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I must say, at once, no health care, in the sense in which it existed in Russia, in America there. There is a very expensive and very high-quality medical services. However, life expectancy, according to reports, the United States stands on the fiftieth place in the world, according to other sources - in the thirties, when almost all European countries, except Russia.

My acquaintance with the American health system started with a dental doctor. Until then, I treated a teeth only in Russia.

Last time it was. I went to the medical university in the city N right on the training of students dental office. The teacher gave the students read the textbook, and she began to work with me. At the end of its work, I came out of the audience and stood modestly aside five or ten minutes. The teacher came out, my doctor, I gave her the money and we agreed on the day and time of my next visit.

When I broke a tooth, which I treated in Russia, I had to apply to the American doctors. I made an appointment at a local clinic. Tooth examined, X-rayed and they said that we should make a crown, and everything will cost about nine hundred dollars.

They said that the picture and the conclusion of the doctor will be sent to the insurance company and she decides how much it will pay for treatment. The rest will have to pay myself. I waited for about a month. In the case the clinic sent me a bill for fifty dollars for x-rays and examination of a tooth. [Next]

In America, if a customer complains about a tooth, examine and treat only one this tooth.

During the inspection of all or other teeth have to pay separately. Come the conclusion of the insurance company, and they write that they do not like the channel in the tooth, and they will pay their part only if I have this channel Cement the specialist in maxillofacial surgery. In this way, it seems to me, insurance companies insure themselves against cost overruns for poor quality someone else's work.

I have an appointment in another city specialist for grouting channel. I arrived at the appointed time, about an hour ride. I sat in a chair, and offered before the start of a TV, located right in front of my chair.

When we started to work, the chair placed horizontally, and my eyes stared at the ceiling clean colored body frightened nymph. Sounded quiet, pleasant music.

Squinting, I could see on the computer screen to see your tooth and everything to do with it. Work remedial cementation and channel took about two hours and cost me eight hundred dollars. Without any insurance. The results were sent back to the insurance company.

They said «ok», we can now pay half the cost of the work on the installation of the crown. A month later, the crown was placed, and cost me four hundred and fifty dollars. The other half of the insurance company has paid.

Doctor, it is also the owner of the clinic, has offered to inspect the remaining teeth for possible treatment. I have an appointment again. At this time, the reception and all the X-rays of teeth cost me $ 75. The doctor said that one tooth should be removed as it is no longer possible to treat.

Nothing to do. I went to a specialist to remove the teeth. The tooth was removed for $ 120. In general, for the installation of crowns and dental treatment I paid two thousand dollars. About a third of the amount paid by insurance companies. So began my acquaintance with the American health care system. Meeting continues. Recently, again I had to turn to the doctor. Toothache, who treated even in Russia. I call the clinic and make an appointment the next day. This is in another city. The entire procedure for the treatment of tooth took about an hour.

I get up, I go to the reception, where I print out the invoice for the work. Read: Root canal therapy is 785 dollars, 164 dollars amalgamation, X-rays $ 26, a cursory examination of the oral cavity 70 dollars. Total 1045 dollars.

Most of all I was struck by "a cursory examination of the mouth" for $ 70.

As I recall, this examination took less than a minute. However, if the itch again, I'll go to this doctor. Reliability and quality - first and foremost.

Introduction to American medicine continued when I had to treat varicose veins in the legs. Vienna closed without carving, with the help of special technology, two travel to the doctor. During each of these operations, I just lay there and stared at the ceiling, sometimes falling asleep.

Sam came to the doctor and myself, after about two hours after surgery, left. Work on the closure of the vein cost forty thousand dollars. Almost the entire amount of forty thousand dollars was paid to the doctor my insurance company. Personally, I do all the things associated with the treatment of veins had to spend about a thousand dollars. Clinic, where I was treated - private, with the staff, including the owners of not more than five people. When visiting a large US hospitals, they are referred to herein as the hospital, waiting for me new and exciting discoveries. One of them really surprised me in the hospital they have no smell. In the corridors, chambers, the air is clean and fresh, like a spring.

I carefully sniffed, trying to catch at least a molecule so familiar to me the smell of hospital corridors Russia.

No it altogether. At the same time, I must say that the hospitals in which I have been, the most common to the most ordinary people. Chamber for one, for a maximum of two people literally crammed with electronics. The last time I came to visit friends in hospital in December 2011.

Skip to patients free from the street. Foyer of the greenhouse resembles a large garden with palm trees and other exotic plants; There is also a gift shop. A little further on, already in the hospital cafeteria for visitors and staff. Within this there is a dining area with several departments of the national food and I was not surprised when he found there and a little Chinese restaurant with Chinese chefs. Prices are much lower than in urban restaurants.

In America, there is no single public health insurance system for people under retirement age. There are a number of private insurance companies, and, insurance valid in one state may not be recognized in other states.

There are several specific types of insurance: whole life insurance, health insurance (general illness), dental insurance separately, insurance eyes also separate. Insurance is very expensive, and they have to buy. Lowest about 400 dollars a month.

If you work full-time, your organization, some of these insurances cover subtracting the money from your paycheck, and adding some of their. And even if you are insured, when you visit the doctor, at the time analysis, while taking procedures, you still have to pay quite a lot of money, so-called "extra." For example, make an appointment to see a doctor and just talk to him will cost you, given that you are insured and the insurance company will pay the money for your visit, about $ 25.

Medications are very expensive in America, and pay for them depends on whether you have insurance or not.

However, in both cases the costs will amount to tens of dollars. In one case, the drug will cost, for example, one hundred dollars, the other fifty. Many medicines are much higher than in Russia, which can be bought only on prescription.

In order to get a prescription, it is necessary to go back to the doctor to make an appointment and pay for the reception, although prescription takes less than five minutes. Pharmacies in the United States as such is not. Pharmaceutical divisions, where they can come and get a prescription medication found at supermarkets.

Modern America has more than 46 million of its citizens are not protected by health insurance.

In America, while you are working, you are insured. If you are retired or fired you today, your insurance becomes invalid on the following day. All your insurance money instantly gone, even if you they never used.

America's first black president, Barack Obama planned to reform the health insurance system in the country and make it available to needy citizens, to make it so that people get health insurance from your employer, be able to save her dismissal. Obama in America is called a socialist, giving this word a negative connotation. They say he destroys, destroys America and that America simply can not afford the new insurance system.

For people of retirement age, 65, and people with serious illnesses have two federal health care programs - Medicare and Medicaid. The first program, Medicare, is the treatment of US citizens and Green Card holders, who have lived continuously in the country for at least five years and not less than ten years have contributed to the social security system. She pays almost all health services, including hospital care. Another program, Medicaid, is for the treatment and payment of a large part of health care services really poor people. Both programs pay money for medical care are not patients and send them straight to hospital.

To attach to the American health care system must be first to register at any of the local "family doctor».

Always it is privately owned, specialist in general medicine. You fill out a few forms, giving them the assistant doctor, and after a week or two in the mail from the insurance company get a plastic card with your name, your number, and the name of your "family doctor».

To get an appointment with your doctor, you need to call and coordinate with the registry date and time of your visit. Depending on the workload of doctors, waiting may take about a week. Not more. The day before you visit be sure to call and remind you of the planned visit. You can arrive five minutes before the reception. At the appointed time will come in the assistant reception and invite you to a doctor. Practitioners call a doctor at home in America does not exist.

Your family doctor - a specialist in general medicine. If you do not order anything, for example, with light, you should go to your doctor and he will give you a referral to another doctor, a specialist in light, such as a private trader, as he did. This means that he would call, not himself, of course, and his assistant, the clinic specialist easier, to say what you have insurance, you will record the reception. If you decide to change your "family doctor", you need to notify about your insurance company, which will send you a replacement card with the name of the new family doctor already.

If you have something ached, and you can not wait for the get an appointment with your doctor, contact the hospital emergency room. Walk or Ride themselves as an ambulance can afford only very rich people.

Ambulance costs about a thousand dollars. Therefore, ordinary Americans are trying to find out in advance and

Remember the way from home to the hospital to get there by your own car. In one of the Udmurt villages of Russia, I learned recently, "ER" is a simple horse and cart, but the people are happy, and believe that it is better and safer than a machine that for there the road will not be able to pass. Udmurt This "service" is also completely free.

When the going gets cold, the time is approaching cold and flu.

It is necessary to be vaccinated, and on the doors of various offices and institutions appear here are the ads:

Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Flu shots.

When: specify the date and time

Where: specify the place where they will be vaccinated

The flu shot: 25.00 USD

Vaccination against pneumonia: $ 70

Vaccination against tetanus: $ 40

Questions on the phone provides a phone number

Engaged in this private organization called the "Association of Nurses and Carers." In order to convince citizens to make one so dear prick, write in the ad:

The disease can cost you lost time and lost confidence on the job,

Lost wages,

Lost holiday and

Additional medical expenses.

So it is better to make one injection and thus pay seventy dollars. However, a guarantee that you do not get sick, this association does not give you.

Part of the American medical system - nursing homes, where children put their parents, unable or unwilling to care for them at home.

The rhythm of life in America is extremely busy and working people are simply not enough time and effort to watch their elders. That is why the practice of putting parents in nursing homes is very common. Occasionally, such houses are right at the hospital and serviced by qualified and trained professionals. Nursing homes can live, not only the elderly over seventy, but also quite young, fifty years, and even thirty-year people. There are no restrictions on age is not. Suffice it to desire and need money.

When my friends were thinking what to do with eighty mother of one of them, they decided to rent it to a nursing home. Hiring carers for it was not profitable because the nurse could come only during the day, and only a few hours. In a nursing home patient care room.

The fee for the content in such a house is about three thousand dollars per month. For an additional fee, even about a thousand dollars, to patients, they are called residents, can create a very comfortable special care.

I was in several of these homes. Pleasant impression. Clean, quiet, air conditioned. Patients are not left to themselves. During the day the nurses entertain them. Arrange contests, games like in kindergarten, treated if necessary.

Die spent his life American citizens peace and quiet. Children have come to take away the dead bodies.

Buried in America is quite expensive. So many, even very wealthy people prefer cremation.

In addition to homes for the elderly, there are "home for adults." It is multifamily apartment buildings, arranged on the basis of the hostels. Here live or elderly couples or single elderly people who are able to serve themselves. Here one does not entertain guests and prepares them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but living in these homes are much cheaper than nursing homes, about 500-700 dollars a month for an apartment, plus $ 50-70 for light, heating and TV .

The children come to visit their parents are usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Bring food, clean apartment, entertain parents. And although they have enough seats in the house for the parents, they both prefer to live separately.

From homes for adults direct road to the nursing home, and from there to the cemetery or crematorium.

In all countries and for all people beginning and the end of the road is exactly the same. The only question is how to make this a civilized way, and the beginning and end, especially the end, as much as possible deserve.

Leo Maslov



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