17 reasons to have a dog house: these creatures are able to give people real happiness!

It is scientifically proven that dogs improve human life. If you already have a favorite fluffy, you immediately agree with this statement, and I enjoyed reading the evidence in favor of that dog magically bring happiness in the lives of anyone. And if you still do not have such a charming pet, there is a chance that you'll want to start it. Because such sincerity and positive will not find anywhere else, only dogs can do it!

1. Improvers mood
No matter how grim was your attitude, it will rise sharply during the game with his beloved dog. Only 15 minutes of entertainment with a pet - and you're smiling all the adversity dissipated like smoke. Communication with the dog causes a reduction in stress and increased happiness. This is due to active production in your brain dopamine and serotonin, associated with pleasure and serenity - all thanks to the miracle of fluffy.

2. Masters heart Affairs
For all the people who have blood pressure problems, communication with the dogs needed. Talking and affection with the dog, you stabiliziruesh the cardiovascular system and keeps normal blood pressure.

3. Cats, foreign!
Kids who grow up with dogs, are less prone to allergies and do not suffer from eczema skin. While cats can trigger these diseases.

4. Sports stimulants
People with dogs are healthier than people without dogs - because they move! Dogs make reluctant host to do fitness, running around while walking, playing outdoor games, walk, breathe fresh air. These athletes tailed infect everyone around physical activity!

5. Exceptional doctors
People who have a dog, quickly recovering from various illnesses. It is a proven fact - they feel responsible for the lively, friendly creature, and the need to quickly resume their concern about it makes them faster to get up from his hospital bed. Truly a miracle ...

6. Brave helpers
Guide dogs and dog-nurse - common. Responsiveness and sharpness of these animals is amazing, they are indispensable as the friends and assistants for people with disabilities.

7. Top nanny
Children who have a dog, get sick less, and therefore - less miss school.

8. Benefits for children
Besides the above mentioned advantages, there are even more impressive. Children, take a pen and write down the arguments that are precisely to coerce parents finally buy you a dog. Communication with the pet, so smart and responsive, like a dog, it greatly increases the child's self-esteem, self-confidence! When the child cope with the functions of caring for the dog assigned to him, he grows in his own eyes immediately. To the child has grown a successful person - the head his dog!

9. Very close friends
Dogs feel so good people because of their highly developed hearing, smell and sight. They are friends, who feel everything that happens to you, capture every emotion and change their behavior accordingly. Because between you and the dog is set such a strong bond.

10. True, as none
Everyone remembers the stories about dogs travelers who were returning to their native home and host, overcoming a thousand kilometers. This one will never betray you. Awareness of this makes life brighter.

11. Defenders
Dogs are always guarded his house and the hosts, their vigilant watch knows no rest and sleep. You can be calm for yourself and your family, if you have a dog respective breed.

12. Dog lovers, unite!
Plant a dog, you're automatically a number of very useful plant acquaintances with other dog owners. You become more socially successful, walking the dog turns into an adventure, you open to meet people and get valuable gifts in the form of lots of fun. Pretty cool, right?

13. Best entertainment
When you do not know what to do, the dog will always help you choose a fun game - a walk in the park, play with a ball or a stick, running. Tailed friend will not let you get bored!

14. Dogs can detect cancer
The sense of smell is so well developed in these animals, that the smell of the human body, they are able to determine whether you are healthy. It has been proven that dogs start sniffing malignant tumors in the human body, such as birthmarks, signaling the one with the master of disaster.

15. No stress at work!
If you work, where you can keep your dog close - you're lucky. no stress in the workplace will not be the dog instantly create an atmosphere, which has all the friendly and responsive!

16. Caregivers
Responsibility, patience, dedication, commitment - the qualities that dogs develop in humans. You'll be better, having a dog will develop only the most positive qualities. For you more people will be pulled!

17. Just look at the attractive face!
Words are unnecessary ...

Dog - a unique living being. It teaches us to be kind, thanks to the dedication and dogs bring to our world so much heat. Appreciate your pet and enjoy every minute spent with him.

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