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I stumbled on this story. Sadly, it happens.
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Pet Sematary on the new "Bird»

Over the past weekend, my husband and aged for many years. This, what we had to face, coming to fool the bird market to attach in good hands of our grown kittens, I could not imagine in a nightmare ...

It all started with that charming our babies, kittens, which are unplanned brought us our cat, but in which we have, nevertheless, doted, 2 months old, and we realized that to keep the house 4 kittens and even Mother cat, we still can not, and it is necessary to attach the kittens.

Mourn and secretly blowing tear already two weeks before that, we went to the metro station, which already had an arrangement with the auntie handing out the kittens, which we are well known and which at one time took our treasure-cat. There to our horror found that the aunt is with 15 kittens in her arms, take them badly and our brothers she categorically refused, and looking at them said that they had, in addition, also grew, they should be a month and a week ( it's such a baby suckling to give the wrong hands!)

Nothing to do, we went to the bird, naively believing that it is easy to attach their babies good hosts.

It began with the fact that we were immediately rushed to a few suspicious persons seen that we brought for the kittens, but seeing that oversized (by their standards) waste. Then a woman came up professionally reviewed our beautiful tricolor cat-and said that he was taking her. And while my husband and I think, looking at each other to give or not, aunt disappeared inside the market with our cat. Then we realized that this vendor - perekupschitsa. My husband went to the market to look for it, and our cat. When found the aunt, cats our she was not, she is already sold it, issuing of some pedigree, for a lot of money ... says do not worry, got into good hands (sorry, we did not see to whom) and you still would not have attached. Still, strange people come to choose their kittens Bird - we, the owners, who stand on the outside and offer free kittens, even though, as the traders, speculators also our kittens are buying a lot of money.

But it's flowers, join. On this day, one we do not have attached much hodilo around the country grandmas, and men and offered money to attach to the good hands of our kittens, but to give our children in the hands of these shady characters just did not rise hand, they had such a horrible insensitive persons merely muzzle, I intuitively felt evil, and it turned out I was not mistaken ...

The next day I had to go again. I will not describe in detail how we promayalis in this market all day, no one of our clean, beautiful and affectionate babies was not interested. But on some fateful coincidence brought us (walk-rest) to a nearby forest to the market, on the other side of the street the top field.

Then we saw it that I think I'll remember the rest of your life ... We know what to do with these terrible kittens grandmother and grandfather, who take the kittens to attach money of their owners. Dialing kittens (and money) and poshlyatsya little market with boxes, they go into the forest and just throw the kittens ...

In various places were left box. Here and there in the bushes and I heard the squeak of corpses littered kittens. One could get a living, he was exactly like our favorite Sandpiper - clean home kitten with white paws black and collar, shivering and emaciated. And my husband saw in these bushes when reached to get a black kitten, he told me just a few days ... there just kittens were killed and their little pile of corpses (pretty obviously homemade, about 1-1, 5 monthly kids yet morning, apparently torn from the mother cat).
 Chershysha course we have taken, Popo milk, chose the market more decent man who vowed that will attach a kitten and not throw, gave money to the general, just Chernysh given another chance. Left the peasant and his agreeing that those who do not take in the evening pick.
 I sat in the car, tears flowing stream ... in the late afternoon, I could not stand it, under the pretext excused myself and ran back into the forest, there is someone else food. Little gray kitten sitting on a tree on the bank, or rather hung desperately clinging to a branch, located high, about two-three human growth, and to this thread - bare trunk. I could not get it - called, and he looked at me with eyes full of terror, constantly shouting, trying to keep me on the branch broke (I was hoping that the fall), but at the last moment again clung to the last effort and hung. And the time I had no choice but after 15 minutes I had to take a peasant our kittens (he said he will not wait, and if we are at the time not come to them leave), but still had to get out of the forest, cross the road to find it On the market. I had to tell the kitten, so he waited for him, I'll come back and run. Taking their kittens, we came back with her husband, but the cat was gone. It is evident he still fell and fled somewhere, was called - was not found. For a long time I'll remember these little eyes full of despair kitten, which did not manage to save ...
 Completely exhausted, I was in tears, and my husband just aged and with trembling hands (he could not afford to cry, but he still keep the car), we are left with our kittens with this terrible bird market. Briefly I say that kittens we built a great, standing at the exit of the park. People went out of the park by families, funny, rested, nice people, many were interested in the kittens and about an hour of our children was dismantled. I saw, for whom every hit, everyone gave their phones, so that more or less calm. And our pet Chernysh we left myself ...
 Nevertheless night I could not sleep ... this terrible forest stood in front of his eyes and especially the little eyes unfortunate kitten hanging on the tree ... My husband and I even had a desperate idea to go to the forest to collect the kittens to fatten and then handing out ... But, of course, it will not solve the problem - it is necessary to deal with the cause. And the reason is what - boundless cruelty, greed, the complete absence of all human in some people? What should I do to stop this lawlessness? I have not found an answer, and wrote all this in order to appeal to all not indifferent to the suffering of defenseless animals, let's think about what to do? And I want to warn owners wishing we attach not much of his pedigree kittens - not to give them to the co-pay the seller on the bird !!! If in doubt, go to the terrible forest, next to a bird, visit the Pet Sematary and make sure ...

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