Catacombs, where the blood run cold

The kingdom of the dead near Paris (France)

Where not only spread all kinds of catacombs, caves, tunnels and all sorts of shelters, where people were trying to safeguard the most sacred for them and valuable. If we consider the whole psychology of different times and diverse catacombs, it will be composed by one common touching devotion and dedication page.

Somewhere there were also predatory caves, but these dens will be much less than the shelter in order to preserve the benefits for the sake of bringing in the best land, peace began. Those who visited the catacombs and all kinds of tunnels, they could be sure that even the wall characters left in the memory of touching characters.

Among the peculiar human trials, for some reason, certainly needed or catacombs, or imprisonment, or harassment. The manifestation of the good must necessarily cause the opposite fury. When you are in Rome, be sure to go to the catacombs. Simply click on the various catacombs are not stingy to ask to show you the length of the side passages, where, how to say, is dangerous to walk. Detailed inspection wall signs, all the inscriptions. Feel on your body penetrating dampness. Take a look at the darkness, the coming of the mysterious endless passages. Remember how ran almost naked, badly covered, barefoot in the wet, these stone bed, among the burial tombs.

In this safe haven erases all conventional distinctions. Highborn matrons crowded together with yesterday's slaves, just to keep the lamp lit his heart. Each sign of devotion and dedication is pouring into the hearts of a new courage. All ages were proyavlyaemo selflessness. As the highest spiritual test is certainly need these persecutions, for which you can write the story of the heroic in all languages.

Indeed, in the caves and dungeons treasures sought out. These values ​​must be understood in all senses. It is also necessary to remind about these values, for both the catacombs existed and exist. In vain did someone think that any catacombs have moved to legends. Far from there. Honorary catacombs, honorable imprisonment, honorable pursuit there in full and in a variety of them are just excel.

It would be unforgivable to talk about abstraction that honorable pursuit ended. They still exist in the forefront of the struggle for the benefit of a number. And they must be perceptible with all firmness and determination as the stigmata of grace. Anyone who has not been prosecuted for benefit, he is not his. It would be unnatural to assume that the true achievements come without a fight.

An activist recently we read this description: "liked or disliked it you agree or disagree with him, but you can never be indifferent to it. Beside him it was always something that could not be neglected - a certain heroism, selfless courage, the joy of battle, fire beliefs. There was no halftone had no sweetness was not shy pliability. Everything in it was as bright as day, indisputably, as the multiplication table, clearly, as the thunder of Sinai ».

Yes, to a certain kind of thunder ears unacceptable and terrible; but other dedicated souls of the thunder, lightning inspire these new, invincible courage. The combustion of such people lose their sense of courage and pain, as fiery wings, cut them very long way.

My dear friends, I know how hard you how much need wise caution not to be subjected to ridicule and desecration of the most valuable for you. What can we do have to live in the catacombs, the walls of which are many wonderful characters. You will feel under these arches are not in custody, but, on the contrary, inspired. Your diligence itself will be no more of that discretion, when a person tries to carry through the bazaar inviolable blessed light. Of course, carrying this good lamp should go very carefully, so as not pushed it and spilled oil would be valuable, and went out to the fire.

In this Berezhnaya is neither timidity nor self. If a person knows that he has to bring something for the greater good, then he will strain all their resourcefulness, their entire capacity and tolerance, but would not spill his cup in vain. It is not for himself, he carries it. He carries it out on behalf of and to where he commanded. To shorten the way it will be and the catacombs and spend the night in a cave, maybe nedospit and forget about food - it is not for himself, he goes. Service to humanity is not some samomnitelnaya phraseology. On the contrary, it is a high demand and a difficult one has to put in front of him, as the purpose of the earth.

In the work, help, encouragement, in education, in all the quest achievements before the person is the same ministry. In it, he just gives his duty. Again, it does not force gives, but it is quite natural, because otherwise it can not be. Now, when I tell you about the special thrift, I mean that there may maliciously push your lamp. Can be destructive to try to throw you into the darkness without fire. But it is the sacred flame, cover all the garment souls, save all his thoughts; You see for yourself how great is now fierce. If a lot of creeps in where savagery, do not let them topple healing cup.

Do not think that the time is now customary. Time really special. In those hours should be responsible to make all their savings, all their attention. On the towers and catacombs, on the heights and in the caves, wherever held your watch, be the same cheerful and undefeated. In most everyday life of everyday life finds the highest word that will encourage your friends. After all, they come to you for encouragement. You will tell them not only what problems have to be for the good of the good parts. You tell your friends that the difficulties are not of yesterday, but on the bright tomorrow for which you exist.

The deepest catacombs will be for you to dizzying heights. Most evil defilement become for you a crucible of creativity. Laughter anger be your promotion. If you had to go down into the cave and into the catacombs, you do it just for the ascent, with all the gentleness and inspiration. For inspiration you meet in your job interviews. Let watch these interviews will be the memory of the sacred, of the joyful about the doers.

How can you know when to knock the messenger? Should he find you in the tower, or to find in the catacombs - you do not know this, nor ought to know, because then broke to full readiness. Be prepared.


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