Rescue stray cat

Soldier Jesse Knott, who served in Afghanistan, was able to do the impossible: transported usual wandering cat who became his close friend and a real mascot of the very thick of the war in their home - Oregon. Kota incidentally called Koshka. "I have lost faith in themselves and in God. And then came the cat and said to me: "Hey, buddy - you're you." He helped me get out of the worst conditions I've ever experienced - and I decided that I would help him get out of the worst places in the world ".

Nott developed a plan to rescue cats. He established a relationship with an army translator, a native of Afghanistan who risked their lives, brought the animal of the places of the battle at the airport in Kabul. Separately it noted that if the Afghan Taliban suspected that he assisted an American soldier, he would be executed.

However, the translator has successfully coped with its mission, and the Knott family paid 3,000 dollars for that cat was flown from Kabul to Oregon - with transfers in Islamabad and New York.

Currently Nott serving in Washington. He plans to soon complete his military career and move to relatives in Oregon, where he was waiting for a true cat.



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