Relno story of one old dog and a small kitten

The dog was old. Even by human standards the number of years lived by the dog looked very solid, for the dog is like the figure seemed simply inconceivable. When guests came to the owners, the dog heard the same question:

- How's your old man is still alive? - And very surprised, seeing the huge head of a dog, into the doorway

. Dog people are not offended - he knew that the dog should not live so long. During his life many times dog owners have seen other dogs, averting his eyes when they met and shuddering sighs when question:

- And where is your

? In such cases, the master arm around the dog's neck powerful, as if to keep it, do not let go toward the inevitable.

And the dog went on to live, although with each passing day it became increasingly difficult to walk, heavier breathing done. Once tight stomach sagged, his eyes glazed over, and the tail more like a sagging old rag. Appetite and even your favorite oatmeal dog ate without pleasure - as if performing a boring, but a mandatory duty

. Most of the dog days spent lying on his rug in the living room. In the morning, when the adults were going to work, and the owner's daughter ran to the school, the dog displayed on the street grandmother, but her dog did not like to walk. He waited for Lena (the name of the host's daughter) will come back from school, and bring him into the yard. The dog was very young, when the house is a small creature appeared, immediately switch all the attention on himself. Later the dog knew that this creature - a child, a girl. And since they were taken out for a walk together. First, Lena took out in a wheelchair, then the little man began to take the first tentative steps, holding his dog collar, they became later a walk together, and woe to the bully, who would venture to hurt a little mistress! The dog did not hesitate to stand up for girls, Lena closing his body.

Much time has passed since then ... Lena grew up, boys, once to yank her pigtails, became the big boys, to look at a pretty girl, next to which a huge dog walked slowly. Going out into the yard, the dog turned the corner of the house, to the overgrown wasteland and looking back at his mistress, went into the bushes. He did not see the other dogs, especially brehlivuyu fee from the third floor, trying to bully paw almost at the apartment. When the dog came out of the bushes, Lena took him by the collar, and together they went on to a group of birch trees near the playground which has been arranged. Here, in the shade of a tree, the dog has long loved to watch rebyatney. Reclining, leaning shoulder to birch trunk and pulling the hind legs, the dog dozed, occasionally glancing toward the bench, where the assembled peers Lena. Auburn Volodya, which once drove the dog most often from Lena, sometimes up to him, sat down next to his haunches and asked:

- How are you, old

? And the dog began to growl. The guys on the bench dog grumbling amused, but Volodya was not laughing, and the dog seemed to understand it. Probably Volodya really understand the dog, because it said:

- Do you remember ..

? Of course, the dog remembered. And a rubber ball, which Volodya threw onto the ledge, and then climbed it to get. And a drunken man, who decided to punish a small fraction of accidentally broken lamp. Then the dog is the only time in my life growled, baring his fangs. But the man was too drunk to understand the warning and the dog had to knock him down. Pressed to the ground a huge dog paw, man lost his entire pedagogical zeal, and more of it near the site have not seen ...

The dog growled, Volodya listened, occasionally remembering the funny (and not) cases. Then Lena came up and said, stroking the dog's huge head:

- Come on, I grumble. Let's go home, even at night to chat.

Evening walk dog waiting especially. In the summer he liked to watch as the sun hides behind the high-rise gray box and is replaced by cool evening heat of the day. In winter, the dog for a long time could enjoy the black, as if from a soft velvet sky in which someone scattered multicolored glitter stars. What was thought at that moment the old dog, why sometimes it is so noisy sigh? Who knows ...

Now it was autumn, the window was already getting dark and dripping quiet, dreary rain. Dog with Lena walked usual route when sensitive dog ear caught the unusual sound. The sound was very faint and somehow disturbing. The dog looked at Lena - she did not notice the sound. Then the dog quickly as possible to its heavy body, rushed into a thicket of bushes, trying to find ... What? He did not know. Throughout a long life dog with a sound he had not yet encountered, but the sound is completely subjugated conscious dog. He hardly heard calling him anxiously Lena as it soothes Vladimir ... He was looking for - and found. Little wet lump of pink opened his tiny jaws in a silent scream. Kitten. Neutral gray kitten, who just a week ago for the first time saw the world with his blue eyes, choked with a rope tightened on his throat loop. The front legs of his helplessly clutching at air, the rear hardly reach the ground.

The dog in one motion powerful jaws bit the branch on which was hung a kitten. He plopped down in wet grass, not even trying to get up. Carefully, so as not to mash the tiny body, he took his dog teeth by the scruff and delivered to Lena.

- What kind of stuff are you with ... - The beginning was Lena, and broke off. Softly gasped, I grabbed the little quivering lump. I tried to remove the loop, but not wet rope gave way.

- Home! - Lena and commanded, without waiting for the dog ran to the porch

. The kitten survived. Three days of lay formation, not reacting to fuss about. Just squeaked piteously when the big, bearded man with a strange nickname "vet" doing fine long needle pricks. On the fourth day, the sight of a syringe, the kitten crawled under the sofa, which led to a strong revival among the people. And yet a week in the apartment and rode a mischievous cat completely healthy child. To the best of rowdy and unruly. But when the dog bit ryknut or even menacing look at the bully and the kitten instantly became a model of obedience.

A dog getting weaker by the day. As if he gave part of his life to save the kitten. And once the dog was unable to rise from his litter. Again summoned a veterinarian who examined the dog and threw up his hands. People long for something said Lena quietly crying ... then clinked the glass, the vet began to approach the dog, putting his hands behind his back. And suddenly he stopped, like a wall rose in front of him.

But it was only a little gray kitten. Arching the back arc and cocked tail kitten for the first time in my life hissed, driving away from a dog that is unclear, but it is very scary. Kitty is very afraid of the man with the syringe. But something made him drive away from the dog vet ...

Veterinarian stood looking at the terrified cat's eyes. Stepped back and turned to Lena:

- He will not let. Remove the kitten ...

- No

. - Lena! - Exclaimed the hostess. - Well, why is torturing a dog

? - No. Let it ride. No shots ...

The vet looked at the kitten, then tearful Lena, again a kitten ... and left. People went about their business, the apartment was empty. Only the grandmother was busy in the kitchen, occasionally sobbing and muttering something unintelligible.

The dog slept on a bed, his huge head on his paws and closed his eyes. But I do not sleep. He listened to the breathing kitten who happily slept comfortably ensconced at hand dog. I listened and tried to understand how this little weak creature managed to drive away a large and strong man.

A kitten asleep, and he dreamed that the dog is in danger again, but again and again he drives away the enemy. And while he was a kitten, close, nobody dares to take his friend.

© Sergey Utkin


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