Unusual fighting dog Stubby

Facts about the unusual dog named Stubby, who was the only dog ​​in the world, awarded the military rank - Sgt. Read more.

In 1917, Private George. Robert Conroy, held on the territory of Yale University military training before being sent to Europe, picked up the puppy brindle with a short tail. Conroy foundling named Stubby and brought to the camp. Stubby was a cross between a bull terrier, probably a boxer or Boston Terrier. However, it hardly matters. Quick-witted, cheerful puppy was gladly accepted by fellow soldiers Conroy of the 102nd Infantry Division, and plunged into the soldier's life. Stubby learned to distinguish between signals of the hearth, took part in the drill, and even saluted, raising his right paw. The camp was not allowed to keep animals, but the presence of Stubby so clearly raised the morale of the unit that he was allowed to stay. When the division was transported to France, Conroy smuggled, wrapped in his coat, pulled his four-legged friend on board the ship and just secretly delivered on French soil.

Of course, the commanding officer soon discovered "contraband," but quickly changed his temper justice with mercy, Stubby should demonstrate their ability to salute. So dog became the mascot of the 102nd Infantry Division. He quickly got used to the sounds of gunfire and artillery fire, but this was the baptism of fire for Stubby gas attack. Poor dog breathed poison and was even sent to a hospital for treatment, but has learned to recognize the smell of dangerous gas, even in the low concentration and once saved his fellow soldiers - a gas attack began early in the morning, when many were asleep. Stubby picked up the noise, ran the trenches, barking and biting soldiers, thus saving many lives. Not just dog rescued wounded soldiers ottaskivaya them in a safe place and beckoning nurses. And once Stubby found a German spy in the trenches allies raised the barking, and when he tried to escape, grabbed his pants and held until the soldiers arrived. For this feat boosted his regimental commander with the rank - Stubby was the first dog, a sergeant in the history of the US armed forces. He was wounded - grenade shrapnel in the chest and front paws, but returned to duty and served until the end of the war, taking part in the battles of seventeen, and then returned to America, where he waited for the glory.

There was no any significant newspaper, which never would have written about it. Dog admitted to the American Legion, and since that time he has participated in all the military parades. Stubby met three presidents - Wilson, Harding and Coolidge, was admitted to the Red Cross and the YMCA. YMCA even pledged to give him three bones a day and a place to sleep for the rest of life.

Famous dog attracted to participate in election campaigns, campaigning to sell war bonds. The owners of Grand Hotel Majestic abolished the strict ban on staying in the hotel dogs to be able to host Stubby. But in 1921, General John Pershing, who was the supreme commander of the armed forces of the United States during the First World War, was awarded the gold medal Stubby dog ​​hero, made by order of the SPCA.

When the owner of Stubby began to study law at Georgetown University, it was another dog and mascot of the university football team. Between half he chased the ball around the field that always delights the audience.

Sergeant Stubby died in 1926. The New York Times responded to this event obituary of this size, some did not receive neither a celebrity of the time ...

Stubby decorate general «Black Jack» Pershing and First Lady Florence Harding.

"Uniforms" Sergeant Stubby, sewn by women of the town Chateau-Thierry.

Stubby was awarded the tile on the Walk of Fame at the Memorial of Liberty, the American World War I monument in Kansas City at a ceremony held in the Armistice Day, November 11, 2006.



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