Parents have to give up. But this cat and unrivaled talent girl saved her life.

Little Iris Grace was born in the English county of Leicestershire in 2009. Soon, her parents realized that their daughter is not all right. She did not respond to their voices, avoiding eye contact and was terrified of the other children. Two years later, doctors diagnosed a terrifying diagnosis: Iris found a severe form of autism.

For parents it was incredibly difficult to get through to his daughter. She refused to talk, and often experience panic attacks. There were also many other everyday problems that are difficult to overcome them. Parents have tried all sorts of methods and finally have found that classical music is very positive and soothing effect on the iris.

They also discovered that Iris has an incredible talent for drawing. When it is working on the canvas, it is very concentrated, and this can last for several hours. Her sense of color - just incredible. Draws she beautiful images even from infancy.

It turns music into colors and moments of life - in the whole picture. From the moment when Iris started painting, she also has reached significant progress in the treatment of: become more sociable and open. Many art lovers around the world admire her paintings.

However, her life was very difficult. Iris hates to wash, does not want to wear clothes, often does not sleep, and still suffers from panic attacks. Her parents tried to fix it with the help of animals - horses, dogs, cats - but it "has rejected" them all.

Until the day when her life came Tula. This is a very unusual cat, which Iris immediately noticed. They - inseparable friends since the first day. Iris even bathed with Tula.

Tula always with Iris. Here she peers into the picture, which draws Iris.

Iris and Tula play together and listen to music.

This cat is very thin feels the needs of girls. While she was with her, Iris becomes a lot better than before.

Tula is also the muse for Iris. This picture clearly shows the immense talent of the small iris. Baby-ka in the background! See muzzle cat? Really delicious, is not it?

This cat miraculously changed the life of a young girl with autism. What is beyond the power of any one person, it was able to instinctively animal. Just like Iris manages to paint such pictures. The two men do not think about their talents, they just live their lives.

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