor

Wakhan Corridor - a small strip of land about 220 km long and in some places only 16 km wide. It is framed by the mountains of Pakistan and Tajikistan, and the corridor is the overland route between Afghanistan and China.

This area is so isolated from the outside world that the indigenous Kyrgyz herding yaks and goats for centuries live on their own, as they put it, "forgotten the rest of the world." This part of the planet is visited even less frequently than Mount Everest. Traveled here Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Marco Polo.

Climb the mountains Tianjie - China

These unique and high mountains-pillars are so unique that they were shooting the film James Cameron's "Avatar." They were formed under water 380 million years ago, the water destroyed their surrounding sandstone, leaving only these stone columns.

Some of these columns rise to more than 1200 m above sea level, and climbers who are fortunate enough to climb to the top of the columns, are often reluctant to climb on any other mountain - after all they seem too mediocre.


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