Can we forget about the million dollars?

This is when then open the doors of the barn, closed so long as the key could not be found, then found them covered with a thick layer of dust car, standing alone many years on a flat tire. This is when the brush away the dust off it, one finds that it is something very rare and expensive, worth many tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's a real barn-FIND.

So there is certainly not always the case. Many found so cars are not as valuable, their stories are not so picturesque, and under the term «barn find» now trying to fit any car stood for a long time. Many even specifically shake off dust to fill the car price. But when it comes to a real find in the barn, it is always fascinating. Well, as you can forget about a car worth $ 1 million? And it turns out you can. Me these stories so attracted that I kept them in separate folder. Eventually scored on a post.
In 1929, one of the brokers on Wall Street bought a brand new Packard, for his summer house in the village Shrun Lake, NY, and travel on it all his life, until his old age. In the 60s, after the death of the owner, his family abandoned country house and more there did not appear, but at the same time, however, pay taxes. Nobody wanted the old Packard remained standing in the garage.

In May last year, one of the collectors collect Packard accidentally found this car for many years stood in a wooden garage so narrow that when he found it, it was not possible to open the car door and examine its condition. He made contact with the owners of the site and invited them to sell Packard. Those first difficult to understand what it all about. Then he doubted that Packard could be someone interesting, because they believed that he had long since rotted away. But Paul insisted that invited them to see his collection and make sure that it is the person who will be able to recover the vehicle. In the end, they agreed to sell.

Since the years of desolation entrance to the garage into a forest, then had to cut down trees, remove stumps and re-pave the road. The car pulled out a rope, tying it to the bucket bulldozer. It was only after the car left the garage, it was possible to study it carefully.

To everyone's surprise Packard very well preserved. Since it washed away a layer of dust and dirt, pumped the wheel and the car began to look as if he is not standing in an abandoned garage for almost 50 years. As a result, Paul decided not to restore Packard and conserve the car in such a state as it is. These vehicles are often valued even more than their counterparts restored since restored cars are many, but the original is already almost gone.

Austin Se7en from 1959, which for many years rusting in a garage in England. When she was in 2011 for 11,000 pounds bought editor automotive site, it felt just crazy. But it turned out that it was one of the first in the world Meemu (preserved only 3 cars, which were released earlier) and the oldest unrestored.

In 2012, in exactly the same condition that was found (rusty and a flat tire), it was sold at auction for 68,302 dollars. Now this is probably also the most expensive Mini in the world.

Jaguar E-type was purchased in 1965 and used by the owner to the early 80s. Since then, standing in the garage covered with a cover. At the time of the sale on its odometer was only 65,000 miles. With a starting price of 40 000 pounds, Jaguar was sold to a new owner for 109,200 ($ 168,791), after which he sent him to complete the restoration.

Aston Martin DB6 Vantage Sports Saloon 1966 release. Was purchased in the early 70's for 4000 dollars and almost immediately placed in a garage where you forget about it for a long 30 years. Sold for 107,900 pounds ($ 181,173).

Rare Cunningham C-March 1952 issue. There were produced 25 such machines. The owner of this C-3 died, and his family did not even know how rare and valuable car is worth on the street next to the barn belonging to them a plot of land in Connecticut. The car was named discovery of the year in 2011.

Ford GT40 1966 release, modified for racing and bought a retired firefighter from California in 1975. Ford was put them in the garage two years later because of problems with the engine and remained there until the death of the fire. Car found heirs, when carried in the trash heap of rubbish, which was packed to the top of the garage.

DeLorean DMC-12 was found in the garage of a private house in Florida, while preparing the house for sale. The heirs of a deceased relative assorted trash deposits for which found covered with a cover car. After removing it, they saw almost dusty DeLorean DMC-12 on a flat tire. On the odometer was only 2100 miles. The car stood in the garage since 2001, since the death of the owner.

Lagonda V12 & quot; 'Hooper & quot; 1939 release. Unique machine made by special order for the wife of the owner of Hooper Bodies Ltd. (British bodywork company). Throughout its history, the car has changed several owners, but almost did not go, and most of the time spent in various garages. Last kept it in the usual barn. Now she auctioned. It is expected that the Lagonda will take 75 000 - 100 000 pounds.

One of the forty issued Coupe Bugatti Type 57 Atalante in 1938. The last owner put the car in the garage in 1962 and since then it has never left its walls. Bugatti was sold at auction for 852,500 dollars.

Jaguar XK120 SE 1954. Since the 70s of the last century was in the ordinary wooden shed in Georgia, where he was found. The expected sale price of 80,000 dollars.

Facel Vega Facel II 1962 release, was exported from France and sold to a buyer from New York. Two owners changed and somehow ended up in a wooden barn in Minnesota, where he stood the whole time. On the odometer just 31,152 miles. Was sold at auction for 209,509 dollars.

On graduation from college Tom Velmers received from parents as a present Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1955 release. He went on it as long as the problems started with the gearbox. In the early '70s, he put the car into the garage, where it stood for the next 40 years. During this time 300SL almost disappeared under the rubbish and old computers. It took only two days for it to clear space around the machine. Once the car got, it turned out that it's not just 300SL, a rare version with a lightweight body, Plexiglass and upgraded brakes. The car was sent for restoration. Auction value of the restored car just over 1 million dollars.

Porsche 356 1500 found in an abandoned and destroyed by the time the garage in California.

Jaguar MK iV 3 1/2 liter saloon in 1948, which was stored in the garage with the 60s. In 1984, he moved from one garage to another, but as it turned out badly. On 27 long years, he became the target of pigeons living under the roof and covered with a thick layer of bird droppings.


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