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The black pupil in the southern state
First student with dark skin in a secondary school in New Orleans, shown in this picture, bravely steps on the stairs of the school surrounded by federal employees deputed for its protection on behalf of the US president. Photo from a different angle would show the cause of the need for such a serious protect this little girl: furiously angry mob shouting and throwing stones, bucking assimilate into the community of African Americans.
While such a move was really dangerous. Ruby Bridges brave father for a long time did not want to give the daughter to school for "white," and the girl herself repeatedly received threatening notes from parents of classmates. Only one teacher has agreed to teach in the classroom of the new student. Determination Ruby opened the possibility for all other blacks of America more confident to insist on equality. The girl herself, as an adult, became famous as a human rights defender and activist social movements.

"After the responsible operation»
Heart surgeon Zbigniew Religion, performed the operation on the heart transplant that lasted 23 hours, became a major figure on this picture, won an award from National Geographic. In the picture we can see a doctor and his assistant, resting after work they have ambitious at the time (1987) work. In addition to the imperfections of the then technology, health care system in Poland at that time was undergoing a significant budget deficit, however, continued to strive to help all those in need.
Zbigniew religion was the pioneer in its field, use the latest development: he was the first in Poland Apply artificial valve is established on the basis of dead bodies, carried out the first heart transplant. In addition to medical Career Religion was quite active politician.

"Suicide is a beautiful girl»
May 1, 1947 23-year-old Evelyn McHale got to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, went to the observation deck and took a step into the void. Her body landed on the roof of a limousine, accepting surprising aesthetic position with legs crossed. The photographer, who witnessed the accident scene, took a few frames later called the image of "the most beautiful suicide." The reason that she decided to kill herself, mysterious. On the eve she had been at the celebration of the birth of her fiance, from left, according to friends, overlooking "common future bride happy." However, coming home Evelyn wrote a suicide note saying, "My fiance proposed to get married in June. I do not think I can be a good wife for anybody else. I think he will be much better off without me ».

"War is hell -»
A picture of a soldier with a piercing gaze was made June 18, 1965 in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. On the helmet of a young man by the hand written "War is hell -».
After demobilization soldier named Larry Wayne Chaffin at the airport he was met by his wife Fran. Larry was holding a number of magazine «Stars and Stripes», where it was printed image, and noted that probably this picture can make him rich. However, life Vietnam veteran Chaffin has not worked - he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, will not allow him to return to normal life. At the age of 39, he died of complications of diabetes, although his family strongly suspected of involvement in his poor health are applied during the fighting chemical "Agent Orange».

"Sell children»
During the shooting, namely - August 4, 1948, Ray and Lucille Shalifo were dismissed from their posts and brought to the threat of eviction from the house. With four children and a fifth on the way, parents could not provide power even to themselves, not to mention the kids. Fortunately, the picture received wide publicity and the children were not sold - Ray and Lucille were provided jobs and to continue to live in his house.
The history of "children for sale" has continued. Soon after his father abandoned the family. Lucile was 24 years old and her new companion did not want to take care of children. Two years later, the eldest son took office care, since it was found in a state of extreme exhaustion. Adopt his family was loving but very strict. Reaching the 16th anniversary of the boy went to the army. His sister had no luck with the foster parents, to educate them in harsh conditions. After many years of brothers and sisters managed to reunite.

Victory celebration in Times Square
Celebrating the victory over Japan in World War II, captured by Alfred Eyzenshtedtom, gave the world a cult image, embodying the universal rejoicing in the streets of the US, what is happening on that day. Heroes of the picture - the sailor and the nurse kissed them, he literally pulled at random from the crowd. According to the photographer, sailor tried to kiss girls all around, to which only he could reach before "catch" the one that has become the main protagonist of the picture.
For several decades, no one could find became suddenly famous sailor and nurse. The first tattoos and scars was calculated and found a sailor - it was George Mendonça. He, in turn, helped identify the girl - Greta Friedman.
Since this photo was associated repeated attempts to blow up the scandal on the basis of inequality, but the wife Mendonça (which can also be seen in the background of the picture) says he does not see anything wrong with the act of her husband.

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima
Photo Installation of the American flag on Iwo Jima hill after winning the battle for this height has become one of the most replicated images in the world. Six people, two of which were not included in the frames belonging to the heroic unit, bearing the name «Easy Company». Initially, the mountain was raised a small flag, but the soldiers wanted people in the neighborhood have witnessed their military triumph, so we decided to hoist the flag of many large-scale, and that moment was captured on film.
Three of the now famous Six died shortly after the date of installation of the flag. The eldest of them fell under the so-called friendly fire. The remaining trio of soldiers ended his days in relative obscurity - one of them were serious problems with firewater and he died 10 years after the end of the war, the other for the rest of life shied away from publicity and worked on his funeral. The fate of the third until his death was known to very few. As it turned out, his last days he spent in the office cleaner.

"Daddy, wait!»
This touching photo was taken October 1, 1940 in New Westminster (Canada). A little boy named Warren "Whitey" Bernard ran after leaving the military convoy, among which was the war his father. Subsequently, this eloquent picture spread around the world and found their place in all schools in British Columbia. Fortunately, this "goodbye", said the son of his father, did not last. Jack Bernard returned from the war.
However, the history of this family cloudless named can not be - just returning from fighting in France, Jack went to England, leaving behind a son and a pregnant wife. Numerous experiences have resulted in miscarriage, after which the couple began to quarrel often and soon dispersed. Warren, who is now 79 years old, said in an interview: "When the war ended and the family life of my parents ...».

"Faith and trust»
Photo of the child talking to a police officer at the parade in honor of the Chinese New Year in Washington, subsequently received the Pulitzer Prize. Allan Weaver, who at the time of the shooting was only two years, enthusiastically watched the procession, trying to get as close as possible to see colorful dragons and fireworks. A police officer named Maurice Cullinan carefully bent to the boy, inquiring, not too close to the costs of the procession. Allan in turn busily asked if Morris is not a sailor.
Subsequently, the Cullinan was promoted to chief of police, and Weaver became an assistant director Orson Welles. In both living heroes picture hangs a reproduction of the famous picture.

"The falling man»
One of the symbols of the terrible events of 11 September 2001, was the image of a man falling from a skyscraper, published the day after the tragedy.
For subsequent calculations of the World Trade Center during the terrorist attack jumped more than two hundred people. Most of them were trapped on the upper floors of the towers. In an effort to identify a person from a photograph was enumerated many personalities of the victims, but most of the signs and evidence of close points out that this man was 43-year-old Jonathan Brealey. Jonathan worked as a sound engineer in the North Tower on the 106 floor. It is also known that he suffered from asthma, which gives an idea of ​​the agony that this person experienced in the smoke-filled building.


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