Despite all the advances in science, there is still a lot of white spots. Look at the list of mysterious phenomena and facts, explained that scientists are not able to.

Voynich manuscript


Voynich manuscript is an ancient book that continues to resist all attempts to decipher it. This is not just any there samopridumannye krakozyabry schizophrenic, they say, "But just try to figure out chevo I've been written." No, this is clearly structured book with explicit sequences, patterns, and detailed illustrations.

It seems that it is a real language, though no one had never seen before. And it seems he really carries meaning. That no one can understand.

Image: Translation: "... and when to shove it in his mouth a tennis racket, put it in the fountain. Then draw a picture with her »

There is not even consensus about who wrote it, or even where the manuscript was written. Needless to say that no one does not know why it was written.

Why can not solve the riddle?

You-ka try.

Yes, no, do not try. Military interpreter, cryptographers, mathematicians, linguists, all of them are left holding the bag and could not decipher a single word.

As you might guess, a variety of options offer great variety - from the very reasonable to the most idiotic. Someone says that the code is not decipher, because the decryption key is needed. Someone says that it's just a joke. Some say it's glossolalia - the art of speaking or writing, something that does not understand that is broadcast to you by God, space aliens, or Cthulhu Murzilki ...

Our guess: The manuscript is written in English. True, this figure is so defective it knew that in the writings nothing to parse.

Antikythera Mechanism

Riddle: Antikythera mechanism is an ancient and complex mechanism found in sunken ship off the coast of Greece, and dates back to around 100 BC. In it there are gears and items that are not yet found the next thousand years - as long as the Muslims and Chinese began to invent all sorts of useful things while intoxicated by Europeans crumbled to each other and all in a row.

Why can not solve the riddle?

Firstly, there is no consensus about who and what created this mechanism. Is a belief that it was made by the Greeks, but serious research published in serious journals, suggests that the mechanism originally from Sicily.

In addition, the mechanism is quite interesting was able to chop off a finger of a particularly meticulous onlookers, because he (sort of) was designed for astronomical calculations. The problem is that at a time when this thing was invented, no one has yet discovered the laws of gravity and motion of celestial bodies.

In other words, the Antikythera Mechanism was intended for what in the time of its invention, no one never heard of, and none of the objectives of the destination at the time (such as vehicle navigation) does not fit with an incredible amount of functions and settings of this device.

Our guess:

It Circuits from the time machine, which fell off when she arrived in the past.

Pipes Baygonga


In China, where no one has ever lived, not to mention the industry on top of the mountain there are three mysterious triangular openings in which there are hundreds of rusty pipes of unknown origin. Some of them go deep into the mountain. Some go to a nearby salt lake. The lake has more pipes, and even more are along the shores of the lake from east to west. Some large - about 40 centimeters in diameter, the same size and are arranged so as to create a focused pattern.

So what plugging? Archaeologists have dated the pipes time when people only learned the basics of culinary arts, having become acquainted with the fire, and from there the food cooked in the fire, that really there to talk about the iron casting.

Why can not solve the riddle?

Oddly, the pipes are not clogged with debris, although the older Zeus. This suggests that they are not just held in the ground for some sort of hellish communal needs and what they are actually for something used. Yes, we said that the mountain did not adapted to people's lives?

As usual in such cases, the party hard-nosed visionaries believed that an ancient astronomical laboratory (where the same without it), or takeoff area, left space aliens. Maybe so, because the tube contains silicon dioxide share, similar to the one that has been found on Mars. Although the roof hatch also contains silica, but give the laurels plumbers strangers is not worth it.

Our guess:

Once upon a time in the life of a bunch of disaffected fishermen with plenty of free time to spend all your life to build water and sewage system, and drain the nearby lake. And then come to the lake and fish with his bare hands to dial your dreams.

Giant stone balls of Costa Rica

Riddle: In Costa Rica and several surrounding areas scattered giant stone balls. They are smooth and perfectly spherical, or almost. Some of them are quite small, only a few centimeters in diameter, but other sizes up to eight feet (~ 2, 5 m, approx. Mixednews), and weigh several tons.

Someone unknown to them machined from a stone, despite the fact that Costa Rica before 2013 no plans to enter the Bronze Age. Stones set, and their purpose is unknown.

Some balls locals cut detonated in the hope of finding gold or even some freebies. Some freely rolling on the ground, while others are so heavy that they could not move even a bulldozer. However, this is not provable, because in Costa Rica there is no bulldozers.

Why can not solve the riddle?

Curiously, next to the balloons up close and there are no mines. A little useless information: stones carved out of volcanic rock.

Our guess:

A thousand years of stone monsters ripe eggs, they hatch, and devour all men will rule the world.

Baghdad Battery


Baghdad Batteries are a collection of artifacts found in the region of Mesopotamia, and dating from the early centuries AD.

When archaeologists stumbled upon the batteries, they suggested that it is just plain old clay pots to store food, but the theory quickly sent to the trash, because each pot was copper rod with traces of oxidation. Well, if you're learning in school preferred tanchiki, explain - pots, probably contained a liquid that is in contact with the copper to generate electricity. If this is true, the first batteries were thousands of years ago.

Why can not solve the riddle?

Unfortunately, the old camera has not yet been excavated. Some stone reliefs called "The Light of Dendera" portrayed as some fire arcing that required something like the Baghdad Battery.

A more reasonable theories suggest that the battery used for the electrolysis of gold items. Someone thinks that the time physicians could use batteries to beat people shock (well, such as to show that they have mystical power, or whatever).

Our guess:

It is necessary to bring them to Egypt. Stuck in a secret hole in the Sphinx. Then he opens his eyes, gets up, and with a wild roar incur desert (what - do not know, not yet invented).



In 1997, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded a strange sound in the ocean. A strange and loud. So loud that it caught two microphones located from each other at a distance of three thousand miles (about 5, 000 km).

Scientists have found that the wave picture shows that it was an animal.

Why can not solve the riddle?

There is no such a large animal capable of producing sound that can be heard so far. No blue whale or howler monkey, nor wailing teenage girl.

Soon after the strange sound NOAA posted on its website, some fans of HP Lovecraft decided that the sound produced famous character Lafkrafta - Cthulhu, since the coordinates of the sound source are not far from the place that HP Lovecraft have underwater city of R'lyeh, where Cthulhu sleeps.

Our guess:

Yes, we, too, believe in the Cthulhu.

Source: www.cracked.com


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