Dog for a million dollars

The exhibition in the Chinese Baoding began selling Tibetan mastiff puppies - the most expensive breed of dog. The cost of purebred Tibetan mastiffs or up-hee, as they are called in China, with a good pedigree reach several hundred thousand. Dollars, and sometimes rolled over a million.

Shaggy "sobakolvy" differ not only extravagant appearance, but good character, are popular with representatives of the emerging class of Chinese millionaires. Breeders Tibetan Mastiff, as before, make a trip to the Himalayas in search of new purebred puppies for sale that often ends sadly for high-dogs suffering from changes in elevation.

Tibetan Mastiff - one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The first literary mention of them is contained in the ancient Chinese book of Shu-jing and dates back to 1122 BC. Purity of blood to-hee for centuries maintained thanks to geographical isolation areas of their habitat.

Beginning with the earliest references in ancient times, the breed to-hee has always been surrounded by legends and myths. Aristotle, Marco Polo and many other authors have mentioned the natural power of the Tibetan Mastiff - both physical and mental. Even the dogs barking, loud and deaf, "as the sound of brass gong", is considered a unique and valuable feature of the breed.

Spread beyond Tibet to-hee began before our era, and the first known representative of this breed who are in Western Europe, was the dog, who was sent in 1847 by Lord Hardinge (then Viceroy of India) to Queen Victoria. The first officially recorded litter of Tibetan mastiff appeared in the Berlin Zoo in 1898.


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