Sergeant Stubby - heroic dog of World War I

Allow me to introduce: Sergeant Stubby. This stalwart is not just a dog - and earned a lot regalia war! < Website tells the story of Stubby, which began in 1917, when a homeless puppy wandering near the Yale campus, picked up a man named George. Robert Conroy, later received Private US Army post.

1. dog named Stubby (meaning "Shorty") during World War I became the mascot of the squadron Conroy, part of the 102nd infantry of the 26th Yankee Division.

2. from his post four-legged "son of regiment" handled perfectly, easily raising the morale of the soldiers. During the drill wearing the dog next to the host, affecting the public unlearning military saluting. With a general favorite was associated only one problem - the presence of dogs in the army is not allowed. Described here sounds like a real film-plots, but all this - the real story of the baby Stubby.

3. When a military unit owner dog came time to go to Europe to participate in hostilities, Stubby was secretly brought on board a warship. The commander of the ship did not liked the fact opened this "contraband" but he immediately changed his mind after seeing patriotic "military salute" by Stubby.

4. Since then, the dog was always accompanied by the 102nd battalion on the front. Initially, the role of Stubby was only moral support to the soldiers, but eventually it turned out to be a real savior of many lives.

According to the sources, this photo shows it is the 102nd Battalion. It is difficult to definitely say about the truth of this statement, however, masks on the bags with different outlines each military dog-like silhouette Stubby. And in fact this was the mascot dog units.

5. At the beginning of his service Stubby hit by the gas attack. After the dog came out and helped to fully restore health, it has acquired an incredibly keen sense for the smell of gas. Later, feeling the beginning of the enemy's attack with weapons of this kind, the dog immediately began to rush the trench, alerting the soldiers of the threat. This helps ensure the military enough time to put on gas masks and protective mask priladit Stubby.

6. This photograph shows the other dog, but it kind of gives you an idea of ​​how to look Stubby in their protective gear. As you can see, it turns pretty.

Clever Stubby could easily recognize the enemy of the language in which speaking people. He was able to retrieve the wounded soldiers and alert medics. One dog even caught a German spy, scour trenches between the Allied armies.

7. Holding his spy, Stubby went down in history as the first dog, received the rank of sergeant in combat. He was even awarded the Order of the Iron Cross, which he wore on his dog mundirchike together with other marks of distinction.

8. In this photo, the heroic dog receives the award from the hands of General John Pershing. The newly sergeant looks very solid.

9. Here we can see a respected sergeant in the company of his subordinates (and simultaneously - host) Corporal George. Robert Conroy. Yes, this is not a reservation: Stubby has grown man in rank.

10. By the time the war ended in the account Stubby including 17 different battles in which a brave dog managed to participate. At one point he even was seriously wounded by a grenade. For the gift of a unique scent life sometimes requires a very high price ...

11. It is not surprising that soon after the war, Stubby turned into quite known and popular person. After the armistice, waiting for his departure in France home dog Sergeant met with President Woodrow Wilson. As has been said about the meeting afterwards: "The two shook hands».

In 1920, Stubby was personally present at a meeting of the National Congress of the Republican Party and in 1921 was even invited by US President Warren Harding to the White House. A few years later, Sergeant Stubby again visited the presidential residence at the meeting with Calvin Coolidge, the next leader of the country.

12. In the photo - Stubby and his master / slave John. Robert Conroy.

13. The dog returned to America a national hero. Here he leads a military parade.

14. Stubby was awarded the title of life member of the American Legion and the National Navy. When George. Robert Conroy began to study at the Faculty of Law at Georgetown University, he received the status of dog mascot and this institution. Currently, the mascot of the University stands a dog named Jack.

15. Stubby died of old age in 1926. His achievements have been recognized so grandiose that the body of a dog, it was decided to immortalize. At the moment, "Stubby" is part of the exhibition of the State Museum of American history.



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