20 of the most terrible places around the world, from which freezes the blood in your veins ...

On Earth, in addition to scenic spots, where you can find an outlet, and there abandoned places that will cause you a wild terror. I collected the most terrible places around the world. They cause you shiver and gnashing of teeth ... From these images becomes somehow not on itself. Want to get a shot of adrenaline? Then you here ...

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague
The old cemetery in themselves cause fear, but it's very creepy. The first mention of the cemetery date back to 1478 year. Incredibly, there are 12 layers of graves.

Photo: Prague.net

An abandoned town of Pripyat, Ukraine
Now this ghost town is almost empty. Before the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl Pripyat population was 50 000 people.

Photo: DKphotos

The island of dolls, Mexico
Don Julian Santana was the caretaker of the island. Once in the local waters, he found the body of drowned girl. Soon, in the same place, he saw an old doll. The superintendent has decided to commemorate this girl doll to hang on the tree. For 50 years, a man found hanging on a tree doll until he drowned himself in the same waters. Now this place is very popular among tourists.

Photo: ThisIsMyHorror

The Japanese island of Hashima
This small island was created as a place for the mining company. It was home to several thousand people, while in 1974, coal reserves have not been exhausted. Local residents have left the island.

Photo: Missosology

Bone Chapel, Portugal
This temple is composed of bones of about 5000 monks. Also here you can see two hanging on the ropes of the skeleton, one of them belongs to the child.

Photo: Flickr

Cambridge Military Hospital in England
This hospital worked from 1878 to 1996. It was closed due to high costs.

Photo: Flickr

Les suicides in Japan
Aokigahara Dzyukay - a forest, where since 1950 some 500 people have committed suicide. Before entering the forest hang signs "Your life - a priceless gift to the parents," "Please call the police before you decide to commit suicide" to stop desperate people.

Photo: Tofugu

Abandoned monument of communism in Bulgaria
The building is in the shape of a flying saucer is on one of the peaks of the Balkan Mountains.

Photo: DarkRoastedBlend

Abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy
Pictures shadows appeared here recently. They betrayed this terrible place, and so even more horror. There are shown wandering through the corridors of restless souls.

Photo: ArrestedMotion

Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic
Also known as the Temple of the bones, the remains of a crypt decorated with 40,000 people who are still alive would be buried in this holy place.

Photo: Wikimedia

Abandoned military hospital Beelitz-Haylshtetten, Germany
This huge complex consists of 60 abandoned buildings, but few of them are still working. This hospital opened during the First World War. One of the patients of this hospital was Adolf Hitler himself.

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The Church of St. George in the Czech Republic
The church has been closed since 1968 during the funeral of the roof of the building collapsed. Ghost sculpture - the artist Jakub Hadrava - brought this church not only profit, they are also great to frighten visitors.

Photo: UK.News

The Catacombs in Paris
These winding tunnels and caves are underground at a depth of about 345 meters. Here you can see the remains of about 6 million people.

Photo: Now You Know This

Correctional Facility in West Virginia
This prison is in the Gothic style was shut down in 1995, but you still have the opportunity to take a night tour of this terrible place. Here you can see not only ghosts but also about 100 species of punishment.

Photo: Wikimedia

The largest market for the sorcerers in Togo
Here you can find everything you need for shamanism.

Photo: Slate

The island of snakes in Brazil
For every square meter on the island there is 1 snake. Here live some of the most venomous snakes in the world. The last inhabitants of this island are the lighthouse keeper and his family, but they were killed by snakes. Now the island is uninhabited.

Photo: Myths-Made-Real

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania
There are about 100 000 crosses. The priest called this mountain a place of hope, peace and love. However, it all looks terribly.

Photo: Wikimedia

Mummies in the Philippines
The road to the cave will take you about 10 hours. You will have a unique opportunity to see the mummies, curled up in egg-shaped coffins.

Photo: Atlasobscura

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland
If you want to visit this place, you better not take my dog ​​here. In the mid-20th century on this bridge strange things happen: hundreds of dogs suddenly rushed to him, fell on the stones and smashed to death since 1960.

Photo: Wikimedia

Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Italy
There are about 8,000 mummified bodies. One of the most famous mummies - a body of 2-year-old girl named Rosalia Lombardo. Striking as it remains well preserved.

Photo: Foto.Delfi

Blood freezes when you hear these horror stories ... Tell me about these places to all lovers of thrills.

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