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For thousands of years the dog is renowned as the best friend and helper of man. Poets, writers and scholars in all times and in all countries praised the dogs for their intelligence and loyalty. Look at the examples of monuments to the dogs, which can be found in various countries around the world.
In one of New York's parks and a small town in Alaska (Nome) is a monument to the dog Balto who saved hundreds of lives during a diphtheria epidemic, which broke out at the beginning of the last century. Balto was the chief in a dog sled, who went for a vaccine for 300 kilometers to the nearest town. Balto was the one who came back from this difficult journey and deliver the medication. Then he called for a barking men to help his master and the rest of the dogs.

In the mid 90-ies of XX century in Togliatti streets appeared a German shepherd that 7 years of "carrying" the watch in a place where, according to the official version, in a car accident killed her boss, and she dog survived. Dog "waited" his master until his death, and in this place after her death, residents erected a monument. And the very people called Faithful dog.

In Oregon, USA, dog named Bobby in search of their masters did a journey of 3,000 miles. In the search it took him half a year - the dog has done the difficult path for themselves in winter crossed mountains, deserts and plains, visiting several states. This feat of newspapers, published books and directed the film.

In Japan, the dog Hachiko was awarded the monument even during his lifetime. She waited for her dedication to the host - a professor at Tokyo University, who died of a heart attack at work. Dog before the end of his days, as before, he came to the station and spent time waiting for his master. After her death, the country declared mourning. After the release of the film of the same name, this story has become known throughout the world, and the name "Hachiko" became a household word.

In Sydney, there is a monument to the dog Donna, she was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-living guide dog. She has served faithfully for his master John Hogan.

In Scotland, a cemetery monument Skye Terrier Bobby. Young hairy Skye Terrier Bobby could not bear the death of his master. And for 14 years, he came and spent the night at his grave. Dog first persecuted and then - understand and even gave him a special protective collar.

Bernard Barry played at the beginning of the XIX century their usual hard work: He saved people in the mountains. Snowdrifts in the Alps always claimed thousands of lives. Barry saved 40 lives. When the rescue of another buried in the snow, the legendary Barry was seriously wounded: Napoleonic soldier took him for a wolf and shot. Barry cured, to retire, and after eight decades - in 1989 - Barry put a monument in Paris.



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