Our country is full of unusual monuments (24 photos)

Monument to the rink. The highway Petrozavodsk-Murmansk

Petrozavodsk. Monument faucet

Monument processed cheese "Friendship»

Monument "penny»

Monument Fortunately

Voronezh. Monument kitten in the street Lizyukova


Izhevsk, a monument to the victims of radiation

Voronezh. Monument Bimu White - Black Ear

Ufa, monument budzyakskoy bee.

Monument to the water supply in Mytishchi.

Monument ravioli in Izhevsk.

Novosibirsk. Monument to the traffic lights

Monument to the airfield "Citizen»

Monument to victims of radiation, Eagle

Donetsk - a monument to Cheburashka

Monument keyboard, Yekaterinburg.

Monument kiss (Kharkiv)

Horse Voronezh


Ulyanovsk. Monument letter

Vologda. Monument to the first electric lights


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